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stacey posts on 11/6/2006 1:53:59 PM how many mackenzie books are written? did she write all of them by her name or are some in a different name?
Laura posts on 11/6/2006 9:43:01 AM Many thanks to those who recommended JR Ward. I'm not a vamp fan but after hearing your comments I tried the first one in this series and I'm hooked on hers! Great characters and story make for good books no matter the context. Love JD Robb In Death series,same appeal. If any of you haven't tried them I'd recommend them too.
md posts on 11/4/2006 4:42:08 PM I think the name of the book is Drop Dead Gorgeous

PJ Brown posts on 11/2/2006 7:46:39 PM Does anyone know the name of the newest Linda Howard book coming out in November?
Annette posts on 11/1/2006 2:15:47 PM Welcome to the group! You're in good company. She plans to write a total of ten. Check out her special place to find out more if you haven't already joined. If you want to discuss these books and others check back to Suzs post and join our discusion group. We dish on 'em all.
Joy in California posts on 10/31/2006 8:48:41 PM I have converted. I'd heard. I'd reflected. I'd bought, but hadn't read a J.R. Ward until this week. Now - I'm a total convert. What a storyteller. What a cast of characters. WOW. Thanks for the tip. Joy in C
debra posts on 10/31/2006 10:30:41 AM I have just gotten into Linda Howard and so far have found her books to be fantastic, and should I say . . . somewhat titillating . . .Her first book that I read was Cry No More. Does anyone know if a movie has been made? I am now reading Kiss Me While I Sleep, which will also make a great movie. I love her style!
Jenny posts on 10/31/2006 7:20:10 AM Wayne, it is really funny that I read this e-mail this morning. I couldn't sleep so I got up around 4 am and started browsing through my bookshelf and started re-reading Open Season. Definitely one of my favorites!
CDoutherd posts on 10/30/2006 5:53:49 PM Anyone have a link where I can read a synopsis of Linda Howard's new book due out next month - November? CD
Wayne McClory posts on 10/30/2006 5:32:16 PM I'm a retired Chicago Police officer and now investigate complaints against Illinois Judges. Ihave have Just read chapters 10 and eleven of Open Season during that time I laughed out loud several times picturing the scene unfold. I read on the subway to and from work and I beleive that you have a great talent and I am enjoying all of you books that I can find. Thank You for this break from the day to day hum drum.
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