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Black Dove posts on 7/26/2007 1:39:34 PM PS: I still love Linda. (smile)
Black Dove posts on 7/26/2007 1:36:31 AM Hi guys. Okay..I just read Up Close and Personal., and let me tell you how ticked off I am that I spent $30 on this book. There are certain elements that make a Linda Howard book (or any romance/thriller novel) a good book. The characters must show vulnerability, and we as the reader should feel a connection with them. There must be a good storyline with a great plot twist. Usually there is a strong man who wants to take care of the woman that he has grown to love. Aso there is a strong WOMAN with a mind of her own, but (eventually) realizes that its okay to let go, and to be taken care of because shes not alone anymore. Umm a decent love scene? Lol The list could go on. If your going to stray from any of these common themes, the book better be really good. I felt as if there was some big build up, without a satisfying ending. I didn’t feel a connection with the characters because I didn’t know enough about them. When the book ended, I felt like it should have gone on for another chapeter. Also, if I have to wait until the end of the book for a love scene, there had better be a good romance to make up for its absence. This was an interesting book, but it had no substance (if that makes sense). Sigh.
susan posts on 7/23/2007 7:27:32 AM Love LH books. She is one of my favs, Cry No More, Mr. Perfect and the McKenzie series are at the top of my list, but I have to say, her last three books...not the LH I have come to love. I was very disappointed in Up Close & Dangerous. I was chomping at the bit for another LH book, but by mid-book, I was so ready to put it down. Out of loyalty I finished it, but excitement and very anti-climatic...

Black Dove posts on 7/22/2007 5:38:54 PM Yes it helps alot. Thanks. :)
wojo posts on 7/22/2007 5:33:27 PM Hello, everyone. I'm a huge LH fan and I have everything she's written including the new one as of yesterday. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. LH doesn't seem to be to everyone's taste. To Black Dove: here's a rundown on the books you listed: An Independent Wife, Cutting Edge and The Way Home are all older (from the 80s and 90s) so keep that in mind if you buy them. Cry No More is a 2 or 3 hankie read, Son of the Morning is a time travel but also a suspense/historical kind of book (very good book, I recommend it to everyone). To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous and connected in that order and they are first person but they are also very good. The plots are kind of obvious but read them for the characters. Hope that helps you out a little.
Black Dove posts on 7/22/2007 2:19:16 PM I love it Thanks for the great summary. :)
janet posts on 7/22/2007 11:55:12 AM I wouldn't say it is all that suspenseful, as throughout the whole book the danger the h/h encounter is figuring out how to survive on the mountain in the cold. It is much more a relationship/romance type book. Their witty dialogue and getting to know one another and falling in love is what is so good about Up Close and Dangerous. Justice is a strong, confident hero, but not necessarily alpha, while Bailey is a determined, independent match for him. In the beginning, they think they don't like each other, but really Bailey had put up walls so as to not be close to anyone and Justice misinterpreted those walls until they were forced to get to know one another. Try it. I think you'll like it.
Black Dove posts on 7/22/2007 3:48:54 AM So how would you describe this book in comparision to her other books? Is it a classic romance novel like Lady of the West, After the Night, or Heartbreaker? Or is it a thriller/Suspense book like Kill and Tell, and All the Queens Men? I read the summery. Theres a questionable plan crash, and lead character is trapped with the pilot in the middle of now where. That sounds like A Game of Chance, and if thats the case, I will probably buy that book tomorrow. Who am I kidding, I was going to buy it tomorrow
janet posts on 7/20/2007 8:03:15 PM I just want to say Linda Howard has returned to her great writing with Up Close and Dangerous. It was great! Great romance, witty dialogue, a hero to love and his heroine to match him. Classic Linda Howard. A relief after Cover of Night and the time traveling story, which had me worrying that great Linda Howards were a thing of the past.
chinakyle posts on 7/19/2007 2:43:20 PM Dear Black Dove, You will just hate yourself if you do not pick up the other two books that goes with the series. They are worth reading. I have read all three and wish there was a fourth to tell about the child more in detail as well as the cousin that is yet to be born. Chinakyle
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