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Gaia23 posts on 7/9/2007 2:46:12 PM Hello all, first time posting here. I am also a LH fan. I have read every book and am so looking forward to next week and getting my hands on Up Close and Dangerous. I hope it is like her earlier books. I really didn't care for Cover of Night - but I just re-read After the Night...for the 4th time!! It is hard to pick my favortie...I really enjoyed Open Season!!
joan posts on 7/6/2007 11:06:09 PM My favorite Linda Howard book is Mr. Perfect. Everyone needs to read it!! I laughed my head off!! Also try books by Rachael Gibson and Susan Elizabeth Phillips--very funny.
Black Dove posts on 6/19/2007 9:05:38 PM Hi guys. Im new here. I just wanted to say that im totally obessed with Linda The first book I read was Sarah's Child. I LOVED IT, but I can see why people didnt like Rome. Ive read about 20 of her books (yeah I I think my favorites are Angel Creek, Dream Man, A Lady of the West, After the Night, Heartbreaker, All of the Mackenize men books (except for the one about the sister), and The Touch of Fire. Theres a few that I dont like. I dont know what Im going to do when ive read all of her I guess find someone else to read. Shes really great.

Claire posts on 6/12/2007 2:00:44 PM Sorry I have been busy and did not see request for info re: Raintree Inferno. I very much enjoyed this book. Was a fast read and as I read the second book "Raintree Haunted", I appreciate the collaboration and uniqueness of each author. The final book in the series will be available in late June and I plan to have a copy ASAP! Enjoy!
Paula-Texas posts on 6/11/2007 3:37:53 PM I believe her latest book is a paranormal. I'm not into paranormal so don't plan to buy it. However, I know a lot of you like her paranormal books and will surely enjoy this one. Paula
Debbie D posts on 5/21/2007 11:20:51 PM I just discovered this board, though I have been a Linda Howard fan for years and years. Unlike some, I do like the old romance novels, like Sarah's Child, etc. I think my favorites are the MacKenzie series and the series with the agents: Midnight Rainbow, Diamond Bay and White Lies, and Heartbreaker. I like the romantic suspense novels, too. I can't think of a Linda Howard book I DON'T like. I read the Raintree book; thought it was pretty good.
Larissa posts on 5/19/2007 5:19:18 PM Has anyone read Linda Howard's new book Raintree Inferno? I was wondering if it was worth buying.
cheryl posts on 5/15/2007 11:56:39 PM I love the linda howard books ,hope she writes another with Blair Mallory. Does anothe know if Linda has a website?TIA
Wendi posts on 5/1/2007 9:49:23 PM I LOVE Linda Howard books!! I can't get enough, I wish she could write faster, but she does get them out pretty fast. My favorite character is Blair Mallory, I reread these two books when I don't have a new book. I wish she would stick to the hero being either a cop or a seal though. They're kind of the ideal macho man that I want to read about. I give my books away once I'm done, but never a Linda Howard book. Keep 'em coming, you're a terrific writer.
Charlene Moore posts on 4/28/2007 2:06:05 PM In the book list for Linda Howard, there is a listing for "Blackout". This is an error; the book is really called "Overload" and is listed later on down the list, alphabetically. The word "blackout" comes from a review that was written months ago, that started out "Blackout!... blah blah blah. Just thought yhou should you don't go crazy looking for a title that doesn't exist. Charlene
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