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Angela posts on 9/23/2007 6:38:45 AM I just read Up Close and Dangerous by LH. While I do not think it is her best book, I did enjoy it. As I kept reading, I wondered how they would get out alive and guessed (correctly) as to who had damaged the airplane. Happy reading, everyone.
Nena posts on 9/1/2007 12:20:07 PM I agree with Shanna. I just finished "Cover of Night" and I could hardly get through it. It was absolutely horrible. The story was so far fetched and left you with no closure. Not much romance in it either. It was definitely not one of her best and I have been a big fan of hers for over 15 years. I will be reluctant to buy another one of her books unless I get positive feed back before purchasing.
Black Dove posts on 8/14/2007 5:19:20 PM No thats not too I guess I have alot of reading to do. Im kind of hesitant to branch out because im afraid that no one will write as good as Linda, but if you guys recommend an author, I think its safe to check them out. Quote- "However, like a number of other authors, she sometimes writes what I call SERIAL books (connecting books with various characters). " I absolutely LOVE when the characters cross over to other books. I dont know if you guys know this but, Diamond Bay has several cross over characters. John Rafferty from Heartbreaker, and Grant Sullivan from Midnight Rainbow. Sabin from Diamond Bay was also in Midnight Rainbow.

wojo posts on 8/13/2007 10:51:25 PM Nora Roberts writes a little of everything. I always recommend Carnal Innocence, it's still my favorite, and try the Chesapeake Bay series. There are four of them: Seaswept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Blue. Other romantic suspense, try Mirror Image or The Switch by Sandra Brown, Amanda or Finding Laura by Kay Hooper, After Dark or Every Move She Makes by Beverly Barton or Husband, Lover, Stranger by Suzanne Forster. Is that too many? LOL As you can tell, I'm a crazed reader, been at it for more than twenty-five years and I love it. If I can help a fellow reader, I'll try. Happy reading!
Angela posts on 8/13/2007 5:28:21 PM Most of Nora Roberts' books are mysteries with a good romance. She does write some books that are pure romance stories. Two of the best things about her books are: good strong characters (male and female) and a good ending. Try to find one of the following in paperback before buying her new hardback (High Noon): Carolina Moon, Montana Sky or Blue Smoke.
Laura posts on 8/13/2007 7:33:28 AM I've always wondered about Norah Roberts, what kind of books does she write? romance, mystery?
Angela posts on 8/13/2007 6:18:41 AM Black Dove, Nora Roberts is a very good writer. Her latest book, High Noon, is one of her better books. However, like a number of other authors, she sometimes writes what I call SERIAL books (connecting books with various characters). My recommendation is that you go to her website and look at which of her books are connected. Other good suspense writers are: Sandra Brown, Lisa Gardner, Kay Hooper, Elizabeth Lowell, Kat Martin. Hope this helps.
Black Dove posts on 8/13/2007 3:44:54 AM Yes, I totally agree. I appreciate the fact that she might be changing her writing style, but her last couple of books dont hold a candle to books like "After the Night" and "Shades of Twilight". Ive been looking around for more books to read (because ive read all of LH books in about 3, and a name I that I keep seeing is Nora Roberts. Are her books good? Can you guys recommend a GOOD Romance/Suspense author?
LaLa posts on 8/8/2007 3:40:20 PM I've always enjoyed LH books, however, her last few books have been quite a disappointment for me. I just read Up Close and Dangerous and I was not at all impressed by it. There was absolutely no plot to it, it was rather boring and all the characters were so one dimensional. I wish she would start writing books like her old ones. I loved Dying to Please, All the Queen's Men and Cry No More. The plots in these books are interesting and exciting, and the characters are 3 dimensional unlike her last few books.
Suzette Pineda posts on 7/30/2007 7:36:46 AM Ms. Linda, love all your books but has not yet read all especially those old books, my all time favorite is the Duncan Bride, emotionally charge and very romantic. Can I request you to write something that deals with the female partners that are older than their male partners? And write more romantic novels for mira.
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