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Geoffrey Matheson posts on 8/4/2007 10:17:49 PM I just finished reading the book. I was struck by the power of it's message. It left me feeling very false in my current existence knowing that possible people could be living in true harmony with nature. My main question that I would love to ask Marlo Morgan is what am I supposed to do now? We live in a word were the all mighty dollar dictates action. How are a bunch of people who want peace and harmony every going to have a say. Email me if you know of a way to contact Marlo or if you have a suggestion of your own 3ffervescent @ gmail . com.
Víctor posts on 8/2/2007 6:59:34 PM I found the real inspiration here Is real people working in many countries for real poeples, like you and me.
Ester posts on 7/30/2007 5:25:53 PM I dont know what to think about this book. I read some books about Native Americans and their culture and beliefs and many of them are similar to ones that Marlo describes in her book. Anyway I thnk that important is the message even if it looses its value when u know that the writer could have lied. And if someone would like to know the truth he would find a way how to find it. But we really have to think about how we behave to our nature

Bonnie posts on 7/25/2007 5:54:39 PM For me the book "Mutant Message Down Under" is an inspiring and awakening story of finding one's innate spirit in the least likely place, the Australian Outback. I'm sorry if the Aborigine People are upset at her for telling this story but again for me it shows the native Australians in a very favorable light. I don't think the focus should be on whether or not it's true or false but rather on the spiritual message to all of us- that being that the loss of culture of ancient societies is a loss for all of us. We have much to learn from native peoples.
Lynn Campbell posts on 11/16/2006 6:15:23 PM It seems most of the anger focuses on explotation, inaccuracies and Marlo making money, explotation being the most serious. To me this is weighed by the fact or world is so sick and if just one person was inspired and that one person did something to make a change for our better...multiply that by others. I was unaware of any controversy when I read the book. I felt it had valid pieces to the puzzel for a new way. I am deeply sorry it was at the expense of the Aboriginals.
Graeme posts on 11/4/2006 3:02:23 PM Morgan's fans are not interested in Aborigines. They believe their hero mastered the most ancient culture on earth in 3 short months. Maybe Marlo will trek through Tibet next and become the next Dalai Lama. Marlo does have a message for the world. It is lie, cheat, exploit, remain ignorant and claim you're nice. No wonder she's been so successful.
Beverley posts on 11/4/2006 11:11:16 AM Truth or not, the gravy and frosting analogies around us 'Mutants' are very good and much of the conversations around this book, and the book itself, I find are simply 'frosting'. Are we all perhaps missing the 'essence of the thing' being too caught up in the small stuff to see the bigger truth...?
August posts on 10/14/2006 9:40:24 PM I dont care if there are crocs or not in that section of the desert. I think you miss the point. The messages she is trying to get to all of us are very valuable and if we learnt to listen and stop criticizing we could make this world and our relationships different. Open your mind a bit and listen to what she, the real people or whoever is saying.
posts on 10/8/2006 6:09:26 PM I am an Australian, and what Marlo Morgan described is nothing at all like Australia. Her descriptions of the desert are hilarious - the Nullabor Plain is one of the driest regions on earth - crocodiles do not live there - they live about 2000 miles to the north where there is water. Stupidities appear on literally every page. Her portrayal of aborigines would be just as funny if they weren't hideously racist. She traditional law forbids women to see men's rituals, their religion is land/locality based, not based on the abstract "oneness" the new age people have stolen from Hindu philosphy. The only aborigines Morgan has met have been telling her to stop claiming aborigines want to die out, stop breaking tribal law, and admit to the hoax (which she did privately and was going to publicly, when her publishers stopped her).
posts on 10/8/2006 1:36:24 AM It is amazing how ignorant some people are. I am a Canadian Aboriginal human being and I've learned some things from my grandparents when I was growing up that are similar to what Marlo has learned from the Real People. I was badly mistreated in Residential School and so will not share what I know. I don't know why some ethnic groups pursue genocide by destroying the beautiful earth that we live on. My only advice, know your subject well before your criticize it or 'even' judge it. If you don't know your subject well, listen carefully, Forever is calling.
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