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posts on 10/3/2006 1:35:14 AM Reading is find any insight or information which would help you with your life... especial a book of spiritual journey... learn and enjoy the messages if you can ...
posts on 10/1/2006 8:19:54 AM I'm sure you can contact her at the nearest Fraudsters Anonymous meeting, or if she's out of rehab for the day, perhaps at the bank cashing her cheques from selling her book to gullible hippies...This is the last time I'm going to visit this site because I just can't believe that people are still wanting to believe she's telling the truth! Grow up!
posts on 10/1/2006 1:21:15 AM I would like to know how to contact Ms Morgan... please help if anybody knew.. Thank you

posts on 9/30/2006 4:14:32 PM hi i am a fan of marlo morgan i bought her books and i want to send an email or a letter to her if you know how could i contact to her please help me thank you
posts on 9/25/2006 10:16:53 PM OK, so if her flight schedule and dates check out, can we then move to the next step and assume she was taking all manner of hallucenogenic substances in that period? The illustration of Australia she has painted is so far from reality I can explain it no other way...
posts on 9/24/2006 12:44:06 PM I wrote marlo morgan a letter in 2002 asking her whether her book mutant message was real or fiction. Guess what, she replied it really happend. Pesonally I think its fake, but has nobody ever investigated a couple of simple facts like: was she really in Australia during that period. And did she really disappear for 4 months? Those facts should not be to difficult to check.
posts on 9/17/2006 11:33:35 AM For Australian Aboriginal assessment of Marlo Morgans "Mutant Message" please visit the dumbartung site. It seems her only reason for writing this book was to make a pile of money for herself...and she seems to have found enough gullible people to do that.
posts on 9/14/2006 8:28:36 AM Anyone who knows anything about Indigenous Australia knows that Morgan could not have crossed that amount of country without coming accross other groups, whose permission would need to be sought and granted to cross the country of their group. I'm sorry, but I don't think every group between Darwin and Alice Springs was hiding because they heard a mysterious band of people were crossing their country...
posts on 9/13/2006 3:53:46 PM Morgan states that the info she gives about Aboriginees do not count for all tribes because she was travelling with one single tribe. And this tribe decided to die out - which seems possible to me. Who could really tell that in the outback of Australia does exist this special tribe or not? Nobody but Morgan ,that is why you have to find out wether she really underwent that trip/roundabout. I think the outback of Australia is not under supervision - that is why it is possible that such a special Aboriginal tribe exists which maintained other traditions and moral attitudes than the other Aboriginal tribes. Opponents of Morgan's book do often generelize what Morgan states about Aboriginals - but, as a matter of fact, she only refers to this single tribe. That is why I tend to believe her - we can ask any Aboriginee in Australia and maybe he will tell us that Morgan is totally wrong and a cultural thief - but we can never ask this special tribe (if it exists...). There are things that we cannot proof, that's a pity - but from the overall appearance of the book - I tend to believe she is telling the truth, which is anyways a very important topic in her book itself. She writes how important truth is, firstly to the tribe members and secondly to herself (as she is taking over the tribe's belief gradually during her trip). Morgan preaches telling the truth is the most valuable thing and I believe in this claim to be true and like to think the same about the rest of the book. There is no point in claiming that on the one hand and lying on the other hand.
posts on 8/29/2006 9:26:44 PM Why do you need to ask where she admitted it was false? Several of the messages already posted mention links and suggest a websearch.Why does it matter if she admitted she lied when all of Indigenous Australia has claimed it is so? Is this a case of one white woman's word being better than the word of the people she claims to represent? Marlo is a coloniser.Those who believe her because they are too feebleminded to leave their comfort zone in fuzzy, cuddly hippy land and hear the truth are implicated as well.There is more than enough info out there if you could be bothered doing some research and educationg yourself rather than accusing others of not wanting to accept things. Accept the facts, she is a charlatan and a deplorable cultural theif.
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