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Debbie posts on 8/12/2012 5:46:02 PM I can picture Jane walking down tree lined Eatonville streets! That's just how vivid a picture Robert Segarra, the author of Still Waiting For The Sun paints. I actually feel as if I am walking down those same roads with her. Excellent book, and excellent characters.
Jeri posts on 8/11/2012 4:09:29 PM I for one am happy that this book was indie published. That means that no editor had a chance to ruin what the author had written. I totally loved Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra. I also believe it is a masterpiece that just has not been recognized as such by the masses....yet. But it will. Of that I am confident.
Sydney posts on 8/11/2012 4:03:46 PM Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra is one of those books that you;ll never find available at a bookstore. It's an indie release, and as such, it doesn't have that huge publicity machine behind it, pushing it everywhere that good books are sold. That's a shame, because it is probably one of the greatest books I've read to date in my life. It reads smooth, almost as if it were real life that we were eaves dropping on. And the story and characters are mesmerizing. Maybe the reprint will go to a traditional publisher - but until then, this masterpiece is going to have to rely on word of mouth. I think it's been working so far. Good luck.

Maria posts on 8/10/2012 6:19:01 PM I now have a female role model to look up to and her name is Jane Whitley. Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra is the book most females in America have long been waiting for. At last there is a character that women can rally around that doesn't cater to men, and isn't your typical stay-at-home mom. Jane works, owns property, and can be single if she wishes to be without feeling lonely. That's the kind of woman I want my daughter to be!
Candi posts on 8/10/2012 6:09:52 PM If you only buy one paperback novel this summer, Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra should be it. There isn't a book that even comes close to this one for quality. The story is amazing, and the characters are real, and the combination has restored my faith in American writers once more.
Elizabeth posts on 8/9/2012 7:23:03 PM Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra is a lesson to us all to focus on the things we want for ourselves in this life, because if we don't we may never acheive our goals. Not everyone has a great grandfather who can leave us a ready-made business and a new life. Some of us have to go it alone - but even then we can get what we want. We just have to work at it a little harder sometimes!
Connie posts on 8/9/2012 7:18:18 PM I was searching for something all my life, just like Jane Whitley, and unfortunately, I have not found my reward the way that Jane did in Still Waiting Fot The Sun by Robert Segarra. But there is still hope for me, isn't there?
Gail posts on 8/8/2012 2:52:05 PM Just like Jane, I moved to North Carolina looking for a different way of life, and I'm happy to say that I found something that I truly enjoy there. Reading Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra made me feel like I made the right decision.
Janice posts on 8/7/2012 12:07:40 PM If I ever came into money, I would definitely do what Jane Whitley did in Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra. I think it is everyone's dream to be able to have a second chance at life. I know it's my dream.
Melissa posts on 8/6/2012 5:39:51 PM I try not to get hung-up with categorizing things all the time. I enjoyed Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra because plain and simple, I found the characters loveable, and the storylines were interesting and alluring.
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