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Serita posts on 10/15/2012 5:59:13 PM At least there is an upside to all the hate! Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra is selling like hotcakes. There was a story about it this weekend in one of the local papers. Brooklyn writer makes good, it said. Ha! Ha! Trolls sukk!
Teresa posts on 10/15/2012 5:34:15 PM It's been such a long time since I read a book like this. It's really amazing, and to think that there are morons trashing Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra? But like you all have written - this comes with the territory when you are successful, I guess. It's a shame.
Karen posts on 10/14/2012 4:49:08 PM I can't remember the Robert Segarra message board or our three separate book clubs being this passionate about the book (Still Waiting For The Sun) as they are right now. We have always been enthusiastic before, but readers are downright fanatical now that the trolls have infiltrated our boards. Let them come - it only further cements our devotion to this artist - so far had increased sales. Amazing!

Susana posts on 10/14/2012 4:43:37 PM You guys ain't kidding. I just heard that The Christmas Mouse by Robert Segarra is sold out. It will take about fourteen days before it is available again in paperback. Luckily there are download versions now available. Whoda thunk something positive could have come out of all the haters?
Tina posts on 10/13/2012 4:14:49 PM Yes, all the hate has brought attention not only to Still Waiting For The Sun by Robert Segarra, but also to his supernatural books, his children's books, his poetry and his music and videos. I am sure Mr Segarra isn't complaining. He's probably seen it all before. The sucessful ones are used to the hate and jealousy!
Eve posts on 10/13/2012 4:10:17 PM I don't know if anyone noticed, but in all the hullabaloo regarding these trolls and hacks, it has only increased interest in Robert Segarra and his writings. All of his other books, including The Christmas Mouse, Ever Dark and Gods & Werewolves, among the dozen or so books he has published thus far have all started rising in popularity again. So we actually owe the trolls a debt, and to think it all started with Still Waiting For The Sun and a few trolls!
Heather posts on 10/12/2012 4:58:57 PM Lets face it, if these hacks could write, they would be doing what Robert Segarra is doing - writing great books like Still Waiting For The Sun and The Christmas Mouse - books for all ages and all demographics!
Arlene posts on 10/12/2012 4:21:17 PM Scabs, hacks and trolls are what these things are. The truth is, if they weren't jealous of Robert Segarra and what he has created with Still Waiting For The Sun, they would find something else to latch on to. Pity them.
Gloria posts on 10/11/2012 7:38:00 PM Frances, I think you all have hot the nail right on the head - these are jealous writers who are posting these negative messages against Robert Segarra and his masterwork, Still Waiting For The Sun. I think these hacks muct have noticed the attention that his children's picture book has gotten recently, and it is burning them up. Its really a shame!
Frances posts on 10/11/2012 6:37:42 PM Yes, these troll-hacks bother me, too. It's obvious that they probably have a message board either here Allreaders, or somewhere else and cannot get a single person to post to it. Robert Segarra has created a gem of a novel with Still Waiting For The Sun and it is obviously bothering them. But if they would only research Robert Segarra and see some of his other writings, (He does have quite an online presence at many book retailers and etailers) maybe they would not be so angry and jealous. But that's just my opinion.
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