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linda scally posts on 5/11/2012 3:22:21 PM was dissapointed with sweet memories.the whole story could have been written in one chapter.anyway i found out my library has a full shelf of her books.its going to be a great summer.i prefer old books,like to "be there" when i read .she is the only modern writer i enjoy.
JF posts on 4/24/2012 4:27:27 PM No, not all of the books are like that. I would suggest you purchase a copy online or go to your library to see if they have one. If they don't have it, ask them to order it on interlibrary loan. It's a great book, as are all of her books!
Karla posts on 4/19/2012 10:56:03 PM I am reading The Gamble right now. Unfortunately, I got to page 154 and the next page is 123. They are duplicate pages, then when I got to 154 again, it went to 187. 33 pages are not included in this book. I really want to know what happen to Gandy, on Page 187 he is beat up. Are all The Gamble books this way? Does anyone have a correct one?

linda scally posts on 3/15/2012 11:42:48 AM just found 2 of her books in a thrift store.couldnt put them down.cant wait to find others.what a treasure
Sasha posts on 10/19/2011 3:26:00 AM I've read Every book you've wrote at least twice! You are and always will be my favorite author! Please write another book:). Thanks for the fantastic reads!
Linda posts on 9/29/2011 11:06:41 PM Lavyrle's historical romances were my first of the genre and continue to be my favorites. Hummingbird, The Gamble and That Camden Summer are at the top of my list, but there were so many more. I cried when I read her goodbye at the beginning of Then Came Heaven. And what a special novel. Thank you, Lavyrle.
Donna posts on 8/10/2011 5:43:50 PM I used to know LaVyrle Spencer. Her husband worked for my then husband as an estimator in the construction business. I, too, have read every book she has written and was lucky enough to read part of her first book she was writing in long hand. (We were at their house for dinner that night.) Sadly, we have lost touch over the years after she became famous and her husband no longer worked for mine. Although romantic novels aren't something I often read, hers were the best! LaVyrle, if you read this please start writing again. Talent like yours should be shared.
Sheryl posts on 6/20/2011 4:08:51 PM I LOVE Lavyrl Spencer's books--I own everything she has written! I SO wish she would come out of retirement and tell us another story!!!
Denny posts on 4/29/2011 10:33:34 AM I am a 63 yr. young man who has enjoyed Ms. Spencer's books for several years. I have read everyone of them several times. My favorite is "The Hellion" I am reading in now proably for the 15th time. Sure do miss her new works. Please come out of retirement and grace us with a new one.
mary posts on 4/7/2011 1:44:03 AM I miss future Ms. Spencer's books which tend to come out anually. I have my favorite and this is Year's. The way she painted a picture of the area and characters is like no other.
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