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Linda posts on 2/7/2009 9:40:59 AM I recently read some of Ms Spencer's books and enjoyed them very much. I see that she retired twelve years ago. Since I don't know her age when she retired, I was wondering if she is still living?
Reena posts on 1/13/2009 2:51:30 PM Hi, Has anyone seen the movie "Hope Floats" with Sandra Bullock? Well there are many characteristics of this movie that are similar to "That Camden Summer" including the lead character being nicknamed Birdee. So I was wondering does anyone know if "Hope Floats" had used "That Camden Summer" as a basis for the movie?
Kristen posts on 12/31/2008 9:40:55 PM Wendy the book your thinking of was written by Jude Deveroux.

Wendy posts on 12/18/2008 9:25:21 PM Did LaVyrle Spencer write this book?It's about an overweight woman who basically takes care of her younger spoiled sister and her father, set in late western maybe at the time of first car. There was another aunt/relative that got to make wishes to earn her angel status I think and messed with the woman's life making her skinny and such. The man that comes along loves her but the spoiled younger sister wants him. I also remember the man has a mom and aunts that are italian? and overweight but that was at the end of the book Does any of this sound familar? Please help
Butterfly posts on 7/27/2008 6:11:48 PM Karen: re: post 7/26 LaVryle Spencer retired after 25 years of writing books. She said she planned to maybe write Hollywood scripts but I don't know if she's working on that or not.
Karen posts on 7/26/2008 3:05:08 PM Is LaVyrle Spencer writing any more books? She was always one of my favorite authors.
Rhonda Reynolds posts on 7/9/2008 11:52:15 PM I am reading Small Town Girl. I bought the book at a flea market in Doniphan, Mo. Tess's mother lives in Wintergreen, Mo. Never heard of the town, but they talk about going to Cape Girardeau to find a prom dress and her mother goes to Poplar Bluff to Doctors Hospital for her hip surgery and she lives 30 min. from poplar Bluff and are driving on 160 hwy and cross Little black River and stop at the 67 intersection and take a left towards Poplar Bluff. Sounds like they drove right passed my house! I am wondering if Lavyrle Spencer has been here in my neck of the woods or is from here, family here or what?? I live in Fairdealing which is halfway from Doniphan and the 67 turn off. Poplar Bluff is about 20 min. from my house.
Brenda posts on 6/21/2008 8:12:21 PM List of Lavyrle Spencer Books: Just bought these all at a tag sale for 25 cents each: The Fulfillment, Forsaking All Others, The Endearment, Hummingbird, A Promise to Cherish, The Gamble, The Hellion, Twice Loved, Spring Fancy, Sweet Memories, Separate Beds, Years, A Heart Speaks, Vows, Morning Glory, Bitter Sweet, Forgiving, Bygones, November of the Heart, Family Blessings, Home Song, That Camden Summer, Small Town Girl, and Then Came Heaven
kelly posts on 5/30/2008 12:28:22 PM I just wanted to say I love her book Sweet Memories!!! It is one of the best books I have ever read in my life!!!! I plan to read alll of her books because she is such a great writer.
Anita posts on 4/26/2008 2:03:39 PM Can I mail books to you for you to sign?
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