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Jane R. posts on 10/20/2009 5:49:59 PM I would absolutely LOVE to see Bittersweet as a movie. Perhaps cast Kevin Costner as Eric. It would great to watch at Christmas time. Thank you LaVyrle for all of the enjoyment in reading your books.
Kathi Murriello posts on 10/2/2009 4:24:21 PM Lavyrle Spencer is by far my favorite author. I have read most of her books and intend to read the rest. The one I keep reading over and over again is "Small Town Girl." It gives me a wonderful happily-ever-after feeling. I with I could find out if this book was turned into a movie...if should be!
A. J. posts on 9/2/2009 10:24:11 PM LaVyrle Spencer Books are the best books in my home library. I love them all but a particular favorite is the Hellion with it's love lost & love found again. Giving up a child for adoption is such a difficult thing for parents to impose on young people. I would love to read a continuation of this story or any other book she may decide to write.

Dan posts on 8/27/2009 9:03:31 PM Of all the LS books I have read, my all-time favourite is Small Town Girl. Seeing Kenny and Tess become a team with spirit was a hoot. What man would not want Mary for a mother in law or child as her grandmother. I found faith in life and hope again. It was the best read of my life, and yes SMALL TOWN GIRL, Dreams do come true We miss you Lavryle.
Sylvia in ky posts on 6/14/2009 12:48:40 PM Thank you so much JMF. I have everyone of Ms Spensper's books except for the last 4-5 years. unfortuantely, my daughter who is also a big fan has them in storage and couldn't get to them yet. But she remembered the book, same as me and she, too, thaought it was "Years." "Morning Glory" is my very favorite book and I have to read it at least once a year, not two times. I love Layverly Spencer's books. I am sorry she is planning on quiting her writing but she has still left us die hard fans a legacy of great books.
JMF posts on 6/12/2009 8:33:36 PM I agree that it would be great to have at least one more Spencer book come out! Sylvia in Kentucky - I think the book you're talking about is "Years." An 18 year old goes to NW North Dakota to teach. She ends up falling in love with a 34 year old man who lives in the home in which she is staying. He has a brother who is mentally challenged. They get caught in a blizzard, and that brother dies. It's a great book.
Sylvia in ky posts on 6/11/2009 2:41:43 PM Layverly Spencer wrote a book about a young girl going west to work for or marry a man that has a brother. Their home is rough and the work hard. In this book the brother thaat is not married (and appears somewhat mentally challenged)goes into a blizzard and is found dead by the married brother. There's also a red-headed whore that the married brother torments the girl with. I think this was made into a movie but I read it once but cannot think of the Name. Any help out there.
Theo posts on 6/10/2009 5:48:05 PM I am so sad the Lavyrle is no longer writing. I have read all of her books at least once and in the case of Bittersweet, I have read it at least 8 times!! If we could only get her to do one more!!!! What do you say ladies, should we start a compaign?
Melissa posts on 5/2/2009 9:11:34 PM Oh, what an inspirational writer. I absolutely love the simple way she writes about love and life. I too have read all of her books and am now trying to locate all of the movies.
Kay posts on 4/5/2009 5:00:32 PM I am so sad that there are no more of LaVyrle's books to read! I have read every single one of them and anxiously waited for each novel to come out. I honestly don't believe there is another author like her out there. Her novels were so realistic and like a breath of fresh air to read. Would be wonderful if she could come out of retirement with just 'one more'!!!
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