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posts on 8/6/2006 8:37:55 PM Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of Ms Spencer's books? I would like to have a complete set. Thanks.
posts on 8/4/2006 11:33:28 PM Hi. Lavyrle Spencer is definitely one of the "greats" and what I wouldn't give to be able to read one of her stories for the "first time" again. If you're looking for other great, intelligent, soul wrenching love stores, a couple of other authors that I would recommend are Candice Proctor (highly recommend Whispers of Heaven, Night in Eden, and September Moon,) and Penelope Williamson (Passions of Emma, Outsider, and Heart of the West). These books are beautifully and intelligently written, and will stay with you forever.
posts on 8/2/2006 5:16:13 AM Another brilliant author who writes in similar style to Lavyrle is Anna Jacobs, who has written MANY books, most of which i have read and can highly reccommend.

posts on 8/1/2006 4:56:49 PM When I found out that Ms. Spencer went to the same high schoool as I when I read one of her books I started reading more of her novels. I have started a library of her writngs and any paperbacks I have read I try to replace with buying hard cover.
posts on 8/1/2006 4:43:39 PM a subauditum one, i suppose, but also, a search for concinnity w/ the spencer-loving clerisy, as well as an effort to applaud ms. spencer, who deserves such erumpent and enthusiastic approbation for sharing her promethean talents w/ us. my gratitude is boundless.
posts on 7/25/2006 4:19:26 PM Jeane-I am a Physician and still cannot understand a word you have written. Was it an apology?
posts on 7/25/2006 2:55:31 PM you are absolutely accurate in your posted assessments and commentaries, sissy, chris, and vickie; i am woefully inadequate as a communicator of those delicious sensibilities and breathtakingly plangeant beats of the human heart that ms. spenser is so unfailingly capable of rendering. every paragraph that seems too flow so effortlessly from her unsullied soul and complex mind is a gift she propines to dunderheads like myself. it is why i am a marine biologist, not a novelist; i would be hard-pressed to shape a single romantic or creative idea into a poignant mold.
posts on 7/25/2006 11:32:20 AM OK, now we've had a convoluted English lesson and an astronomy lesson. Personally I like FICTION where Pluto can be present (even if undescovered) in THAT CAMDEN SUMMER. I read the book for enjoyment, not to pick it apart.
posts on 7/25/2006 1:39:17 AM Please! Do the fans of LaVyrle Spencer's books really care that Pluto was not discovered and yet was mentioned??? She wrote fiction and a error in a planet means nothing to us, right? It sounds like you liked her books, Jeanie but just could not let her wonderful (and yes easy to understand) writing stand for itself, you needed to find fault in it somewhere? She wasn't writing about planets, she was writing about life and love something much bigger than words you use or when a planet was discovered! I'm not trying to be rude, I just feel very defensive when it comes to my favorite author being called on such a minute fact!
posts on 7/25/2006 12:09:38 AM Jeanie-Thank's alot for the history of planet's. Perhaps we should leave writing to pros like Ms. Spencer? Her words are written in a way we all understand and are so much sweeter than yours.
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