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Laura Fisher L.P.N. posts on 3/10/2006 11:53:48 PM God bless you Lori I've enjoyed so many of your book's I am a nurse & I work 3 jobs.At one job I care for a 66 yr old female with M.D. She is now a quadrapligic with a trach and on a vent.I got her to listen to books on tape. She just finnished "Pretense" & loved it. Our local library only had that book of your's on tape. She want's to hear more of your books. Can you help me to supply her with more of your work on tape?
Heather Mc. posts on 3/10/2006 5:22:11 PM lori wicks books are the best! i've read the yellow rose triogy 3 or 4 times, and read "Wings of the Morning" at least 3 times, plus some others. she's the best, she brings the best out of the strong willed, independent, tomboyish, women.
Haw posts on 3/10/2006 2:16:50 PM She is the first author who has used The Lord in it. I like that, It made me look at my self.

Amy posts on 3/10/2006 2:06:39 PM I have never been very dilligent about reading but since I picked up the first book in the Tucker Mills Trilogy I have been hooked. I have read the Yellow Rose Trilogy, Rocky Mountain Series, The English garden series, Every Storm and I have started The Long road home series. The thing I love the best about Lori Wick's righting is how you would have to be a fool to not "get" the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is spelled out in each book that I have read. She challenges me to share to gospel, to be a better mother and to walk and talk the life that God has set forth for me. I am thankful that Lori Wick has answered her call and become the writer that God intended her to be to touch lives with the love and power of Jesus!
Haw posts on 3/9/2006 9:20:40 PM Is Lori Wick the author of Every Storm.That book was so good that I want to read more.
Jennifer posts on 3/6/2006 9:00:57 PM I seen that the thrid book to the Tucker Mills Trilogy will be out in June of this year.
Leah posts on 3/2/2006 10:57:53 AM I just finished reading all three books of the Yellow Rose Trilogy and they were amazing. This is the first time I have read anything by Mrs.Wick and now I want to read everything by her. The third book I thought was the best I was very moved. I love the way she works the Christian faith in and her messages help me to look at my own life. I love how she puts actual bible verses in almost like a mini bible study. She is unlike any other Christian writer I have read before I can't wait to get to the library!
Beth Hixon posts on 2/21/2006 9:40:46 AM Lisa, This is a good two book so far series. I can't wait until The new one comes out. I just wish that it was going to be more then just three books. But that is one thing that I like about Ms. Wicks books they don't go on forever like some of the books that I have. Have a great day. Beth
Lisa posts on 2/20/2006 4:11:23 PM New reader of Lori's books and just wanted to know if anyone could tell me the books in this series?
Beth Hixon posts on 2/14/2006 4:29:02 PM Hay Tyler, I am working on a list for you but when I looked on Harvest House Publishers web page. They have the days the books were published. I know some of them have been out for many years because I have had them and reread them many times. Anyways they have put new covers on them so it changes the dated it was out. I will get you a list in the next few days. I know that her first book was A Place Called Home. Bookmouse
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