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Stephanie Steeves posts on 10/20/2009 2:34:41 PM I had a question concerning the book Pretense. Have any of Macenzie Bishop's books, especially blue crayon and Accesed Denied been published? Thanks
MICHELLE posts on 10/6/2009 5:27:06 PM I have been a Lori Wick fan for 11yrs. My step mother used to read them and when I turned 14 she started to let me read them. I have every book she has written, and I read them several times in a year. I wish she would make a movie out of one of her books or series! I would truly enjoy that with all me heart. Michelle-Colorado territory :)
Kerry posts on 8/26/2009 7:54:56 PM I met Smokey and Dallas (Wings of the Morning) 9 years ago, and have read their story at least half a dozen times! I have several Lori Wick novels, and have laughed and cried with every character I have met in her pages. Ms Wick is very gifted, and uses her talents so beautifully. Thank you Lori, your books keep me smiling, praying and believing.

Samitude posts on 6/20/2009 11:59:01 PM James, I believe Lori Wick attends Curtiss Street Bible Fellowship in Mazomanie, WI.
deana posts on 6/18/2009 10:05:27 PM In Lori wick's second book, Sabrina, of the trilogy "Big Sky Dreams" it finishes with Sabrina asking her husband, Rylan, why he calls her Sabrina when everyone else calls her "Bri". He says he'll tell her another time. Unless I missed it, the question is not answered in the next and final book, Jessie. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks!
James Haron posts on 5/4/2009 7:59:31 PM Does anyone know of Lori Wicks denomination? What kind of church does she go to? Does anyone know?
Liane posts on 4/22/2009 3:48:46 PM I love the books Lori Wick writes. They lift me up in troubled times. And they make me happy. Someday I want to write like Lori does. I cry and lauph in those book. I rejoice with the characters.I just love how Lori Wick writes.
Joan Reishus posts on 4/19/2009 3:58:24 PM I Love lori Wick, she is one of my very favorite authors. The first book I read was Sophie's Heart and it touched mine in such a great way, that I have now read all her books, many of them more than once. I wish she could write more, I am always waiting for a new one. Lori you have touched my heart many times over.
Karen posts on 4/6/2009 9:11:35 PM I have 3 of Mrs. Wick's series and have enjoyed each one. I recently finished the Rocky Mountain Memories series, and I still wonder what came of Mud and Percy Dougan, Jubal Hackett, and Travis Buchanan's wife (I can't remember her name right now).
sophie hanna posts on 3/23/2009 11:10:52 PM i have read every book that lori has written and am in the process of re-reading them.i would love to know which christian denomination lori is a member...
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