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Melissa posts on 11/5/2010 12:06:48 AM Thank you Ruth for looking, and finding the answer to my question! :) God Bless!
Ruth posts on 11/4/2010 6:36:23 PM Ok, I e-mailed Lori Wick's publisher to ask about her current state of health.I am glad to report she is alive and well. This is the reply I got: Ruth: I just sent you and email, but thought it best to verify that Lori has not passed on. She is alive and well and having a wonderful time with her family. Laura Knudson Harvest House Publishers
Ruth posts on 11/3/2010 10:43:28 PM Melissa, ever since you posted that, I have looked to verify it, but I can't find anything online about it. I do know that she has retired from writing. If you do find anything online about it, please post it here. Thanks!

Melissa posts on 11/3/2010 6:36:34 PM I heard it from a lady on an airplane, who's sister is a Christian author and whom reads a lot...She didn't know for sure, but thought it was true...
Stephi posts on 11/2/2010 11:41:21 PM Have any of the books mentioned in Pretense (the ones "written" by Mackenzie) been written? I would love to read Blue Crayon and Access Denied especially. Thanks!
Ruth posts on 10/24/2010 1:20:00 AM Melissa, where did you hear that?
Melissa posts on 10/23/2010 5:42:08 PM I heard with great sadness that Lori Wick had died? Is this true? If so, I am so sorry to all of her friends and family. If not, then I am thankful!
Kris posts on 9/20/2010 3:52:16 PM has lori wick quit writing books?? what was the last one written?? i so miss her!
Ruth posts on 9/15/2010 8:32:58 PM Just yesterday I sent an e-mail to Lori Wick's publisher. This is the response I got today: Dear Reader: Did you ever have something in your life that you enjoyed, but there came a time when you couldn’t do it anymore? Well, that’s my situation right now. Much as I love writing, there is no time or energy for it at this stage of my life. Please know that I don’t tell you this with great pain or remorse. I’m very thankful for all God taught me along the way and my stopping comes without regrets. And since I’ve stopped writing, I’m able to enjoy even greater ministry at home, spending even more time with my family and church family. I would love to send you a personalized note but it’s just not possible. Even if you’ve written and asked me about one of my books or whether I’m available to speak at your church, I simply do not have time to reply beyond this postcard. I hope you’ll understand. I very much appreciate your taking the time to be in touch. I’m always thankful for your support. To date, I have not gotten to all my correspondence, but I do read all my mail, and I’m sure whenever I get to your letter I will enjoy it. This card comes with my hope and prayer that God is blessing as you walk in greater obedience to Him. Warmly in Christ, Lori Wick I'm so very sad, but I wish her the best.
momawake posts on 9/15/2010 4:22:51 PM Is Lori Wick still writing? She seems to have disappeared from the scene.
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