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Kelley posts on 7/31/2007 3:29:13 PM First, I never called David a liar. I mean if someone was to drink bleach mixed with Ammonia dont u think they would have serious injury?? come on, and as far as his mother NOTHING!!! Dont believe everything u read!!!
Nikki from Australia posts on 7/27/2007 8:39:27 PM Jeff & can you say that Dave is a liar and making it all up. Kelley, I HAVE seen a pic of Daves mother, maybe if you check out Daves website you mite see it too...its not hard!!! Honestly why would someone make something like that up. Don't you think Daves brothers might have had something to say if it was false, and what, all his teachers and foster parents were making it up too??? Have a little sympathy, and hey, maybe if you actually READ HIS BOOKS, you might realise that its actually true you loosers!!!!!!!!!
Terry posts on 7/27/2007 6:23:54 PM Jeff,it is most likely all true despite what you think.I am fostering a lad who has been through a lot of what David Pelzer went through,only this time it was the father who was (is) the abuser.The mother abused him also,though it seems she was afraid of the father.These people are so good at lying and hiding the real truth when confronted by child protection people.Yes,there are many more parents out there like this,only we rarely get to hear about them.

Kelley posts on 7/27/2007 6:05:29 PM I have read his books. I find some things in the book very hard to believe it could be very well he was abused but not to that extreme.What led his mother to turn so sick? where is she from? What did she look like? I cannot find any information on her at all. She is rarley spoken of which leds me to think "is this guy for real?"
Mich posts on 7/21/2007 12:32:42 PM Wow Jeff!that's really harsh, what makes you so bold to make such a statement?Have you any idea how inspirational these books are to many people?i can assure you that no person can come up with a story like that, His emotions are to real and accurate in the book. and have you not read the write ups at the end by the people involved in the book?
Jeff posts on 7/20/2007 6:49:36 AM I wish you people would reralize that David Peltzer is nothing but a phony liar who made up this entire abuse story so he can sell books and make plenty of $$$$. I really am sorry fort those of you who have suffered through abuse of your own, however this "man" is taking advantage of you all. He's a disgusting liar and he's the one who belongs in prison, not his mother who isn't even around to defend herself against his outrageous lies. I suggest you all do some reading up on Mr. Petzer.
Nikki from Australia posts on 7/20/2007 1:21:51 AM A boy called it was the most incredible book I have ever read, and I couldn't put that, or the next two down. Its so hard being a mother myself to understand why a mother would treat her baby like that. Dave Pelzer is one of the most inspirational men I have had the pleasure of reading about, and its great to read that he has found true happiness. These books are so well written, the are a MUST READ, and you, like me will not put them down. God bless you Dave Pelser.
Laurie Mihelcic posts on 7/19/2007 12:30:27 PM I would jsut like to say I have read 3 of David's books so far and I just couldn't put them down. I was also abused as a child and have never forgiven my parents. It amazes me to hear how David forgives his mom. I would also have soooooo many questions for David and would love the oppertunity to one day meet him before I die. I can't believe his mom was not punished, but either were my parents. Hopefully there is justice in Heaven/HELL for them!
Stefanie posts on 7/12/2007 6:14:37 PM I´m not very good in English, but I´ll try it. I´ve questions about the book as WHAT HAPPENS TO DAVES MOTHER? HAS HE TALK TO HER NOW HE HAS GROWN UP? HAS HE ASKED HER WHY SHE DID ALL THIS TERRIBLE THINGS TO HIM? WHAT ABOUT HIS BROTHERS? Can someone answer me this questions?
wendy posts on 7/7/2007 3:48:17 PM being abused in any form is horrendous i have been through along with my sisters and brother and it has affected us all.i am trying to to write my own story but i know it will upset certain people but then maybe i can close the door.
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