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megan armstrong posts on 7/31/2009 11:52:36 AM i have got to say i am not much of a reader. i am a 14 year old that doesnt read much. when i read your first book 'child called it'i couldnt stop reding it. it was so inspirational . i loved it. it was so heart breaking. i cried a few times at some of the things david was put through. i have just finished 'a man named dave' and the books were excellant. i would recommend them to anyone. once again . your books were great .x
bernadette posts on 7/19/2009 4:46:19 PM I took in this trilogy while spending 10days in the magical almeria,it was in the colllection of books that were in the the apartment that was loaned to us.David pelzer is my hero,these books turned my emotions upside down and inside out,fantastic!!I feel priveleged to have learned his story,i want more!!You are an absolute hero and i was captivated with the love you have for steven and the absolute gorgeous martha,who i believe are the most spoiled of all to have the love of David Pelzer.Tradgedy to triumph!Absolutely powerful!!
Cassie posts on 7/13/2009 3:17:55 PM I read your first book back when I was in i think 8th grade, and let me say I wasnt much of a reader, but I could not put your book down, even for dinner. I cried the last chapter and also cried the first chapter of your second book. Your story is so sad but moving at the same time. I have recommended your book to many people to read. Its amazing that you overcame everything and you are a remarkable person.

Lucy posts on 7/9/2009 3:01:48 PM What can I say... Dave is a hero and so is anyone else who manages to live through a terrible ordeal such as the one described in his books. It totally amazes me that ANYONE could live and tell the story! Dave has inspired me so much! His story has made me realize that my life actually isn't that bad at all... I've had it pretty good and I am thankful and appreciate alot more. Thank you and carry on the fantastic work!
laura oysten smith posts on 7/2/2009 8:47:20 PM i read davids book some years ago and i still find it compelling reading even now. It is unbeleivable that abuse to children still goes on even in the 21st century, i congradulate david enormously for highlighting his experiences in his books and hope in some way that it will make parents think twice before hurting thier own children, as a parent myself i know how much a child can be a pain in the butt BUT i could never dream of hurting my son in that or any other way thanks to davids books.
Nancy Stack posts on 7/1/2009 11:03:30 PM I have felt totally compelled by your story. I heard about it years ago but just got to it this summer. I have to tell you that you mentioned a girl named Marsha Donohoe and I taught her years ago at a small Christian school. Is it possible for you to get in contact with her and ask if I could talk to her and see how she's doing. I know the family and would love to locate them again. I would appreciate it so muchBy the way, keep up the good work as an advocate for abused children. We need more of them.
Dianna Mudd posts on 6/28/2009 9:56:23 PM I recently had a girls weekend at the beach where we discussed books that had changed our lives. I was shocked to know that, not only had I never heard of your story, I had not heard about the books. One of my friends, an elementary guidance counselor, said she couldn't get through the first book. "too graphic and disturbing" she said. As a Psychiatric Registered Nurse, I was intriqued. I got the first two books and read them in two days!! Your struggle is beyond imagine. I, however, am quite curious as to where your mom is now. More so, however, I am so interested in your brothers' personalities. As I said, I have only read the first two books (so far) so, perhaps in the next books, my questions will be answered. THANK YOU for sharing your story. I am honored to have read "A Child Called IT"
tawny crespin posts on 6/27/2009 2:21:25 AM Mr Dave Pelzer, I absolutely kove the fack that you can stick it out through all that pain and suffering that your mom put you through. Im so sorry that your perents split up mine did to and I had to stay with my mom but all I really wanted to do was stay with my daddy. im a really big daddys girl. Dont fel to bad my mom dont like me eather for some reason. but i have no idea what you went through. but I just want you to no that i love you courage and will to servive. i want you to just no that i think you are my absolute hero! OH before i forget you should make a tottaly awesome movie based on your book! i read your book 17 times in a row! both of them i just havent got to a man named dave. those are the only books that i ever really got engaged on. also another big thanks to your amazeing will it write that book. thank you for pulling through all those years you really opened my eyes about how much worse my mom could have treated me and that somewhere out there theres always someone out there thats got it worse than i do. ONCE again thanks for your amazeing will and power to servive you are awesome!
Jessica posts on 6/19/2009 12:38:28 AM I have just recently read a couple of your books and I truly think that you are a remarkable person. The fact of the matter is that you endured and over came with the help of your "family" . My father endured great pain and suffering as a child, but ultimately was not able to overcome. My dad was a good man, but had an inability to show and receive love. He took his own life on April 28, 2001,he was 44 years old. He could no longer keep the secrets he kept locked up inside him. I love him and will miss him always. Take care of yourself and your family and live life to its fullest. Thank you for being a good man and overcoming. Jessica
SF mom of 2 posts on 6/17/2009 12:32:26 PM The books are inspiration. I needed to know about foster children and the system. Now I understand and if I had a bigger home, I would have loved to be a foster mother. I believe I have a lot of love and support to give to a child in need.
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