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silvia posts on 12/10/2006 2:01:55 PM The abuse and mistreat that Christina endured is so real.I watch this movie every time it comes on.My heart goes to Christina.I was so abused by both of my parents and a lot of people don't believe either.And it's funny how you can manage to even love your parents so very much like Christina loved her mother.
cb posts on 12/10/2006 12:25:21 PM I understand Chris passed away this year. What did he do as an adult? Did he have family?
Rose posts on 12/8/2006 8:50:25 AM Hello, does anyone have a copy of Mommie Dearest, the 20th anniversary edition, re-issued in 1997? Many thanks, Rose

Linda posts on 11/22/2006 10:58:56 PM Christina Crawford appears to be a wonderful person with a pain that runs deeply. It is common for children to be singled out for the brunt of a parent's abuse. It is common to treat one child more lovingly than another. The parent can then say, "See, it's not me, it's you causing this treatment." I'm certain that Christina Crawford, as a young child, felt somewhat responsible for the abuse she received. Abusive parents make sure to shift the responsibility because they would be a monster if they faced the truth. The young twins were not of an age to endure the decline of Crawford's career and receive the fallout of that.
Apryl posts on 11/7/2006 9:37:31 PM Well, I can answer a question for the person who claims the twins didn't suffer abuse. I am the oldest of three girls. I was the only one to be abused by my mother. My mom wasn't an alcoholic, but she was 17 when she had me and made me know that I ruined her life. SHe is a pathalogical liar and beat me and emotionally abused me until I left at 17. I was never hugged, kissed or told that I was loved. I was forced to clean the house, make dinners, etc. all at the age of 6. I would make up lies about how I got black eyes. My mother didn't allow me to shower except on Sunday nights. My sisters got to do a lot more than me. So, I am in support of Christina and I think it's a valiant thing she did by shedding some light on the issue of child abuse. No one deserves to be treated like that.
Evelyn posts on 10/29/2006 2:04:54 PM I totally believe the movie Mommie Dearest and believe that Christina was abused by Joan Crawford. I also have a mother that abused me, but she was a completely different person with other people. She has never said "I love you" to me in my entire 50 years of life. However, she has no problem saying it to my cousins or nephews and nieces. She beat me nonstop, threw hot coffee at me, ridiculed me endlessly and basically made me feel worthless. The only way I have succeeded in life was to marry a wonderful man and I have raised two great kids. I sometimes can't believe it.
Rich posts on 10/29/2006 11:34:28 AM I'll bet anything Madona's kid will be the next one to write about an abusive and deviate mother! Money buys these kids for one purpose, to help these movie stars feel like they have complete control over someone. I wonder what her new 'purchase' is going to write, molestation, screwing parties, drugs, only heaven knows!
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