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posts on 8/14/2006 4:00:05 AM To Rana: When I said Muslims it didn't mean that I have something against Christians. It is true that Lebanon is mostly Muslim and therefore I believe it is better that other Muslim countries or Arab countries occupy Lebanon than Israel or the US not because of religion, but because of cultural similarities since you are all Arabs. I apologize for expressing myself in the wrong way.
posts on 8/13/2006 7:56:21 PM I was re-reading the Princess Sultana books over the weekend - I know there is no plan for a 4th book, but I am sooo curious - I mean, I don't believe Maha was "cured" of her lesbianism, but she may be bisexual, but anyway, did she ever marry? And Amani, who was such an advocate of purdah, did she ever marry? I can't imagine her marrying because then her husband could forbid her to proselitize (sp). And in all Sultana's righteous anger of the young men in that family buying and raping women, her son was never involved? I wish there was an update...does anyone know of any new details?
posts on 8/13/2006 4:26:18 PM I won't even bother to answer. I won't go there because it's useless. You only believe what you want to believe and what the propoaganda tells you. I will only comment on the mentally unstable young man who raped and murdered: he was dismissed from the Army before that happened and he is facing the death penalty. What about the terrorists who have done the same and worse? What about the 2 Americans who were recently kidnapped and tortured? Do any of you like me to spell out what those beasts did to them and how they tortured them? They were beaten to a pulp, gouged their eyes out, cut limbs off one by one, tongue, ears, fingers, cut their private parts off and stuffed in their mouths, then they were decapitated. DNA was needed to tell who they were. Those inhuman beings are supposed to be sane! And you bring up the awful deed of a mentally sick American? Never mind! I am shaking I am so upset. I have a question, though, that has nothing to do with this. Is it true that because of the 2 eclipses during Ramadan, there will supposedly be the return of the Mahdi? A friend asked me if any of you Muslim ladies know anything about it. I never heard of it myself. I'd appreciate an answer. Thank you. Anna

posts on 8/13/2006 4:06:06 PM One thing I do want to say is that the guys that did that to the 14 yr old and her family are definatly in the minority when it comes to the US. The majority of the guys in the US that are fighting over in Iraq care deeply about the Iraqi war and the people in Iraq. Its always a minority that makes the rest look bad. We have parents here in the States that are loseing their daughters and sons everyday to this war, but those that gave their lives would no doubt say it was a sacrifice that they would happily make to make this world a better place to live for all people no matter the religion.
posts on 8/12/2006 3:32:28 PM Julie, you wonder what the women of the west can do for the women of the east. I can tell you. I am sure you must have heard of the incident where American soldiers raped a 14 year-old Iraqi girl and then murdered her family. They then celebrated by eating chicken wings. This incident tells you of the callousness and brutality of these immoral people. You and other concerned western women should petition your respective governments to demand the return of the coalition troops. By this action you all would be doing a great service to these women by ridding Iraq of the presence of these sick people. Anna, while declaring Iran and Syria as terrorist states in true Bush fashion, has forgotten to mention her own country which is the leading terrorist state. Not only has the US murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq but it also continues to aid Israel which has inflicted numerous atrocities on the Palestinians. I can't believe Anna actually thinks the US should continue to play a crucial role in the Middle East. Much of the instability in the Middle East is due to the US government's ill-fated foreign policy. Anna, America's support for Israel has nothing to do with Hizbullah. Rather, it has everything to do with the influential pro-Israel lobby in the United States. This was admitted by President Harry Truman who declared that there were no Arabs in his constitution. In other words, it did not matter whether the rights of the native Palestinians were eroded, what mattered was the Jewish vote.
posts on 8/11/2006 4:55:28 PM Aida, with all do respect, but this is the first time i hear of such an opinion which is if you are being occupied by a moslem is better than being occupied by other religions ... i hope you are joking. first becuase your opinion is an insult to all the non moslems, wich deserve respect wethear you accept or not, second our country is not all moslem. we are half moslems and half christians.i , myself am a christian, and yes just like you christians in our country do not want the mostlems to rule . i really don't want to go on with this argument.. because to me , anything that insults anyone based on religious prejudice and ignorance provokes me, and you just did.what does religion has to do with occupation ... i really didn't and couldn't get it. logic tells you that who ever occupies you is your enemy .. your theory is just bizzar. Sorry! just let me ask you one more thing , do you mean that it is ok that france occupies switzerland , because both are of the same religion , or your theory goes only for moslems and it is only ok if a moslem occuppies another country! please don't answer me back! i really don't care for any opinion that holds any type of discrimination. how can anyone be so blunt in his opinion, thinking that the other should get your point.sorry! this is your turn to get some bluntness to make you feel what others feel , some of your medicine. i don't want to defend myself or prove anything to anyone, but anna for one, knows how much i defend moselms, and hate it when others mock them out of prejudice .. and thankfully moslems in lebanon do not hold such kind of thoughts as aida .. where we all moslems and christians live together in harmony.
posts on 8/11/2006 3:32:26 AM To Rana:I understand how it feels to be occupied by neighbors I am from Bosnia and our neighbors have been killing us for decades and more,but it's different because they aren't Muslim and wanted to kill us because we are Muslim.Siryans and Iranians are Muslim so isn't it better to be taken by them than by the US? To Anna:I disagree with you completely and think the US is not God and shouldn't get involved at all.
posts on 8/10/2006 12:44:15 PM Aida, thank you very much for your warm wishes. but to tell you the truth, we are fed up of any war that goes on in our country .. and fed up of all the interferences of all countries and that goes for syria and iran as well. i am not with israel and thats for sure, but also we are sick of paying the price of of the palestinian/israel struggle. we are the only arab country that is going trhough wars. let syria, for once,to make a war on it's land, it has an occupied land as well which is the golan hieghts. the syrian's themselves occupied us for 20 years so to me they are the same as the israelis. believe me , i am lebanese and i know what i am talking about. the syrian's corrupted our whole govermental system and tried to alter our goverment from a democratic one to a dectatorship like theirs. no offence to anyone on this board, i have nothing against the syrian people but i am tottaly against the syrian regmn. if any of you think this is wrong, just think that your country is being ruled by it's neighbor.
posts on 8/10/2006 9:13:24 AM First of all, the USA is not against Lebanon no matter what you might read, and second, I cannot believe how people and some countries are being bamboozled into believing that Iran and Syria are helping Lebanon out of the goodness of their heart. Wake up and smell the coffee! Those are both terrorist countries. Lebanon needs help all right and it will get help from the US as well (like we always provide) even though the US (who I am not necessarily excusing) stands behind Israel because it did not start this war, but Hizbollah. The latter, along with Iran and Syria are planning to take over the Middle East and turning the region into a fundamentalist Muslim government, and taking away all freedom. How can anyone be so na´ve? Poor Lebanon indeed, if we let this happen! To Rana: you know that my heart is for you and your country and I cry every day about the distruction that is going on!
posts on 8/10/2006 8:28:43 AM To Rana: I am very sorry for Lebanon. I am thinking about the people and country every day. I hope your family is fine! To Anna: I am very glad that Iran and Syria and so on are supporting Lebanon in any way possible since they need as much support as possible. Israel had the support of the U.S. and therefore is leading an unjust war against Lebanon.
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