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spazzkittymeow posts on 11/23/2008 7:30:41 PM I finished reading Sultana's Circle. I would love to see another book possibly post present war. In this book Sultana mentioned her fear for her children's future as a Arabian royalty. Now with the current war and the death of Saddam Hussain I was currious to know if anything has changed for her and her family.
Dr.Paula COMBS posts on 8/25/2008 1:27:19 PM If you want to know some truths about Jean Sasson, read "SOFT WEAPONS" by PROFESSOR GILLIAN WHITLOCK. Paula
Jean Sasson posts on 8/5/2008 11:43:39 PM Hey, this is Jean (Sasson) and I wanted to thank all of you for your support. Anyone who puts down these courageous women has to be either mean, stupid,or mental, take your pick. I am one proud writer to be able to tell their stories... I'm bursting to tell you all the story I'm writing now, but cannot --but watch out 2009 -- you'll all be surprised and I believe that you will love the story and the woman. For now, back to work for me! Have a great "rest of 2008." Jean

priyanka Malhotra posts on 6/17/2008 7:36:27 AM Dear Jean, After reading Princess, Daughters of Arabia and Desert Royal.. i can actually imagine what do women in that part of the world must be going through.. Well, i must say that you are an angel sent from god almighty.. You are a medium in unveiling the truth which every woman must know.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.. Warm Regds.. Priyanka
amanda alexander posts on 6/9/2008 2:08:54 PM Dear Mayada, Dear Jean... i admire both of you so much. Jean for your writing ability, Mayada for your strength. I have a disability and use a wheelchair, and can get feeling sorry for myself. Mayada, then you waltz thru my thoughts and kick my ass back to reality. I have NOTHING to complain about. I imagine we are having a woman to woman chat over coffee, I am so proud as to be called a woman, when someone as strong as you Mayada calls herself a woman also. I also want to share that our youngest 'child' has just finished basic training for the Canadian National Foresters, The Marine Corps. He has signed on for training in Afghanistan. We hope that by the time he gets to the middle east, they will be helping rebuild the hospitals and schools that were bombed out. If you happen to see him, would you give him a hug for me? I know you're not in the same country, but you are alot closer than i am. Your books have changed my views on the world in many ways. Thank you for writing them!
nuala alexander posts on 6/9/2008 12:34:22 PM I have read Mayada daughter of Iraq shocked is an understatement. I now wonder if Mayada ever found out if the other women specially Samara survived? If they did her and their mental traumas will and must be dreadful. It makes one grateful to be able to live in a free society.
allie posts on 6/4/2008 9:12:07 AM hey! i'm a 15 yr old girl from the u.a.e and i jst wantd 2 say dat so far i hve read all of jean sassons books and thy r amazin!! while i do know dat such abuses do happen i am proud to say dat it is rare here in my very safe country! i'm glad dat more and more women rights laws r bein introduced in the middle east! here in the u.a.e evry1 is equal and no one is forced 2 do anything women hve freedom :)! while i understand dat after foreign ppl read such terrible and sad stories about women i would really appreciate if ppl wld nt diss the muslim religion and our arab countries becoz dats jst ignorant and racist! keep writting r gr8 books jean!!! xoxo
Judi posts on 5/8/2008 4:28:51 AM Many people do not want the truth told. I bet it is a male pretending to be a female to attack Jean. Keep putting the TRUTH out there Jean! God bless you. Rise up my sisters all over the world! Men would not be here, with out us. We could milk them for sperm, and have a world of excellent women, and a world of men, who know how to behave. Stop taking the abuse now!!!! God bless the world!
Kat posts on 5/7/2008 2:12:18 PM Well, well, isn't it the twisted Monika Adsani, aka Zahira, Kaz among other alias' she uses in here to berate and insult Jean Sasson. You're so sick you have nothing better to do with your pathetic existence but to harass Jean Sasson. GET A LIFE! Keep watching and eating your heart out. You can't stand the fact that Jean has exposed the scums of the Arab world in their mistreatment of women. It sounds like to me that it hit too close to home for you huh? Get help! You're either blind or stupid to DENY the atrocities that most Arab women have to live with. You know why these women can't write about their own lives and are thankful for people like Jean Sasson? Well here's a clue you silly excuse for a woman - they would be beaten to death. Don't worry yourself about the abuses that go on here in America because there's agencies galore and laws to protect those that have the courage to come forth and tell their story. You're such a hateful person and truly a waste of space and oxygen. Get a life and leave Jean Sasson alone, she's busy doing worthwhile things. From the land of Aloha!
kaz posts on 4/15/2008 10:31:07 AM "Jehann you are right on! Sassons 'Princess Sultana' does NOT exist, nor has 'Mayada Al Askeri' ever been imprisioned by Saddam. Jean Sasson brainwashed her, she is only out to make a lot of money on the backs and of Arabi muslim women and our religion.Shame on her. We do not need her. Let her write about her own abused American females and let her make her money from them.Anonymous is watching from Bahrain." I Absolutely agree with the above comment, I'm an expat living in Saudi Arabia and havent seen any type of domestic abuse the like of which i used to witness in London. Jean Sasson needs to take a close look at her own society before looking at the socities of those she hates with a passion. With all this bloodshed and chaos caused by the illegal American occupation of Iraq, and all she can blame is Iraqi men and society. Nothing but a biggot!
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