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posts on 7/23/2006 2:41:56 PM Anna, i just read that you are worried about me ... though i have contacted you earlier , through your personal e-mail, but i was touched that you were worried about me. to all the rest on this board, yes i was in lebanon for vacationing when it all started, i couldn't last more than one week and then i had to take a road trip through syria to leave. with three kids and 21 one hours to(5 hours road trip, 3 and half for the plane trip from syria to abudahbi and the rest are waiting at the airport) reach my home at uae, not to mention the risk on the road .. and not to mention my sorrow over my beautiful, beautiful , beautiful country ... please please for everyone on this site , just do a little research about lebanon, and you would know what i mean ... it is multi religious, christians , moslems and druze where all have rights and pracitce democracy .. the only arab country that has no desert is lebanon .. the weather was out of this world .. Natural airconditioning in the open , mountains and rivers, people partying at down town till 6 am .. beaches, ski you name it .. it is a piece of heaven that god planted between the arab world .. i am so sorry , so sorry , so sorry for my country .. Anna , i don't know if i have mentioned this ,but my sister is with me , my mother refused to leave, i have a my own home at ras beirut, and they just told me that refugees are breaking into empty houses .. oh my god , i don't know what else to say bye
posts on 7/23/2006 9:16:21 AM To Jean & Mayada...sending you both my heartfelt greetings and best wishes to you. I just read Mayada's story and I cannot express enough how very touched I am. Thank goodness someone was able to tell the story so that others can hear the truth. I wrote you both an email on Jean's website and hope one day to meet you both. God bless and much love...
posts on 7/19/2006 4:42:51 PM Aida, I don't have much time so what I'll do is copy several quotes from different articles. It all might seem disconnected, but it's all I can offer now.-The bombs used by Hezbollah were made in China, sent to Iran who sent them to Damascus, that ended up in Syria. - Iran has been sending Hezbollah as much as 250 million dollars to Hezbollah every year. - Iran's support of the Hezbollah's actions against Israel seem to have 2 purposes: to deflect attention about its nuclear program and to position itself as a powerful regional player. - Iran may face sanctions from the UN for the nuclear programs. - While Iranian missile supplies to Hezbollah, either by sea or overland via Syria, were well known, officials said the current conflict also indicated that some of the rockets in Hezbollah's arsenal including a 220mm rocket used in a deadly attack on a railway site in Haifa on Sunday, were built in Syria (Israel did forensics). Iran began buying dozens of the sophisticated anti-ship missiles from the Chinese during the '90s (C-802 cruise missiles) until the US pressured Beijing to cease the sales. Until Friday Western Intelligence services did not know that Iran had managed to ship C-802 missiles to Hezbollah.- Officials said it was likely that Iran trained Hezbollah fighters on how to fire and guide the missiles.- Intelligence reports conclude that a small number of Iranians are currently operating in Lebanon. - If you like, got to STRATFOR, followed by the usual and end with a slash: read also within the red alert, you'll find some very interesting articles. Anna

posts on 7/19/2006 4:17:06 AM To Anna...I took out the addresses but it still wouldn't go through.In what way exactly do you believe that Iran is to blame? To Julie...Saddam was horrible,but looking at the how the situation is now it is evident that it is worse than when Saddam was in charge...more people are being killed and the standard of living is much worse.
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