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Aisling posts on 10/10/2007 6:11:33 PM hi was just wondering does anyone know when the new nightworld book is coming out in the UK or if its available anywhere apart from the internet!! drop me and email
Emily posts on 8/26/2007 11:55:37 AM The new Vampire Diaries are out...I saw them at Barnes and Noble. They shouldn't be too difficult to find. As for Strange Fate, it never got published. There was a lot of talk about it getting published last year in Britain, but it never came through. I'm not sure where current negotiations are about that...but I'd also love to read it if and when it ever shows up.
Ashley posts on 8/25/2007 3:25:36 AM Does anyone know when (and if) the last book of the Night World series is going to be published? I think it's called Strange Fate. I bought all of the books for this series (and the Vampire Diaries series) years ago when they first came out. Here it is, eight years later, and I still can't find that book. If anyone has any info on it could you please email me and let me know.

eva posts on 8/24/2007 9:12:26 PM does anyone know when the second volume of the reissued vampire diaries will come out? i was really excited to see them even if they aren't the redos i was hoping for... who doesn't want to read a book "edgy enough to give you papercuts?"
Nicole posts on 8/24/2007 10:45:35 AM Secret Circle vol. III is on the Barnes and Noble website under the used books section
Heidi posts on 8/23/2007 8:08:58 PM I cannot find one book....the third book for the Cirle....The power....i can't find it anywhere...anyone know where i can find it???
lina posts on 8/20/2007 3:50:09 PM princessdaisyxox if any one nows about the book on the vampire diaries the fury and dark reounoin can u pls thell me where to find it
nicole posts on 8/20/2007 2:35:56 PM The last two are already out, but they are hard to find. Barnes and Noble's website ususally has them or Amazon as well. Good Luck!! Also, the rerelease date for those is not posted yet!
Jamie posts on 8/19/2007 7:11:09 PM I have heard rumors that the entire Night World Series is being rewritten now that the millenium has passed. Is this a true rumor? Also, is there an actual date that Strange Fate will be out? Lastly, does anyone know how to write to L.J. Smith. I wrote her a long time ago and she sent me a detailed letter back. I wanted to try to write her again. I really miss her books and I can't find her current publisher. Thanks!
Starr posts on 8/9/2007 11:59:18 PM When will the 3rd & 4th book come out-- I need to know what happens with Elena, Stefan, & Damon!!!!!!! PLEASE
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