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posts on 7/1/2006 10:33:26 AM I have read all of these books and have loved every one of them. My favourite couple is Emily and Dan. I would really love it if this series of books was made into movies. Either way I can't wait for the new one in October.
posts on 7/1/2006 4:10:35 AM No that's the right order - Glenda posted back in January the order of the books - I wish they were numbered! That's the one thing I disliked about how the books were written - out of nowhere we get introduced to all different characters and the ones you came to know and love just disappeared almost - with only fleeting references to them - that's why I was so glad this past Christmas release of Christmas Angel brought back Sara and Luke to the forefront of the novels along with other tried and true characters. I loved the stories told (especially getting to know Molly better) I just wish the books were longer to incorporate updates on the original characters otherwise I can see how you almost feel you missed a book when you really didn't.
posts on 6/29/2006 8:59:58 PM I just finished reading A New Leaf, and started A Christmas Promise, it seem like there is a book missing, does anyone out there know, I've read the first three, and still have A Christmas Angel, but, am I missing one in between a new leaf and a christmas promise?

posts on 6/20/2006 1:22:09 AM Jamie - 2 messages below yours is the message I posted a few months back about the release date. It has a pub date of 10/28/06 - that may mean it'll be in the stores by that date or will ship out that date and hit the stores a few days later. I'm looking forward to reading it as well!
posts on 6/13/2006 2:26:37 PM Does anyone know the date of the release of the new book?? I can't wait for it!!
Jan posts on 3/26/2006 1:19:13 PM Can't wait for the new book A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.
Pat posts on 3/17/2006 12:35:51 AM it's pub. date is 10/28/2006. Also Christmas Angel will be released in paperback then.
Pat posts on 3/16/2006 6:20:50 PM The new Cape Light book is called A Christmas to Remember and is due out later this year. Love the title - can't wait for it!
Tina Legge posts on 3/9/2006 10:17:31 AM I just started reading "Christmas Angel", I love these books and look forward to the next one. Does anyone know when it will be out??
Anonymous posts on 3/4/2006 11:03:07 AM Another fantastic author I have recently started to read is Karen Kingsbury(Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning).Great kick back books.
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