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posts on 6/29/2006 8:59:58 PM I just finished reading A New Leaf, and started A Christmas Promise, it seem like there is a book missing, does anyone out there know, I've read the first three, and still have A Christmas Angel, but, am I missing one in between a new leaf and a christmas promise?
posts on 6/20/2006 1:22:09 AM Jamie - 2 messages below yours is the message I posted a few months back about the release date. It has a pub date of 10/28/06 - that may mean it'll be in the stores by that date or will ship out that date and hit the stores a few days later. I'm looking forward to reading it as well!
posts on 6/13/2006 2:26:37 PM Does anyone know the date of the release of the new book?? I can't wait for it!!

Jan posts on 3/26/2006 1:19:13 PM Can't wait for the new book A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.
Pat posts on 3/17/2006 12:35:51 AM it's pub. date is 10/28/2006. Also Christmas Angel will be released in paperback then.
Pat posts on 3/16/2006 6:20:50 PM The new Cape Light book is called A Christmas to Remember and is due out later this year. Love the title - can't wait for it!
Tina Legge posts on 3/9/2006 10:17:31 AM I just started reading "Christmas Angel", I love these books and look forward to the next one. Does anyone know when it will be out??
Anonymous posts on 3/4/2006 11:03:07 AM Another fantastic author I have recently started to read is Karen Kingsbury(Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning).Great kick back books.
J.F.Brooks posts on 3/1/2006 4:54:14 PM I, too, have noticed the similiarity between the stories and characters of The Mitford series and Cape Light series. I don't know which I enjoy the most. I do know both are a source of inspirition.
Beverly Henri-DuBois posts on 2/26/2006 8:37:34 PM This may be an inappropriate message for this forum, but I hope not. I am just starting the Cape Light series, and it's promising to be a delightful reading experience. In case anyone wants to read something while waiting for the next book, try the Mitford series by Jan Karon. One of these authors copied the other one, I don't know which. Both capture the spirit and the humor of small towns that are more like a villages. I have already learned my first valuable spiritual lesson from Cape Light.
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