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Pearl posts on 8/17/2010 2:23:45 PM The next book in the Angel Island series will be called The Wedding Promise. It's due out in 2011. My guess would be around April because that's when the first book was released earlier this year. I'm looking forward to reading it!
Julee Fassnacht posts on 8/5/2010 6:53:39 PM What is the next book in the Angel Island series and when is it coming out?
myemma1 posts on 6/30/2010 10:24:00 PM I love this series, but am almost done with it and it makes me sad because I don't want it to end! Please keep these wonderful stories coming-the world needs more good books like the Cape Light series. Also, I think these stories would be a great video series. Anyway, thank you for these wonderful books. As another poster said, they take the reader to a good place for destressing and keeping faith in God and humanity.

Arby posts on 6/7/2010 11:37:07 AM Well I read the first three in his first series and was enjoying them. Actually checked out the Angel Island one at the local library but after a few chapters turned it back in without finishing. I do not understand why every character has to be divorced or problematic. It's not God's plan for marriage. How about reuniting people or wait, just let them have a normal marriage with struggles they overcome. Give people the positive side of love and marriage.
Tootles posts on 5/28/2010 11:21:52 AM So does anyone know if The Christmas Cottage was also put out in book form or movie only?
Pearl posts on 4/13/2010 3:13:02 PM I just finished reading THE INN AT ANGEL ISLAND and really enjoyed it. There are numerous mentions of Cape Light and some of its characters, so it was very familiar. It almost feels as if it's part of the CL series. I can't wait for the next one!!!
T posts on 1/31/2010 12:34:10 PM Can't wait -- there will be a new Series of books by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer -- THE INN AT ANGEL ISLAND -- release April 2010.
Harry posts on 1/26/2010 11:53:30 PM Thanks j-bo since I too was curious about how many books there were so far. I heard that a new one comes out every October. I totally love this series!
J-Bo posts on 1/18/2010 7:07:58 PM Dale, below is the list of books: A Wish for Christmas – Nov 3, 2009 (Cape Light book 10) A Christmas Star – Oct 7, 2008 (Cape Light book 9) A Christmas Visitor - Oct 7, 2008 (Cape Light book 8) A Christmas to Remember – Sep 30, 2008 (Cape Light Book 7) The Christmas Angel – Hardcover in 2005, paperback Sep 25, 2007 (Cape Light book 6) A Christmas Promise – Jan 1, 2004 (Cape Light book 5) A New Leaf – Dec 7, 2004 (Cape Light book 4) A Gathering Place – Jan 1, 2004 (Cape Light book 3) Home Song – Dec 28, 2004 (Cape Light book 2) Cape Light – Jan 1, 2004 (Cape Light book 1)
Becky posts on 1/8/2010 3:24:27 PM I've read most of the books, and thoroughly enjoyed them. right now I'm on book "A Wish for Christmas" and I think the next one is called "The Christmas Cottage". I gave the previous books to my sister and she really enjoys reading them too. very good books! I hope they keep coming!
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