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gwenz posts on 1/9/2007 5:57:31 AM Happy New Year all. Hey Amy_Lee hope you had a great Xmas. Hi Crystal I actually liked blind mirror until the end and it really disapointed me but when I re-read it I liked it better second time although I've always been a fan of his teen books too. I know some on line stores charge a crazy amount for his books. Better ebay for sure. Gosh I miss the days I'd walk in Target and he'd have his own shelf and when a new book was there it was like gotta get it now. I'm looking forward to Falling as it sounds more like the old Pike, well hopefully. I'd love to sit with him in a question and answer session or just to talk about his book and the characters. Welcome sagepowder what are your fav. Pike books?any fav. characters I think most of us are huge fans of the LV and the character. I must of read each one so many times and found something new each read. Have a great week all
Crystal posts on 1/7/2007 1:00:00 AM Hi Gwenz. I doubt that I will read Blind Mirror again anytime soon when I can read some of my favorite Pike books again, but I may someday. My favorite Pike books are also the books for teenagers. To everyone: I went to Target's website and it says that Falling will come out on March 6, 2007. Also, they have Phone Fear (#23) for $11.80, so I'll probably buy it there sooner or later. That's a lot more reasonable than $50, the price I have seen at some other online stores.
sagepowder posts on 1/4/2007 12:20:08 AM I am new here, just saying hello :) <3 sagepowder

S Singh posts on 1/2/2007 3:33:22 PM The Season of the Passage had something to do with an alien race...honestly, I can't remember...I read it a zillion years ago and I made the mistake of loaning my books and I never got them back. I'm trying to collect them again but it's hard and expensive to think I once owned every published Pike book!
gwenz posts on 12/29/2006 7:32:39 AM Hi Crystal & Lana, I found the second time I read Blind Mirror I enjoyed it much more. Same with Alosha actually. I think being Pike I expect big things from him and on the first read I felt disapointed but came to appreciate them second time around. I too loved the LV series. I know a lot of us list them as our favs on here. I think I truely loved the teenage books more than anything else, although I can say I still loved Spooksville and I must say the last is hard to find. I nearly bought it from the U.K some months back. It would of been around thirteen Australian dollars I should of. It's on ebay rarely but I have seen it. I think I should look into buying it. I wonder if it kind of wrapped up the series. They were great characters. You both def. need to read Alosha but before you do realise it's kind of Spooksville meets Harry Potter sort of. The characters really are great. I found I cried, I laughed, I panicked so it did it's job I guess. Again Happy New Year to all us Pike fans, nice to see some new faces too.
Crystal posts on 12/28/2006 11:59:24 PM Happy New Year to all Christopher Pike fans. I also do not have Blind Mirror and the Alosha series. I do have all the rest, including all of Spooksville except for #23. It seems to be pretty rare, as I have looked several places online for it. I did not like Blind Mirror all that much. I found it too disturbing.
Lana posts on 12/28/2006 7:20:14 PM Wow who would have thought his books would become so hard to find. I started collecting his books when he first got published. The only books of his I don't have are the Blind mirror and the Alosha series. LV was my fav of his though.
gwenz posts on 12/28/2006 6:11:22 PM Hey Amy_Lee hope you had a great Xmas. OUrs was really good, lots of family and food. I feel a total wreck but it was great. Well I finished the Yanti and arh how cruel to leave it like that. Now let's wait another year to find what has happened to Ali. I was like you have to be kidding, torture.Very different from the first two.A little more complicated and you really need to think whose who in the worlds.But I couldnt' put it down and I'm hanging for the next book already. Think I might re-read it with Kristen although she loved the first two I really think this one is going to confuse her. You really should get these books Amy _Lee I know Angus and Robertson will order them in for like fifteen dollars less than I paid for The Yanti but Alosha and The Shaktra are like twelve dollars now. You gotta read them. Well have a great New Year all. Let's get this place happening again.
Renesha posts on 12/24/2006 11:43:46 AM could some1 explian 2 me wut the book the season of passage is about
S Singh posts on 12/20/2006 4:07:02 PM Yes, Gwenz is right, most LV books are expensive..I just bought 1-4 from EBay and I'm trying to find 5 & 6 myself. My advice is to just keep searching around (especially on Ebay) and at some point someone's guaranteed to put it up for sale.
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