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gwenz posts on 9/19/2008 8:16:45 AM Hey Amy_Lee great to see you posting. Hope the move went okay and your all unpacked. I'm so rapt I managed to find The Witche's Gift tonight in the U.K years later lol. I can't tell you how excited I am. I know sad ha ha. Got it for eight dollars with postage from England. I think the photo of Pike was from a cover of one of his earlier books when I went on the net in images I found it myself. Haven't heard anything on the movie at all. If he would just get his myspace up and running like he said we could all find a lot more out. Seems like Nemi won't be coming anytime soon sadly. We've nearly finished The Yanti, was hoping to before end of the term but gives them something to look forward to after holidays. I still get a kick of going into Collins bookstores and seeing his books again. About time too.
Amy_Lee posts on 9/16/2008 5:24:04 AM oh thats awesome gwenz, glad you got a response, i have been in the middle of moving places lately so i haven't been able to respond as quickly as i like. Let me know on the progress of the book and if there are any new ones due out soon. Hey you were saying in one of the lasts posts that you saw a picture of christopher pike recently, what does he look like now? do you know where i could see a picture of him somewhere around here? Cheers
gwenz posts on 9/15/2008 8:54:57 PM received this from Tor Books. Least we know now. Hi Gwen: We're so glad you liked the books! The next book isn't finished yet, so there's no projected release date. Sorry about that! Hopefully we'll see it soon! Torie Atkinson Editor

gwenz posts on 9/11/2008 7:07:43 AM I've emailed Pike's publishers to see if there is any word on Nemi being released. Maybe we should all email via numbers help.
gwenz posts on 9/1/2008 7:06:04 PM Hey Amy_Lee great to see you posting. Tell me about it. Schools. You wouldn't believe half the things brought up. Heck, we've even had Christmas and Easter near taken from the kids. Everything is about religion and upsetting certain faiths. It's got out of hand. Kids are loving The Shaktra only a couple of chapters left. I'm so loving reading it again myself. No I never did find Withe's Gift, well no I did but they wanted over fifty U.S dollars which I wasn't paying. Not even for Pike, that's just crazy. I should of tried harder when that bidder bid against me lol. If only I had my snipe programme then lol. One day. I have been googling a lot on the Alosha movie and I can't find anything out. You should email him Amy_Lee and try and get some into from him. I actually saw the first picture of him last week, I always wondered what he looked like since he has a pen name. One of the kids brought it in after finding it for their fav. author web quest. I got a tad excited lol. I wish he'd get himself a myspace or something where we could ask him things. I think it's about time he did.
Amy_Lee posts on 8/26/2008 7:36:33 PM hey there great to see everyone posting. Gwenz that is frickin ridiculous that teachers are so worried about reading a children's fantasy book in class is going to disrupt their education, what is this world coming to hey. I think they are very priveledge to have you read it to them, i just wish more teachers would read his books in class. I think after you read them the alosha series, you should read them the spooksville ones to, hey did you end up getting a copy of his last book the witches gift anywhere since i beat you to it on ebay lol!
gwenz posts on 8/22/2008 8:09:37 PM What a great surprise. I went into our plaza bookshops last night and both had Pike books. I couldn't believe it. It's been years. The LV series has been re-released in three books ( each contains two novels ) for just under $16 which is pretty great. She also said a lot of his books are on re-issue and will be available on the shelves before long. About time! Hey Ben, welcome to the board. I think a lot of us were hooked after LV. Nemi won't be out for a long time. Going to kill us all the wait but with the movie of Alosha in the works they've held it back. I might add I can't find anything on this movie. If anyone has Pike's email can they email him for some info. I've lost his email. As for Dean Koontz, I should read more of his books as they do have a Pike feel and I really liked the one I read.
Benjamin Willson posts on 8/22/2008 8:22:25 AM I read the last vampire series when i was a kid, when it came out and it opened my eyes to what reading could do to the imagination. I was never a big reader, but reading "Witch" and "Sati" to name a couple, made me want to read more from this wonderful author "Christopher Pike". I am now 28, i just ventured out into the world of adult novels starting with "Dean Koontz" and then i stumble upon "Alosha" and i read it quickly, along with "Shaktra" and i am currently reading "Yanti"... i don't want it to end, please make more... finish the series, now that i like to read i want to read more PIKE!!! I love the Alosha series! ! !
gwenz posts on 8/12/2008 8:50:05 PM Hey Amy_Lee how's things? They are lucky I've read it to them as one of the leaders has critised me for doing so.They took it and read it and then gave it the okay. School I tell you.Since Harry Potter they act so ridiculous in my mind. They worry the parents are going to jump on the band wagon. Anyway I had the kids in their elements and we started The Shaktra. I had to send home notices to make sure parents were okay with it. It's a kids series! I'm loving reading it to them. Their expressions and thoughts are amazing. I think Pike should visit our classroom. I wish. It's amazing how older teachers react with things like this I've found. Even the senior teachers in their late thirties. I think to myself I'll never allow myself to act the way some of them do regarding literacy books when I'm their age. All I know is I have a class of kids loving Pike. I just hope for my sake they don't come in with any of his teen titles. It's amazing reading them all again, how you forget parts and like you I want to re-read Falling again myself, brilliant book. I just hope Nemi doesn't take forever. Anyone heard anything new on Alosha the movie?
Amy_Lee posts on 8/5/2008 5:36:27 AM Awesome, i remember when i was a kid i use to love when my teacher read a book to us every afternoon, your students are very lucky i would of been over the moon to have a teacher read that book to me. I think the next book of pike i will read is the midnight club i haven't read it yet. I will definitely have to read the alosha trilogy again and falling.
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