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shaniah posts on 10/26/2006 4:03:07 PM hey all! i've been a reader for many years and with the anticipation of falling i decided to do a little surfing and found this place. its great to be around other fans :)
Amy_Lee posts on 10/26/2006 3:53:57 AM Hey Gwenz no i haven't talked to Pike yet, might email him soon, i've just been heaps busy with work and uni. I've seen up to season 2 episode 7 on Prison Break now, it is awesome hey you have to watch the next season.
gwenz posts on 10/24/2006 7:13:59 PM Hi Jessica, It was sadly never released. Has anyone ever emailed Pike regarding this one. I'll have to find his email again. At least he answers. Did you ever email him again Amy_Lee?

jessica posts on 10/22/2006 1:17:09 PM i want to know where i can get part two of the cold one
gwenz posts on 10/17/2006 6:47:43 PM hey Amy_Lee I realised it was you. I think I've forgotten my name a few times too. 51 books wow not bad. Mind you most of those were released ages ago sadly. Imagine if he'd kept it up. Does anyone know what happened to Pike. I mean he was huge and then nothing for years. I just wondered if it was the publishing company or his personal life. How great were the days of seeing his books in shops. You can add Falling in Feb. I look forward to that one. I think I might get The Yanti for Xmas. I've decided forty dollars is forty dollars. Although I may cave as I'm desperate to read it. I haven't seen that movie although I heard it's really good. I'd like to though. I love a great movie. I bet you'll enjoy the concert Jan. Gosh the last concert I went to was Avril and that was great. Or maybe it was Hilary Duff with Kristen I cant' remember. Been awhile though. Did you ever send for The Witches gift we really need to add that to our read list don't we.
Amy_Lee posts on 10/14/2006 7:01:35 PM that was my post just under forgot to put my name!
posts on 10/13/2006 5:46:46 AM Hey gwenz good to see your still around. I love evanescence they are coming to Australia in February i am so there hey you should book a ticket for her show you won't be dissapointed. I have a list of all the christopher pike books on my computer, i just counted the ones that are released i am up to 51, i am not to sure what else is released now but i have up to the Yanti on there, that is not including the spooksville series which was also about 24 more. Let me know gwenz if you know any of his new releases besides alosha and i'll add it to my list. Actually i just went and saw the D Wears Prada last night with a friend, it was awesome i recommend you go see it. Even though it portrays such a bad image to young girls, it makes you want to starve yourself to a size 6 and wear nothing but designer clothes. It was funny i loved it. Cheers
posts on 10/11/2006 7:12:09 PM does anyone know how many books christopher pike has written
posts on 10/11/2006 5:35:48 PM Hey Amy_Lee. I bet the cd is great. She has such a unique and amazing voice. I really love their sound.Gosh I hardly buy cd's these days. Unless I really like someone. I usually dl them. I know naughty me. What's the last movie you saw at the cinemas. Mine was Material Girls, took Kristen it was okay, nothing great but she loved it. Also saw Monster House that was kind of cool. As for Christopher Pike's email Amy_Lee can probably help you there. I can't think where I put it. If you go onto a main forum you will get it. Hint type in Pike fan sites and it usually comes up. As for The Seedling I doubt we'll ever see it, maybe someone should email him on that one.
posts on 10/9/2006 1:43:20 AM What ever happened to Seedling? It was listed as one of his adult novels, but I have never found it.
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