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Amy_Lee posts on 3/7/2008 4:42:05 AM Hey lisa that is fantastic that you ordered it you won't be disappointed believe me. Its the best books i have read since the alosha trilogy, james moloney is brilliant, he is actually from Brisbane, not far from where i live. My favourite all time books were the Vampire trilogy of Pike's, until i read the alosha trilogy which i absolutely have fell inlove with, alosha books would have to be my favourite books now. What's your all time favourite book? The book of lies is very different from what he usually writes, everything else that i have seen of his is nothing like those books, however i think he should write more adventure books like those. I went into the bookshop the other day and i have ordered The Falling so hopefully it should not take any longer than a month for it to arrive from the states.
Lisa posts on 3/7/2008 2:01:30 AM Hey Amy_Lee- I just ordered The Book of Lies By James Maloney. The sequel isn't released yet here. Not that I see anyway. So I will have to wait for it! They shipped my order today, so it should be here in a few days. I will let you know what I think! Thanks.
Amy_Lee posts on 3/3/2008 6:06:43 AM Sweet thanks gwenz i will look on fishpond and see what products are available. So the website has direct debit facilities that would be handy because i dont have a credit card. I went travelling along the queensland coast, stayed in brisbane for a while and goldcoast a bit. I went to Australia Zoo which is absolutely amazing and went to Wet and Wild Theme park very awesome. So you and Lisa reccomend the Falling hey? I will definitely get into ordering that and reading it now that it is available in paperback. Hey Lisa another awesome author is an Australian author called James Maloney, he has released two very incredibly amazing books 'the book of lies' and 'master of the books' which is the sequel to book of lies. I really suggest you getting them, and especially you gwenz since he is an Australia author he would be alot easier for you to access him, his books are even at my local library. Cheers Amy_Lee

Lisa posts on 3/2/2008 2:58:38 PM Hi ladies! Its nice to meet you Amy_Lee. I am glad you came back on so soon Gwenz! I am thrilled that you loved FALLING. I am going to re-read it again too. I read it a year ago. I think its time to read it again! Have you guys ever read Janet Evanovich? She is a great author. She writes books that aren't really serious. Sort of Bubble gum books if you know what I mean. But they are faboulous! If you can, get ONE FOR THE MONEY and start there. She has different series, but her Stephanie Plum ones are the best. There are 15 of them. You won't regret picking up her books. Maybe you can just get them from the library to see if you like them. TWO FOR THE DOUGH is the second one. Let me know if you have read her. My new job is going fine. Its the same as always, back breaking work. It can be rewarding though. I hope you gals keep in touch! Take care of yourselves! ~Lisa
gwenz posts on 3/2/2008 5:44:10 AM Hey girls, home alone and thought I'd grab a few moments to come and see if you had posted and both of you had. Hey Amy_Lee you been missed so much. Hey Lisa how's things?Where have you been travelling Amy_Lee? Lucky you. I so need a holiday. How's the new job coming along Lisa, enjoying it? Amy_Lee you have to get Falling it is sooo good. Lisa I loved it so much, I am going to re-read it again. Gosh it would end a chapter and I was sure I knew what was going to happen and blow me down time and time again it proved me wrong. Some great twists in there and I so loved all the characters the way it all connected with them all and Acid man a pretty freaky character if there ever was one. I'm hoping Pike is still writing as it's given me a whole new passion for his writing. So different from Alosha:the way he can write kids, young adult and adult books and make them so so different is amazing. The best book I've read since the Alosha series but the best thriller type one in a long time. A must read for all Pike fans, so much better than Blind Mirror. That could of been great but I hated the end. Amy_Lee if you can't get it at your local bookshop fishpond has it and postage is only $5 and that's from the U.S in our money best on line shop I've found you can pay paypal and direct debit from your band account, don't need a credit card and it's Australian and cheap. Hopefully I'll pop on say once a week and see if you posted. Have a great week both of you.
Amy_Lee posts on 3/2/2008 4:19:05 AM Hey there sorry for the late reply gwenz, have not been on the net for a while, i took a break and went travelling and since i got back i have been non stop working long hours before uni starts back again. How have you been? i see from your last posting you won't be on here for a while doesn't matter. Also how is the Falling book? Now that you mentioned it, i might go order it at the local bookstore tommorrow, sounds really good. Hi Lisa nice to see other people on here posting. Regards Amy_Lee
Lisa posts on 2/29/2008 4:51:43 AM Hey Gwenz! I am so glad that you loved the book! I guess it was worth the wait. Sorry it took me so long to write back. I started a new job and I have been so busy with that. I finally come on and now you are leaving me! I look forward to hearing from you so much! I am going to miss you! I hope that you come back really, really soon! Please write me as soon as your back! Take care of yourself. I'm going to miss you! ~Lisa
gwenz posts on 2/27/2008 11:18:19 PM Loved, loved the book. Taking a break from the net for a bit. I've joined a gym and made a pack with hubby no more net for awhile. Hopefully this place will still be around when I come next. Bye to Amy_lee and Lisa takecare
gwenz posts on 2/20/2008 6:49:53 AM Hey Lisa, seriously I am loving this book so much. Sadly I've had car trouble and been at my sisters all day without the book. I'm up to around chapter 9 and honestly I can't get over how good it is. It's brilliant so far. So many twists and how the characters are becoming connected. Acid Man one seriously mad lunatic pretty graphic in my mind those chapters and Matt with Amy and Kelly piecing things together. I'm loving it. I'm about to go and read more. It does have a Silence of The Lambs feel to it. So far it's like Pike of old is back. I'll let you know when I've read more. I'm a tad worried about putting spoilers on here as people may not have read it hence my wording. So far ten out of ten.
Lisa posts on 2/19/2008 4:29:06 AM Dear Gwenz! Yay! I am so happy that you got the book. And that you are reading it! I can not wait to see AMERICAN GANGSTER which comes out on DVD today. (tuesday) That has Denzel Washington in it. I love Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, Dakota Fanning, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicholas Cage, Sally Field, and Julia Roberts. I am sure that there are more than that though! I just love to watch movies. The movie I was watching is actually older on DVD. It came out last year. It was good though. It had Samuel L. Jackson in it. Well, Happy Readings! Talk to you soon!
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