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gwenz posts on 2/18/2008 5:48:19 AM Hey Lisa, I got it. Yeah... I was so excited it actually came from New Zealand of all places, a shock to see the address being that. I've only read the first chapter and it has the old Pike feel. I know it's going to be where I can't put it down. Just popped Krissy to bed and I'm going to sit myself down and enjoy. I shall let you know where I'm up to and what I think. My first surprise was the quality of the book, I've never known such a cheap quality paperback, all recycled paper, not that, that is bad and the cover was very thin but a friend in the U.S said same cover etc. over there. Still it's the words true. I like Matt's character although his revenge boarders on craziness to me but hey it's only first chapter so I can't wait to see how it all ties together with the serial killer etc. I'm not working at the moment, my back is playing up big time. I fell down my stairs oh pain. I can imagine your job would be so rewarding and really hard but what a giving profession. I've never heard of that movie is it new to the movies or dvd? Gosh fav. movies Harry Potter of course lol. Besides them I like such randomly different movies. I love A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore. I love a good cry. Don't like to be scared too much although when I was a teen I loved horror now it just freaks me out. I love a good comedy Knocked Up and Chuck & Larry was really funny. But I also like thrillers or something with a twist. Even kids movie, yes I know sad I watched Mean Girls and Aquamarine with my daughter and enjoyed them heaps. Quite often her movies are better than mine. I love certain actors in movies. I will watch their movies just for them like Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford and I'm sure there is heaps more, just can't think. Not to say I like everyone they do but I know it will be a pretty good movie. Who are your fav. actors? Gosh you are doing brilliantly hearing from CP. He's pretty good at emailing back it's like I so want him in a chat room so I can ask him all sorts of questions and talk about his books and characters. That would be brilliant. You should ask him. Anyway I'm off to read. Shall let you know what I think.
Lisa posts on 2/18/2008 12:31:36 AM Hey Gwenz. You didn't offend me, don't worry. I know what you meant and I am even happy that you are worried about me. Its all good. I don't know the details of HOW you ordered FALLING but its a holiday here tomorrow and there is no mail moving, so I hope that doesn't effect you getting the book. I think that you ordered it from the states, right? But you will probably get it UPS or FED EX or something and I think that they are still open. Anyway. I won't be getting any mail Monday, thats for sure! So do you work? What kind of work do you do? (If you don't mind me asking) I am a C.N.A. which is a certified nurse's assistant. I would love to get out of the medical field, but I can't find anything that pays as much! Sometimes I like my job, other times I HATE it. I have been doing it for about 4 years and I have been trying to get out of it for about a year and a half. Its super physical and back breaking work. I am just sick of really working my butt off. So, I watched the movie: Black Snake Moan. I really liked it. I'm not sure why- its a sort of weird and twisted movie. But maybe thats why I did like it. It was different. What are a few of your favorite movies? Did I ask you that already? I don't remember you telling me. I e-mailed C.P. and I asked him if there was anywhere one could send copies of his books to be signed by him and he said that he is working on that and that I should ask him again in 2 months. So I am really excited about that. It will cost a ton in postage if I try to get ALL of his books signed, but I am thinking that it would be worth it. It would probably take forever to get them back! My boyfriend sent one of his die cast cars to be signed by his favorite NASCAR driver and it took a little over a year for the guy to finally sign it and send it back. So Joe had to wait awhile for his car! But he said it was worth it of course. So I guess I would do it. Would you?? I hope all is well for you. You've got to let me know the minute you get FALLING. I am going to jump for joy! I can't wait for you to get it and for you to get a chance to start reading it. I really want to know if you like it or not. And I want to chat with you about it!!! Our own little book club I guess. Well, I hope to hear from you soon. I hope that you had a nice weekend!
gwenz posts on 2/15/2008 5:43:29 PM Hey Lisa, still no falling. I've emailed them to find out what is going on. Strange to have one book I ordered at the same time and not Falling. Typical the one I want the most. I'll probably have to wait until Monday before they get back to me. No I don't have my space,my daughter has although I set it on private and monitor it. That's what Mums do lol. Prison Break how could I forget that. I so love it big time. I love The Biggest Loser and Bob and Jillian. In fact Bob I really like inserts wink ha ha. Our series just started about three weeks back and four members got sent to L.A to train with Bob and Jillian, they are the black team. Great twist. Normally they come over but with doing Couples at the same time couldn't so at least we still have them. I also like Ghost Whisperer but they chop and change it so often I forget when it's on. Same with ER the ratings are really poor so they do the same. Drives me crazy.I thought of taking up roller skating with my daughter but cutting a long story short we haven't but maybe in the future. Hope I didn't upset you with my taking advantage of comment. You're just too nice that's all, great to have you on the boards. Well hopefully Falling arrives Monday and we can start discussing it. Have a great weekend

Lisa posts on 2/15/2008 12:45:56 AM Hey Gwenz! Don't get me wrong, I don't do nice things for EVERYONE! I am not rich or dumb. No one takes advantage of me. So, don't worry about that! I don't do it ALL the time. Just once in awhile. So, I am very sad that you haven't gotten FALLING. I know that you want to read it when you are not busy, but I think it would be nice for you to finally get it, so you can just pick it up and read it whenever you want to. Its taking forever and I am probably as anxious as you are for you to get the darn book! (smiley face here) I love T.V. also. I watch MEDIUM too. I also watch The Biggest Loser, Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Ghost Whisperer, Reaper, Prison Break, and Brothers and Sisters. Do you have all those shows there? I am guessing that you must. I watch alot of t.v. but don't get me wrong, I do other stuff as well. I have a TIVO so I can record alot and then watch all my shows when I am not busy. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to watch anything because I work 3-11. So I would miss everything. So I LOVE my TIVO!!! I also love to read (of course) and go bowling and I love roller skating (believe it or not) I don't go to a rink. I got a new pair of roller skates last September and I always go outside and skate down the street and I go around the neighborhood. I take my MP3 player and I just go for a spin!! You are probably laughing at me right now. What other things do you do? I am sure that you are busy with your daughter. I don't have kids of my own, but I spend alot of time with my 3 year old nephew. Do you have MySpace? Let me know! I am so glad that we started chatting. Thanks for writing to me!!!
gwenz posts on 2/14/2008 5:41:24 AM Hey Lisa, your much too generous. I hope people don't take advantage of you as you're so giving. If I asked you to get something I'd be paying for it. I thankyou so much for your offer but it's just how I feel but thankyou so much. Falling still hasn't come. I can't believe it I checked the shipping dates and it says expect delivery between 11-17 so that's up to next Monday. Probably lucky I haven't had it yet I've been so, so busy and I would like to savour every moment lol. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm off to watch Lost. I'm a bit of a tv junkie my all time fav is 24. Jack Bauer is my man ha ha. Then I also love Heroes and Desperate Housewives which I only got back into as I had them downloaded and thought may as well watch it and it's great again. Also like Medium. Thankfully the writer's strike is over and we may get more of them back on telly. What are your favourite tv shows?
Lisa posts on 2/12/2008 9:37:44 PM Hey Gwenz. The offer is always open, so if you can't find a certain book, let me know. Its no problem, honestly. I donate a bunch of money to charity & usually when I get my income tax returs, I write my friends checks for like $50.00 if I know that they are in need of some money. Not that I am saying that your a charity case or anything. All I am saying is that when I have the extra money, I LOVE helping people. I love getting people things that they love, for no good reason. I love doing stuff like that especially when its not a holiday or whatever. So, I would love to get you a few books since you have to pay a ton for some of them and you can't find alot of them. So I hope that you change your mind!!! Maybe I could get you a few of the Adult books? Brand new here they are only $6.99 or something. Think about it. If you say no, I'll stop bugging you about it! But really, I would be happy to. So, anyway. I am very sad that you did not get FALLING yet. I think that is terrible. There is always tomorrow, I guess. Can't you look up the status of your order or anything and track it to see where it is? I hope that the ALOSHA movie actually happens. I think that you are absolutly right about if the movie is a hit, everyone will have his books again. I don't know if you know how the whole movie thing works, but if ALOSHA were to do well and gross enough money, that would guarentee that he could do a sequel to it. Thats how Hollywood decides on whether or not to do sequels. If any movie bombs in the box office, they won't do a sequel to it. I just recently found that out. So, let me know about the adult novels and then I can just get them for you as a Birthday present. When is your Birthday anyway?? Talk to you soon.
gwenz posts on 2/12/2008 5:43:09 PM Hi Lisa, thanks for the offer but I couldn't ask that of you. I'm happy to get them for my birthday. I actually think they are good priced for brand new. It's great they are re-releasing some of his old books and so they should. They should be in our book stores. He is actually an independent author now so my book stores says that's why they don't stock him.I mean hello is that crazy. He's published, he's going through a publisher so I think they are incorrect with that info. I always nag them to start stocking him but it's not going to happen. Maybe with Alosha the movie it may make the books hit the shops again. We can hope. I can see myself being this little old lady and still re-reading them. Sad hey. I had every single one of his books except a couple of Spooksville ones & LV ones. I think I probably borrowed a couple from the library so maybe not all of them but close once upon a time, people borrowed them over the years and without me realising it never returned most of them. My niece was the worst. She only recently found about half a dozen of them from several years ago. Lucky I adore her. I think my sister may have some also. I did find some under my stairs when we moved but I haven't one of the adult ones which I'd love to re-read. I think I might start gradually building up his library again as on ebay some of the books go super cheap. I'm hoping Falling arrives today.The other book I ordered came yesterday. They sent them seperately. I got so excited for nothing ha ha. As it was a pre-order I think it's coming from the States, although I ordered it locally online but only paid $5 post for both books and they've sent them separate so I can't complain. Hopefully today. Thanks again for the offer Lisa, it was really nice of you.
Lisa posts on 2/11/2008 9:43:42 PM Hey Gwenz!!! You know that I can get the LV series used for super cheap. I can't promise that they would be in perfect shape, but just to read, ya know? I can get each book for like a quarter. I could send them to you. I wouldn't mind at all. I could of probably gotten FALLING to you faster than Amazon too. (I think thats where you ordered it from) Think about it and let me know. If you want, e-mail me your address and I will get some books to you. I may even have doubles laying around. It would be no trouble at all. You said that you never read #5? Thats such a shame. E-mail me all the ones that you don't have and I can see what I can find. It will give me a great excuse so that I get to go to the bookstore. Let me know. I am very happy to help out. Let me know.
gwenz posts on 2/11/2008 5:50:49 PM Hey Lisa, I wrote down your email address. Good if the boards get taken down too. Do you ever post on the larger Pike site. They have heaps of topics and discussions. I did years back I should take myself back there. I guess once these boards are down I will. Falling hasn't arrived. It's killing me. Although at the moment I so want to read LV big time but that will have to wait. Gosh I miss the days when I could just walk into a book shop and he'd have his own section on the shelves. Today they don't even know whom I'm talking about. So annoying. The only movie I didn't really like JD in was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It wasn't him as such it was the whole movie. Grew up with the original and just didn't like it at all. But gosh he's a brilliant actor. A tad eccentric I think. Yes I will have to watch the movies. I did start once I think and couldn't handle it but I've been told by so many people I have to watch them. May be a bit like the HP books the first three are a bit kiddier and of course they were aimed at kids but after that gosh I loved them big time. I've never cried so much in a book as I did in number 6 & 7 I had a lump in my throat & couldn't breath ha ha. I know very sad but it's like through the movies you see the characters in your mind whilst reading. I so hope Falling arrives today. I'm hanging out to get my hands on it.
Lisa posts on 2/9/2008 9:14:10 PM Hey Gwenz. I knew you were going to tell me to read and watch the Harry Potter's. Everyone keeps yelling at me! I will though, I promise. Maybe you should watch the Pirates and I will read the H.P. books. Deal? I also love Johnny Depp and I own just about all his movies on DVD. I also own a bunch of Stephen King DVD's and of course ALL of his books. Maybe I could have your e-mail address in case this bored closes? You can have mine if you want. Its car 20 grl@ There are no spaces in that. Its one whole word. This bored won't let me post it because its too long. I hope you got that. I am really glad that we started writing to each other. I look forward to signing on-line and checking this board to see if you wrote me back yet! Thanks for that. Maybe you can try to e-mail me and see if that works. I hope that you get FALLING on monday. I don't know how long it will take you to read, but my hardcover copy has 368 pages. So there will probably be more pages in the softcover because it is a smaller book. I hope that when you e-mail me, it works. I will e-mail you back if it DOES work. I look forward to hearing from you. I will get on those H.P. books too! Talk to you soon.
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