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tonice willie posts on 11/9/2007 11:39:40 AM well i think sister souljah should write a novel about how teenages fall in love at a young age and cant get over thatt personn who has left them 4 someone else after going threw everything with this person i mean keep the same foucus like her other novels but just go futher in that reality and still being young and in love i mean not to caught up on love but more about it just keep the same theam going like in her other novels
cournisha posts on 11/3/2007 7:27:54 PM I just got done reading the book It was great! I have to admit, I am a BIG Zane fan, and that was all I was reading. One of my friends told me about this book and I was blown away!!! It hit so close to home with me. Almost everyone who grew up in the hood knows a Winter and her family. It has been the best book i read so far. I cant wait until 2008 when the second one hits the shelves.
rodly posts on 9/21/2007 12:00:16 PM ironic that i am a college student, but i hate reading. never did the whole reading for enjoyment thing. (med school is going to kill me lol)... but my wife started reading to me, and she choose to start off with this book. LOOOVE It. grew-up up north and i just KNOW the vibe. Sister's illustrations were matched to places ive been, people ive seen and known. i AB-SO-LUTE-LY could not believe the end of this book. makes me wonder, in the sequel, will it mostly be about her life in jail? or will she be out with the very first sentence? what will happen to Porsche? will she end up like her older sister? Will Midnight be in the sequel? will Santiaga ever break down? Will she ever meet Bullet again? will Sister let us know who was the father of the aborted baby? will she be like "Sister Soulja (character in the book)?" soooo many questions!!

truelibra posts on 7/28/2007 6:57:27 PM This is definitly the best book out there. And I can't wait for the sequel to come out next year. I was starting to give up on the fact that there would ever be a sequel, because it took so long. But I can't wait til next year.
sam posts on 7/9/2007 9:43:07 AM there is a release date for the 3 best book in the world after the bible and the coldest winter ever. this is goona be a good one i can already tell!!!!
Kavon posts on 7/4/2007 10:13:43 AM I read this book at the age of 11 and I felt sad for Winter cause she had to date upcoming drug dealers to get by but she was very independent and she didnt have to depend on any one and I loved that about I just cant wait for the second book cuz Im now 15 and I can buy it thanks for producing a black book for these wite people to talk about.
Lakisha posts on 6/19/2007 10:47:16 PM If the movie at all does the book justice,then it and all involved with it will definitely be oscar-worthy. This is by far one of the best books I've ever read and I cannot wait to read the sequel and watch the movie.
Andrea George (Huntsville, AL) posts on 6/19/2007 3:06:22 PM The Coldest Winter Ever was and still is the most powerful book that I have ever read. You are a true novelist who has earned a mass of respect from all over the world with this book. I love to read books and I read often, but after this, I can't get my mind right to read and fully enjoy other books. I am greatly anticipating the movie and the sequel. You continue to touch the world with your GREATNESS! Also, I think that Tyrese should play MIdnight; Vivica A. Fox-the mother; Meagan Goode-WINTER; and Terrence Howard-the father. That would be wonderful!!!
Anonymous posts on 5/19/2007 12:55:22 AM Davetta Sherwood or Jennifer Freeman should be considered for the part of Winter.
miz ojibwe posts on 5/9/2007 5:04:18 PM i think should play winter is eve she is old skool but yah she do?
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