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ToniRoni posts on 10/11/2009 6:31:50 PM I read this book and enjoyed it...Many need to realize that Sister Souljah is only letting readers know how other cultures see "US" ..African Americans..After reading the book I thought about how sex and teens, marriage and just moral things are accepted here...I get it and appreciate the message...
KaylaD07 posts on 10/9/2009 9:48:14 PM I kept reading this book to find out how did Midnight get hookes up with Ricky Santiago. The only thing I can see is that they both have strong family values. If they bought their house outright how did he get mixed up in the drug game? What happend why he went to jail? Didn't his preious Umma go to jail in CWE? For sneaking in drugs becaue they threatended to rape him again? What happens with Akemi? Because as I remember he had a black gil he was feeling real hard in CWE, I think they got together in he end of CWE. I just don't see how this character turns into the Midnight from CWE? And all the questions I had about him in CWE were not answered after reading this very long book. Th book itself was good though. African Americans need to look at themselves in the mirrow. Not every culture is fond of tight clothes wearing biity shaking women. We are always so quick to tease and make fun of the women who are covered from head to toe. At least now I understand that they are saving their beauty to be admired by those who love them enough to be comitted to them.
Pershetta posts on 9/23/2009 7:40:08 PM I’ve just finished reading Sister Souljah’s Midnight, I am an avid reader , and dedicated fan of Sister Souljah; but, must honestly say that I am utterly disappointed in this read , I read page into page believing the plot would thicken only to discover and affirm that, It is far less intriguing than what I anticipated, this long awaited novel is a boring and elongated storyline that NEVER ultimately reaches a pivotal climax.. Souljah’ weaves in and out of sub-storylines which are vague and leave much to be resolved or concluded by the reader. I was floored by the lack of regard, insinuations and generalizations made towards, Black / African American Women in America by Midnight, as well as the implications directed towards Christianity and respected faiths outside Islam/Muslim. I would hardly reverence ‘Midnight as a prequel to TCWE, which captivated its readers from start to finish.. I feel mislead, cheated , and insulted at the careless compilation Souljah has thrown to her readers after years of anticipation....I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone and pray I can locate my receipt to return it..

ardena jones posts on 9/22/2009 4:39:36 PM after, I have read the book. I destroy it so no one else would be able to read it. the most part that disturbed me the put down of a black man putting black girls down when they were the cause of what black girls are. black men made them out to be.and what the black boys fail to realize if, they knew their history they would see the male blacks are the cause of the problem and those none black women and girls were part of their ancestor actions towards black girls and women.
brownskin posts on 9/22/2009 2:43:25 AM Midnight was okay but I didn't like how Sister Souljah was critizing american lifestyle.It felt like she was stereotyping all american's by supposely how we live life. Also she was discriminating aganist the gay,lesbian and transgendered communitys.I just wasn't pleased with the outcome of this book. The Muslim culture have their flaws too. If They live their lives by allah, isn't it immoral to have more than one wife. Midnight praised his father, but his father had a couple wives.
deanna posts on 9/14/2009 10:21:30 PM i think your books are really hot. i can relate to winter so well giving the fact i was born and raised on the south side of chicago which is pretty much like the neighborhood. cant wait till your next book comes out.
brt posts on 9/13/2009 9:11:00 PM to any who reads this do you know if there is going to be a midnight 2
Whitney posts on 8/26/2009 4:43:46 PM I just finished reading Midnight. I must say not what I expected, but I felt she did a good job expressing a foreign man with strong religious beliefs and what he must deal with in America. Although I didn't grow up in the projects I was an inner city girl and have to agree at the looseness of the American female. I hope this is a set up for a sequel to Midnight as too many questions were left unanswered. I felt if I was going to read 500 pages it should have had all the answers. The porsche I beleive belongs to Ricky Santiago. (RS in the head rest). I was hoping to see how he came into play. Oh well, I am still a fan Sistah Souljah! Please don't wait ten years to do this again.
petty posts on 8/6/2009 4:12:46 PM I read both books & love them both. sista souljah did a good job. for those of who are mad because this wasn't a sequel to CWE should appreciate that this book Midnight has a lot of messages if you pay attention. I'm a muslim my self & i though some of the thinks that were in the book were pretty good but i admit i didnt like the killing (murdering) of the two men that wasn'r necessary at all. over all, i enjoyed reading & couldnt actual put it down it was that intresting & simple. i see some ppl are saying how can he do all that because of his age you getta remember that the age we here consider too yonge is the age childeren in some parts of the world are given responsibilities such as taking care of younger sibilings or getting married at yonge age so, those kind of things are normal & besides he was the only that could speak the language so, he took the role of being the Man of the house. i thing it briliantly done!! good job sistasouljah!!
Jaz posts on 8/3/2009 3:50:18 AM I just finished the book Midnight. I read CWE a long while back but thanks to Wikipedia and reading some of the posts I got a nice refresher. Although I am dissapointed in how the story ended and how the heck did he go from getting his family out of Brooklyn to working for old dude in CWE, it did give me an understanding of the Muslim religion and why he was so stand offish to Winter. Yea there were some condradictions with him murdering two dudes but he couldn't bring himself to sleep with the girls that threw themselves at him. But I also understand that he has a lot of conflictions with him being a 14 year old boy having to deal with his beliefs and living in America. I see that alot of yall are upset at how mainly african american girls are portrayed in the story I too feel that there should have been many sides of american girls that Midnight should have been exposed to. Not every girl wants to sleep with every guy she meets, there are trashy white girls, hispanic girls, etc too; some of u have forgotten how the Susanese girls was coming on to him too. Although I think she could have had a girl in the book to set him straight and make him realize that those girls that do act like that are just a product of thier environment, it's not thier fault they were born in the US, if they were brought up in the same up bringing as he was there wouldn't be a problem. But I will not not fault him for his views, they are just that HIS views. And besides IT'S JUST A BOOK!!! Alot of yall need grasp the concept of stepping in someone elses shoes and seeing thier point of view and that is exactly what SS did with Midnight's story, if u don't like it OH WELL, maybe u should tell your own story. I'm pretty sure that however you view something is not the same way someone else views it. All in all I would love to read the sequel to this story, atleast I hope it will be the sequel, and maybe some of her tracks that some people have ever so politely pointed out will be covered up ;-)
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