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Ladytrim posts on 5/25/2009 10:31:54 PM Midnight was not what I expected. I hope the next book does not let me down.
brownsuga posts on 5/22/2009 7:28:14 PM I wasn't expecting a sequel to cwe when I heard of this book as I read the synopsis prior to my purchase. However, I did expect this to tie in to the character midnight frm cwe. At this point I don't see that correlation and how she is going to make that happen with midnight being 14 already. In cwe midnight went to jail at the tender age of 14, but at the end of this book he is planning to go to Japan. Additionally, I thought his strength as a character was a bit over the top for someone so young i.e., the fighting scenes when he was 7 yrs old? Technique or not, he was fighting and beating up boys up to 5 yrs older than him? I have a pretty tough 7 yr old and I know better than that. Not only that SS depicted him as an upstanding Muslim young man, however he committed 2 murders unnecessarily? And the father? Where'd he go? This was a well written novel, but where is the true realism and background. I feel like I was watching a movie in which they do not offer enough background or lacks the character building that makes u bond, hate or relate in a strong way. Not to mention I re-read cwe first to specifically refresh my memory of midnight and to follow it up with this book was just unexpected. I think this is where the disappointment comes in for most. I look forward to the sequel to this book to see how SS builds this Midnight into the cwe Midnight. Hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later unlike cwe.
Alyssa posts on 5/8/2009 10:06:38 PM Seeing through Midnights eyes opened up my mind a lot. I don't understand why people are so angry about Midnight marrying the japanese woman, and not a black woman. I admit I was a little disapointed and even offended at how Midnight looked down on black women so much, but what people are fogetting is that IT'S A BOOK!!!! He's a character, he's fake! And just because he thinks black women are not worthy, does not mean that Sister Souljah feels that way. She's merely showing us his perspective. You need to step outside yourself, open your mind up and see from others eyes. How can you blame Midnight for not wanting a black woman, look at the women he was surrounded by. And the muslim man told him all American women were like that, and why would he believe different, if no one in his life was proving him wrong? Sister Souljah is telling a story through a charecter. You don't have to agree with the character to appreciate the story. I HATED Winter in Coldest Winter Ever. She was shallow, selfish, easy, and depended on everyone else. But I still loved the story she told. I find it funny that everyone becomes defensive when Midnight critiques the moral disarray in black culture, but when Winter glorifies the same things, everyone loves it. I think it says a lot. Why take Midnight not liking black women so personally? He's not real, and your not in the book, so why do you feel he's attacking you?

deni posts on 4/27/2009 8:38:48 PM I enjoyed the book "midnight"but but some of the other postings, I too was dissappointed that he did not love a black women but wanted a Asian woman who couldn't even speak the language. I wanted to know why his family left Sudan; what happened to his father. I was disappoionted because Midnight portrayed a devout Muslin but be still married someone who was not Muslin. I don't even know if she converted to Islam. I wished she could have let him choose from among the many black women that was in the book. To me, she's just emphasizing the fact that "white is better" even if Akemi wasn't white. I was dissappointed but I would like a sequal.
kiara posts on 3/31/2009 6:52:22 PM I believe that the story of midnight was indeed a story that many people ho feel lost in the world morrally should read ...every one has there own oppinions on life and how it "should be" but only God is pefect but i was waiting to see how the first book tied up with the second book my favorite book was the Coldest Winter ever the moral of the story to me was to know in life that there is allways more then what you see and winter was a perfect example of a child being a product of her society i loved the characters and i cant wait to see a film i read this book at a very yong age but re read it when i was old enough to comprehend it and i was impressed and i believe there should be more o the story like abnother blogger said what happenes to her sisters and winter as a whole ....
Shanice Simpson posts on 3/27/2009 4:41:58 PM I am a black 16yr old girl from Queens New York and i loved the book Midnight even though it was totally different from The Coldest Winter Ever it was insightful and i couldn't put it down. Now i know many people did not like the book because of its views towards black women but when you really look at it is the cold hearted truth there are women and girls like that today that act like that. Growing up in America people are set to think like that. I believe its a shame that me only 16 can understand where Sister Souljah is coming from and you grown women are upset because it wasn't like any other old sex book like The Coldest Winter Ever. If you did not like this book i think you seriously need a reality check and step out the box you are living in and be more diverse because there are much bigger and better places and things than America. Even though you have your own beliefs and culture doesn't mean that you cant be open to other things, and I'm not saying to become a Muslim or anything but don't negatively criticize the way Midnight thought because everyone has their own opinions. The only bad thing I can say about this book is the way it ended it was very disappointing but i cant wait until the sequel comes out.
J. Hill posts on 3/22/2009 12:50:48 PM Are you serious? My Black people, some of you all are living in ignorance and illusions. I grew up in North West Washington D.C. for 19 years. All the comments about "Sista Souljah showed women in a bad light", "Midnight bashed our people", "Why couldnt he had a black wife"... GET UP OFF THE BULL! Living in D.C. the way young and "mature" women is shown in this book is exactly how they make themselves come off as. I grew up in a apartment complex, and majority of the young women and "mature" women was far from the graceful pride-filled women you all on here want people to see them as. Stop knocking Sista Souljah for speaking the truth. instead of getting mad at her, get mad at yourselfs and change the way you living, why dont you try and help your peers from looking bad? Our people is always trying to point the finger at people calling them racist, or bashing blacks when on the real we as a people is doing that ourselves better than anyone else. "Midnight" was and is a GREAT book, the character "Midnight" bis an excellent example of what my young brothers should be. Whats wrong about Defending your honor and pride alongside your mothers, sister and wife's? Instead of allowing rap music, movies and television be your role models seek out someone with a head on they shoulders. Shake my head, you all bashing a sister who lacing us with straight wisdom and gems.
Anonymous posts on 3/17/2009 8:36:03 PM LAY OFF SISTER SOULJAH!! The book was hot and I enjoyed it can't wait for the next book keep doing your thing sister
Jessica posts on 3/13/2009 10:47:01 PM SS you did your thing!!!! I loved the book Midnight and can't wait for the sequel. I could'nt even put the book down. and I loved how midnight loved and protected his mother, sister and wife. He is such a young strong black brother. The "coldest winter ever",was a wonderful book. but i'm in love with midnight. Thank you for writing this book and I can't wait for the sequel.
Disappointed posts on 3/11/2009 11:37:13 AM I totally agree with you Stevi! This book was a total disappointment and it was very unrealistic. There were no positive depictions of African American women or men in this book at all. Although I am not naive to the current state of our culture, there are positive role models in our communities who are trying be examples for our youth. Then while she is depicting Midnight as such a righteous young man, he still idolizes a drug dealer with the man he sees driving the Porsche and eating in the restaurant wearing all the expensive clothing and is obviously the leader in his group. Then to have Midnight fall in love and marry an Asian girl was an ultimate blow to our African American families. We are already losing the portrayal of our African American families and then to have the main character marry outside of his race just plays into the stereotype that African American women are not worthy and every other race is better than us. His Asian girlfriend was just as quick to sleep with him when they were alone at her cousin's house as was the African American girl when they were alone at her grandmother's. Sister Souljah did state that she would be writing a sequel and it would be answering all our questions and it would be spoken through Porsche. I was hoping that the sequel would do that and depict more of a positive spin on their lives especially since Midnight had married and adopted the young twin daughters and taken them out of the projects. I would not recommend this book to anyone unless you are looking to learn more about the Muslim faith.
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