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Jenna posts on 6/3/2008 8:42:41 PM To Louisa Eggleton, Resident Scholar: The name of Malcom's daughter is Corrine, not Coleene.
alice posts on 5/19/2008 2:43:53 AM i was 12 when i first read flowers in the attic i loved it so much i read all the other books of the dollanganger sries and after i finished then i read heave i am now 13 and i am up 2 fallen hearts in the casstel saga. cathy and heaven are very much alike, they are both wonderful caring people!!!!!!!!!
Lena posts on 5/17/2008 11:39:35 PM Scattered Leaves, the sequel to Broken Flower, was so very disappointing. It was a guilty pleasure, but what kind of family secret was that? SPOILERS: did it really affect the plot who Jordan's grandmother was? The family secrets used to mean something. Um Chris, sorry about your job.

Christopher posts on 5/16/2008 3:09:27 PM I just lost my second job in less than a month. How was your day? I finished BROKEN FLOWER. There were many good aspects. There was the stereotypical perfect family, big mansion, and grandmother but of course a series of tragic events tare the family apart and bind a brother and sister. Even more tragically the siblings are separated. It had a very unreal fairytale feeling to it like FITA or MY SWEET AUDRINA did. My main problem was that it was very slow moving. The whole story could have been told in only half the space. VCA had the talent to write a true epic in a single book. Niederman seems to drag things on for several books. The sequel boasts more family secrets than FITA. I hope so since there have not been any yet. Dear Ashley, I too did not like the way Joel was made into a villain for no reason. They should have let him rest in peace. I felt the same way about some other villains. I felt sorry for them not frightened of them. A good villain is someone like Olivia or Grandmother Cutler, or Fanny. They have many opportunities to lead good lives but choose to be evil and hurt the innocent.
Anonymous posts on 5/15/2008 3:51:51 PM My Sweet Audrina is also one of my favorite VC books and always was just because it is so unique. Poor mysterious Audrina as she sits wondering what day and what time it is all of the time. Her mother and father are so heartless. I even remember reading that she cannot dress well until she somehow absorbs the first Audrina's memories. How sad. She reminds me of Carrie a little bit in Flowers when Carrie is at the boarding school and is so alone.
Ashley posts on 5/12/2008 7:07:18 PM Yeah I felt bad for Carrie too. It seemed nothing could work out for her and I kept hoping things would. I was so upset when she committed suicide. It was one of the parts that affected me the most in POTW. My Sweet Audrina is actually one of my all time favourite books out of any book I have read. I can re-read that one a lot and not get sick of it. At the moment I am reading Garden of Shadows again. There are a lot on inconsistencies in this book and the other ones. I'm only at the start of it, so once I get further in I'll mention them. But has anyone else noticed? I remember in Flowers in The Attic Corrine called Joel her younger brother, which he wasn't. I kind of hate to see Joel turning into such an evil character too when he was a good character in Garden of Shadows.
Christopher posts on 5/12/2008 4:29:06 PM Dear Lena, I was getting the same feeling from the GEMINI series it was pretty far off and disorganized. INTO THE WOODS was disappointing for me. They could have done a lot more with the heroine. The DeBeers series is stuck in some odd times. I pointed out how there are many historical oddities. The book should take place during the late 60s early 70s but there are references to the Hubble telescope, the USS Cole bombing, the internet and other recent events. Chris was a very heroic character in FLOWERS. He saved them and did everything he could to help the others. He made Cathy feel loved. She fully acknowledged her only happy moments during their entire imprisonment were with Chris. But like Cathy, Chris changed in POTW. Chriss optimism vanished after they went two weeks without food. He was never the same. The reason he came across as annoying in POTW was because Cathy would not embrace their love. She was stubbornly determined to make herself miserable. She was trying very hard to get him to hate her, which could never happen. This just made her miserable as she was jealous of her dancer friend in New York, whats her name Yolanda? Chris was far less heroic in POTW. He should have sought revenge on the Foxworths. Violent revenge. His best admirable scene was when he stood up for Cathy after the Christmas ballet.
Lena posts on 5/5/2008 7:46:46 PM The premise of the Gemini series is about a mother who has twins, and has many New Age beliefs, and claims to see spirits and stuff. When one of here twins dies, she forces the girl twin to take on his identity. It was WAY out there [in a bad way], and I didn't like it one bit. Regarding Annie and Luke, Jr.'s relationship in GOP, I think it could have been handled better. It just wasn't a believable romance, though it could have been if some changes had been made. I was upset that Heaven died. I really wanted her alive and so we could at least see her tell Annie the truth, versus her find out from just Tony and Troy. I'm currently reading Into The Woods. I'm at the part where Jackie Lee begins dating Winston. It's been OK so far, just a little boring. Is the De Beers series stuck in time? It appears so. So about Cathy, she wasn't a necessarily different person in POTW, just a traumatized person. I didn't like Chris. Did anybody else think he was annoying?
Christopher posts on 5/5/2008 4:44:40 PM Dear Lena I am 30. Dear Ashley I agree that Cathy seemed like two different people in FITA she was so courageous and caring for everyone, but in POTW she was a different person. I felt the most sorry for Carrie as it was very hard for her to deal with the horror of their situation. Poor Cory would never leave the attic. His song Gonna See the Sun was so sad because he never would. My heart stops just thinking about it. Chriss feeling towards Cathy were not disgusting; their relationship was the result of a very close bond formed in extreme circumstances. After their first few nights at Pauls house it was clear they were fated because only they could truly understand what the other had endured. They both knew no matter how wonderful a person they met on the outside they would never be able to bond in the same way. Cathys possible pregnancy is one of the examples of VCAs genius. The greatest fear is not knowing. As a result many of the Dollanganger questions were never answered. This is true for some of the other series as well. I have read those scenes again and again; clearly VCA never wanted anyone to know for sure either way. Would Paul be able to lie and lie for his whole life? He loved Cathy so much he may have taken that dark secret to the grave to spare her pain. One of the most telling scenes is when Cathy wakes up in the hospital and Chris is holding her hand. For the first time Paul looks at them with concern. Jenny and I once debated that Cathys pregnancy would be revealed during Pauls initial physical examine. Jenny said it would be unknown unless Paul specifically tested her. I argued there would be some signs in basic blood and urine tests even without a specific pregnancy test. It seems we all agree that GOP is one of the most gratuitous books in any series. Siblings Annie Jr. and Luke Jr. fall in love. Why? Killing off Heaven and Logan to simply focus on new characters was pointless just like the killings of Dawn and Jimmy. The character focus could have been changed without their deaths. Then we go through the routine girl being tortured in a mansion b her grandparent. The only positive quality was Fannys transformation. While I hated her with a vengeance for all the troubles she caused, Heavens continued generosity seemed to bring her around. I was intrigued by the SHADOWS series and am enjoying BROKEN FLOWER. BF seems to be very surreal like MY SWEET AUDRINA. Their world is almost a dark fairytale. What is the premise of the GEMINI series?
Ashley posts on 5/2/2008 4:56:32 PM Yeah I think out of a lot of people I am the only person who liked the Gemini series... but oh well. I didn't like any of the series after Gemini... The April Shadows one and Broken Flower.
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