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Jenny posts on 12/11/2008 12:00:14 PM I didnt say there was anything wrong with the book! I said the film was utter rubbish.
JRH posts on 12/9/2008 2:09:22 PM Jenny- why do you say that about the book, whats wrong with it? Now that you say that, I remember not liking the movie when I saw it back then, but you really didnt like it? Oh, that is so disappointing!!! You know I think I will be agreeing with you about Belinda's character. From what little I've read about her so far, I was a little suprised such a person was even in one of these books. I cant think of anyone else quite like her. But, regardless of how bad they are or are not, I will find out soon cause I just have to get them. And I do expect to be disappointed in some. But we'll see...
Sheri posts on 12/8/2008 10:09:28 PM Delia's Crossing is very good because it is a sad story about Delia having to live in Palm Springs with her aunt because her parents got killed in an accident.

Jenny posts on 12/8/2008 4:40:55 PM JRH the Melody series wasnt bad but quite predictable. I quite liked the Grandmas story but there were no surprises and frankly I found Belinda quite irritating. I wouldnt bother with the FITA movie if I were you. I dont anybody who watched it and liked it after the book. Funnily enough my daughter likes it but she is only 12 and hasnt read the book! I will give her a couple more years then encourage her to read it. I was about 14 or 15 when I read it for the first time.
JRH posts on 12/8/2008 3:50:46 PM Jenny-what did you think of the Melody series? I started it and am waiting on the last three books to finish it. You know I am also waiting on the FITA movie. I saw it 12 years ago when I was 16 but dont remember alot of it. Sheri- I havent read the Delia's book, Why is it good?
Jenny posts on 12/8/2008 3:38:08 AM JRH and Alba. The letter and the diary was put there simply for Andrew Neiderman to make up the story. All the books he wrote contradicted each other. And yet funnily enough, that is the only one he wrote that was more in the VC Andrews style. All the others were obviously written by him with no attempt really to write them in her style. I havent read delias Crossing and probably wont. I havent read any of the books after the Melody series cos of the fact that they went so downhill and predictable.
Sheri posts on 12/7/2008 8:18:09 PM Did any of you read Delia's Crossing yet?
JRH posts on 12/7/2008 12:33:29 PM The whole letter in the diary in WOD doesnt make very much sense ALBA you are right. At first I thought maybe Tony put the letter in there not Jillian but then I thought Jillian was so good at pretending about everything that maybe she was just acting. I am not really sure you are ever suppose to know
JRH posts on 12/6/2008 12:30:53 PM Jillian is my all time favorite character. Yes the fact that she lived in her own crazy world is completely amazing to me!
Alba posts on 12/6/2008 8:30:31 AM I found Logan the most dull character ever and was so surprised when he cheated on Heaven because I honestly didn't think he'd have it in him to do anything exciting (even though it was wrong). And I love the way Heaven justified her own cheating actions, saying it was different to Logan's because she loved Troy. Ummm, isn't that worse?! However, I found Jillian fascinating. I loved the fact that she lived in this cocooned world and hid away from what she did to Leigh. Just one thing though, at the end of WOD, Annie finds Leigh's diaries in Jillian's room, with the letter from the detective agency saying she'd died in it. Does that mean Jillian knew all along that Leigh was dead? When Heaven arrives in DA, Jillian believes that Leigh lived with Luke for years before dying of cancer. But was that faked?
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