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Lena posts on 12/4/2008 7:27:52 PM I have not posted here in quite awhile. To bring the subject back to the Casteel series, Christopher, I'm just curious. Why did you feel there was no romance between Heaven and her lovers? Anyhow, after rereading the series yet again, I've decided I shall never reread, nor even try to think about the last three books. I can't stand them. I feel that Fallen Hearts and Gates of Paradise absolutely ruin the story that was concluded wonderfully in Dark Angel. They also butcher Heaven's character. Web of Dreams was a big disappointment as well. I used to like it, but now I don't anymore. If it had been written by VCA herself, it would have been far better and consistent. I just don't want to read anymore GW VCA books or reread them. I've become outraged by him lately.
Joni posts on 12/1/2008 4:14:12 PM FITA had me reading and re-reading over and over again. I also discovered VCA being 28 with no job and a boyfriend who worked all the time. No matter how big a bitch Corrine was she still intrigues me to no end. MAYBE its because I can't seem to understand her. Ruby was a complete bitch to Paul and that was hard to swallow. But the character that tops them all for me is Tony Tatterton and Troy. Give me a house like Farthy ANYDAY drama included! Plus Tony is so wonderfully obsessed it just gets to me!
misti posts on 11/19/2008 2:24:44 PM I hated Olivia in FITA because she was so cruel but then I read Garden of shadows and I understood her better.Just like with Lillian from Darkest Hour but she was not as mean as olivia. And she had a much harder life than Olivia.I notice that some of you don't like the Gemini series but I thought it was great and different.

Christopher posts on 11/18/2008 10:41:27 PM Well got a job and have been holding it for 2 months with good prospects. I just got into a very serious car wreck am avoiding thinking about it by being here. If I was in room with Olivia and Corrine and only had one bullet I would save it for Julian. But that is another debate. Ruby could but would not reveal her identity to Louis because it would endanger her exposure. This is my point. Rubys plan was selfish and ended up hurting her a lot too. If she had left Paul in caring way her loved ones would have understood or at least forgiven her. They were horrified as was I that Ruby would want to be Gisselle for one second and let Paul suffer alone. I really loved the LOGAN saga because it had the most twisted family tree ever with the maximum amount of incest. It was also very unpredictable. Just when Melody thought she knew the family secrets and had worked out the family tree, it changed again and again. It did not seem apparent even by the end of the first book MELODY that she and Cary would get together. I think Melody herself was shocked in HEART SONG, and shocked to learn there could be truth in the nasty school rumors about twins Cary and Laura. It was not until the second book that Cary started talking about true feelings for Laura. Until then she was just his dead sister and Cary was just cold Uncle Jacob Jr. The last book OLIVIA was just tacked on. It was boring and revealed no family secrets. With all the previous changes to the family tree I kept waiting for it to reveal that Hallie, Chester, and Jacob were blood siblings. Or that Melody, Cary, and Laura were triplets. Melody and Laura were always said to be dead ringers. I first got into VC Andrews by being 29 and having no job or life and was looking for something to read to pass the time until death. Your stories are far better. Almost all female readers seem to start VCA when they are 11 or 12. The sample chapters on Amazon alone hooked me. I was truly astonished by how much VCA got to me. I literally lost 4 weeks of sleep after reading FITA. I think most guys regard VCA as too flowery and want to stick with what seem like more exciting war, scifi, political thrillers. But in the novel format we have to really feel for the characters. We expect heroes to be heroic, we expect villains to cause conflict and be evil. We look for answers to mysteries. VCA really changes everything. A little girl, how much will she suffer and at whoms hands? How deeply will it effect her later in life and change who she will become? The mysteries keep us guessing because we do not know what questions to ask to whom, or how much we can believe? We feel the way Cathy feels. What was really going on between the Foxworths outside the attic? We have different versions but we know little more than Cathy when she went to her grave. Paul said she was not pregnant, but. And Cathy also felt in FITA there were some things Chris was not telling her about his explorations in Foxworth Hall. We like Cathy did not even know Carrie was molested until years later. There are so many bad and good lies in VCA we have to always wonder what else we will never know.
misti posts on 11/18/2008 10:07:44 PM I did not like the casteels because i think that Luke and Heaven should have made up.I also think that Logan should have had more consideration for his wife when it came to fanny.
Alba posts on 11/8/2008 3:42:25 AM Christopher, I think we have to agree to disagree on Olivia!AS for Louis, I don't think he would have been devastated. He would have known exactly why Ruby didn't admit who she was. Remember, he knew all about Beau and Ruby had been honest with him about how much she loved him when at school. He would have understood why she couldn't admit to being Ruby to him, but his comment of "maybe she was here tonight" was a subtle hint to let her know that he knew she was Ruby, but that her secret was safe. I have to be honest, I didn't like the Logan series as much as its predecessors. I liked Laura's story, but felt Melody's books fell a bit flat. I didn't really enjoy the grandmother's book either (character also called Olivia. Does Andrew Neiderman have a limited bank of female names or something?) as I found her quite hard work "Oh I'm so great, oh BElinda's so silly". Changing tack slightly - how did everyone get into Virginia Andrews's books? I was 12 and my friend used to nick her Mum's books and sneak them to me on the coach to school, because her mum didn't think they were "suitable". Hehe.
Christopher posts on 11/6/2008 10:07:49 PM Dear Jenny and Alba there is a difference between explanation and justification. Yes Olivia did have reasons for doing the things she did but they were all with sadistic intentions. Someone whom would try to murder child like Olivia tried to murder Christopher, this may not have killed Alicia but it certainly would not be healthy for her, this person is not FED UP they are psycho. Certainly Olivia and Alicia had many differences but that should not have stopped Olivia from having fun with her. Alicia could have cheered her up and introduced her to more friends. Olivia states the same line several times, she did not choose to hate Alicia and beautiful women, she HAD TO. Here she is admitting that she is incapable of feeling love or friendship. We will have to agree to disagree on her feelings for the children Mal, Joel, and Corrine. She did not love them she loved controlling them. She treated them all like her possessions and never considered their feelings. To me the chapter where Mal dies shows how she simply enjoyed using him. Every time she fought with Malcolm about the boys was only done because she enjoyed fighting with Malcolm not that she cared at all about her sons. The difference between explanation and justification is also shown Ruby Landrys treatment of Louis. Yes she could not reveal her true identity for it would expose her, but that is my point. The whole plan of disguising herself as another person meant turning her back on her loved ones. I think how devastated Louis must have felt. He knew she was Ruby, she knew he knew she was Ruby, but she just sent him away. I agree with both of you on Beau. He intentionally entered into a miserable marriage so he could use it as an excuse for destroying Ruby and Pauls marriage. I did find many heroic aspects of Rubys character. She helped Louis see again, and befriended the quadroon girl in school. As for the LOGAN series, the highlights of Melodys life seemed at an end. She and Cary live happily ever after. I was glad they did not drag on the series by following her to the grave like Cathy, Dawn, and Heaven. The three books were well spaced. I also really loved Lauras autobiography. Since it answered many questions we had been dying to know it was a real page turner. I hated every single last page of the fifth book about the evil grandmother. Her story was boring.
Erika posts on 11/6/2008 8:26:09 AM Has anyone read the Logan series? If so dont ya'll think that it should of had a fourth book that talked about what happened to Melody and Cary, her mother, grandfather, etc.
Alba posts on 11/5/2008 1:25:26 PM Jenny, you are spot on about Beau! I totally thought he was going to be someone who messes them both around then leaves. I never for one moment thought he would be the love of Ruby's life. But then it shows how pathetic she was, pining away for him and accepting him back unquestioningly when he grows up and decides he wants to play happy families (when it's already too late and they're both married to other people). He and Ruby deserve each other if you ask me. Christopher, I take your comments on board about Olivia, but I have to disagree. She really came across to me as someone who was fed up with her lot in life and wanted to make other people suffer because she was so miserable. I believe she did love Mal, Joel and Corrinne - the chapter when Mal dies proves this I think. Additionally, she admits herself that the majority of her problem with Alicia was that she was a silly, flappy little girl. Olivia liked to feel superior to people and keeping Alicia around her helped this - as she could manipulate her.
Jenny posts on 11/5/2008 11:46:18 AM Christopher, I agree with Alba's comments about Corinne because he has painted her correctly as a bored, selfish, greedy, self centered woman who was willing to let her children suffer to gain her own ends. As I have said before she is the instigator not Olivia. Sometimes you fail to see the whole picture of what is going on. For example your comment about Olivia trying to murder Alicia and the unborn baby. She didnt try to murder her but she could see that an accident where she lost the baby would be beneficial to her and her husband. Sometimes you find it hard to see why people do the things they do in the books and only look at what their action as a whole. I agree with Ruby too. I think she treated Paul terribly and while I dont agree with her marrying him (dont get me on the incest angle again Chris!) she could have treated him better. Another example of your short sightedness is the way she treated Louis. She had to pretend the way she did so people wouldnt know who she really was. Tho he knew anyway. She could have said something afterwards. And as for Beau! I hope I never meet a man like him. He was so weak it was unbelievable. From the first book I thought he would just be 'incidental bloke who messes around with both sisters for his amusement'. Never did I see any substance to him whatsoever and by the second book even more so. I never really warmed to Ruby tho I did enjoy reading her mother's account of what happened.
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