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Christopher posts on 4/15/2008 9:45:19 PM In other news VCA fans might like an anime series HECK GIRL. The four letter H word is banned on this site. People conjure Heck Girl to spirit their worst enemy to heck, but at a terrible price, when the conjuror dies they too must go to heck. The users are in VCA types scenarios. Innocent young women victimized by a physically and or sexually abusive family member. There is also routine animal abuse and the murder of pets. The woman feels she has no options left. Hate becomes stronger than love. VCA fans will also appreciate the awkward relationships in GUNSLINGER GIRL. A cloak and dagger intelligence agency develops super powered bodies but the process only worked on children, hence nymphet assassins. The girls tour the old world of Europe and eliminate terrorists. Each girl is assigned an adult male handler known as a fratello, sibling. This odd pairing causes some strange relationships, non sexual. All 3000 pages of the BATTLE ROYALE manga are now available online in high quality jpeg format. Search vimanga dot ru. This is arguably the best graphic novel ever written about 42 highschool students forced to participate in a Roman circus reality show. They given weapons and left on an island. The last one left alive wins the grand prize of being the last one left alive. The tragic lives of teens are explored. Dear Jenny, you are entitled to your opinion and it seems you have misunderstood mine because there are some things that we agree on. Melody was very selfish. I too was glad she was exposed ASAP rather than put poor Jory through bad marriage. I agree that Cathys disastrous searches for love were the result of her panicked and futile attempt to escape Chris. We will never agree on Julian and Bart. Julian in one sentence, beat Cathy, cheated on Cathy, raped Cathy, sexually molested Carrie, told her to get rid of their baby. If Julian loved Cathy he would not have done these things. It is amazing you and Cathy could cry at his funeral. Julian blamed her for being too infatuated with Chris. As with all abusive husbands he claims to be the victim. He did not even try to understand Cathy and Chriss relationship. Paul who really did love Cathy accepted this. As for the page number of PETALS ON THE WIND, page 394. Quote, You want my baby? What the hxxx do you think I can do, marry you? Unquote. Bart was not opening champagne bottles and buying baby clothes. Bart was a selfish SOB. If he still loved Corrine he would not have cheated on her. The only reason they stayed married was because of her money. You make it sound as though Bart was a good husband and father but to me he clearly cared nothing about his wife or child. I know you disagree Jenny but in my opinion Bart raped both Cathy and Corrine. Page 369. He died rescuing Olivia because they had so much in common.
Jenny posts on 4/15/2008 4:58:32 AM Ok this is why I once accused you of being about 14 with no idea. All of those scenarios you wrote about the Dollanganger series were wrong. Melody didnt leave him because he was no longer handsome and famous. She left him because he couldnt sustain her needs as a woman and because she was a shallow person who needed somebody strong and she couldnt percieve Jory as being strong even tho his disability gave him outer strength as well as inner. All she could see was his twisted legs and after being married for so long, she should have known that Jory would never have given up. That is why she was a shallow person. It was good that she left him because he might not have found the strength with her around all the time. You are the one who looks at the books with a childish eye and sees only material things. Bart did love Corrinne, thats why he didnt leave her initially and died trying to save the grandmother. He would have left her for Cathy tho, I have no doubt, because of the baby. He didnt abandon her because she was pregnant! Where did you get that idea? Quote me the page and book you got that from. He was mad because she tried to make him choose but he never once said he would leave her alone to bring up the baby. Yes, he felt differently about Corrinne because she changed so much but he still loved her. Tho in some minds he had a funny way of showing it i.e. having affairs etc. Who else? Ah yes, Julian. He loved Cathy with a passion that bordered on psychotic. He did not not go off her once he found out what sex was like. I cannot see anywhere in the books that you got that idea from. As I have said before you look at the books with a childish eye. You only see the surface of what is going on. You cannot look deeper into the relationship because you are not mature enough. As for your exlanation about wanting incest in the books. You do not want incest because of the tangled web it weaves in the reltionships of the characters. You do not want to read about it because it shocks and creates ripples thru the series. You want to read it because it titillates you. It excites you reading about something that is wrong. I agree that the books wouldnt be as good as they were if it wasnt for the incest angle but that was because you could try to imagine what it would be like to live with your own brother or close relative. The lengths that Cathy went to to try and get away from Chris was because she knew it was wrong. No more and no less. Yes she loved him but she knew it wasnt in the right way. She wasnt a slut for having other men in her life as you have implied before. She was looking for a love that didnt make her feel dirty. It wasnt until she was a lot older that she could finally accept her relationship with Chris but if he hadnt had badgered her so, I dont think she would have gone to him at all. I think thats it for now. I am sure you will get to me but before you do, go back and read the books again because some of your reasoning is way off the mark and I think if you read them again you will see that in a lot of instances you are wrong.
Christopher posts on 4/14/2008 5:56:48 PM Jenny, you sound just like the prison psychiatrist. The point is that a normal story about normal people falling in love would be boring. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Heaven and Logans normal relationship was probably the only mildly interesting one. A normal relationship would involve expectations and disappointments. These VCA characters bond because they have endured so much together. Living their whole lives together they know their most intimate secrets and thus understand each far better than strangers could. When I hear people talk about relationships they always focus on money, looks, past history, and money. Take for example Dawn and Jimmy. They did not judge each other for their impoverished upbringing or the mistakes they made in life because they understood what the other was going through. Jimmy was only a poor army private and Dawn was already pregnant by another man but they saw past that. Many characters in the Dollanganger saga had failed relationships because they were too materialistic. Bart had no interest in Corrine once she lost her looks and he had control of her money. He also treated Cathy like a leper when he found out she was pregnant because he had no more use for her. Julian was bored with Cathy once he knew what sex with her was like. Melody left Jory once he was no longer hansom and famous. Paul and Cathy knew each others dark pasts but did not judge each other. Even after Cathy chose to have children with slime balls Julian and Bart, Paul never lost interest in her. An outsider might see these people as damaged goods and undesirable mates. I finished out the DEBEERS saga. Pretty disappointing. The prequel HIDDEN LEAVES narrated by Dr. Claude DeBeers was very disappointing. I failed to find any romance between him and Grace, his patient and mother of Willow. The DEBEERS saga still rates as one of the most boring. The second and third books WICKED FOREST and TWISTED ROOTS were the best. There was not enough good material to justify 5 books. There were too many tangents. However the interesting elements such as the romances between Claude and Graces and Willows second husband whats his face, were not developed nearly enough. We also needed to learn more about the villain Thatcher Eaton. The easy logic was that being raised rich with uncaring parents turned him corrupt and selfish, but it might have been interesting is he began life heroic but his first failed engagement and strange relationship with his sister messed him up.

Jenny posts on 4/14/2008 4:20:51 AM Lena, you are clearly new here and have no idea of the sort of posts that Christopher has written here in the past. He delights in the thought of incest and has said on many occasions that he wishs there were more in the books. I think if he had his way, then every family member in every book would have had a go at some point. So, I will let pass your 'mature' comment until you have read back thru a few posts or just accepted that some people here are a few shillings short of a farthing. Christopher has been called up on this before and always defends himself (or herself, who knows) but within a few weeks we are subjected to his need for a brother and sister to get it on. This latest one about a father and daughter and wanting details is just plain weird. The incest in the books is meant to shock not titillate but I dont think that Christopher knows the difference. (Note that he named himself after the biggest contributor of incest in the books) Tho I am sure he will post soon and say that is his real name.
Lena posts on 4/13/2008 9:51:44 PM OK. I am a HUGE fan of V.C. Andrews books, and have been for years. Before I say what I came here to say I want to mention something. What is with all the arguments and bitching? Christopher, I think you have valid opinions and it's not right for everybody to be so against incest. I don't condone incest, but I don't think it's sick. It's ignorant to say so. VCA books are not pornographic, or trashy, or sick. Just saying. Everybody calm down and have an intelligent conversation of the books, or get the heck out of here. Anyway. My favorite series is the Casteel series, although I think it could have ended at Dark Angel, or Web of Dreams, excluding Fallen Hearts and Gates of Paradise. They were enjoyable reads, but totally unnecessary. This series was not about history repeating itself like Dollanganger. I was also a bit disappointed in Web of Dreams, because Leigh was not the way I pictured her to be throughout the series. I always thought her to be like she was described in Dark Angel. That she hated her mother, and didn't want to be what she was. Instead we got a girl trying to be her mother. No rebellion. I also wanted it to be like Tony said in Dark Angel, that she didn't run right away but began to kinda enjoy Tony's raping her because she took pleasure in Jillian's jealousy. I don't mean it in a sick way, it just would have been more interesting. I may be back, if I think people can be mature.
Ashley posts on 4/6/2008 3:19:55 PM I love most of her books but does it annoy anyone else how the characters don't really act their age? In the Landry series when Pearl is the narrator she is always calling her parents mommy and daddy and she is seventeen! She is a mature character, but it read like a seven year old was the main character instead of a seventeen year old. It was the same with her twin brothers who were twelve. They acted five year olds instead of twelve. Most twelve year old boys would be embarrassed to call their parents mommy and daddy. They were also asking questions little kids would ask. The one brother didn't understand the meaning "I have butterflies in my stomach." I am pretty sure most twelve years old do. In another book where it was Dawns daughter, the nine year old boy Jefferson had to have the adults help him get dressed and take a bath. At the age nine kids like their privacy. I remember when I was nine and my older sister walked in and she was only a year older when I was taking a bath and I screamed for her to get out. The author really needs to think about what kids are like at certain age groups.
Jenny posts on 4/2/2008 3:19:07 AM Are you a closet pervert Christopher? You are always banging on about reltionships between brother and sisters and wanting more sexual details and now you are hoping for a father/daughter romance. I think you need help. Sorry if that sounds harsh but why would you want read about things like that?
Christopher posts on 4/1/2008 12:07:29 PM I am still working on the DeBeers series. Graces prequel INTO THE WOODS was disappointing. Of all the DeBeers characters Grace was my favorite. She dealt with true mental illness while most VCA heroines only deal with loss. Grace did an amazing job of recovering from her fathers death and later taking care of her troubled son Linden. What disappointed me about INTO THE WOODS was how it spent 450 pages focusing on the least interesting elements of Graces life. I kept hoping to get to her romance with her doctor Claude DeBeers but that does not happen until HIDDEN LEAVES. Instead we get the cliches of a prefect childhood ruined by a fathers death and a mothers abandonment. The lack of romance and incest was very apparent. Although I already knew nothing happened between Grace and her surprisingly wonderful stepfather Winston Montgomery. I would like to see a story about a real romance between a father and daughter, not just a father raping or taking advantage of a daughter. The book also reminded me of a VCA attribute we have talked about many times before. Pop culture references or rather a lack there of. The DeBeers saga has far too many pop culture references which are not only shallow but inaccurate. Given Willow and Graces ages, Grace should be growing up in the late 1960s to late 1970s. However there are numerous references to much later events like the Hubble Telescope, the USS Cole bombing, the films The Fly and Top Gun. I was expecting her father to die in Vietnam. I wonder whom did the editing. At least there were plenty of cerulean blue eyes and flaxen blonde references. DeBeers fans should skip INTO THE WOODS since you already know the basic plot from the other books.
Alba posts on 3/23/2008 9:48:25 AM I really liked the way Ruby's world was written, with all the vibrant descriptions of her life in the Bayou and New Orleans so much so that I really want to go there. But I just didn't like her towards the end when she just used Paul to get a roof over her head then starting sleeping around with Beau again. Then when he died she couldn't take the blame although she kind of got her comeuppance in the final book when she goes loopy.
Rebecca posts on 3/9/2008 9:03:33 PM i love Andrews' work. my mom read them when she was about 13 and she told me about her because i was in desperate need of a new series that did not deal with magic, i was really into harry potter. when i read flowers in the attic, i couldn't put it down, she is a very sedistic writer but she is an esquisut linguist. my favourite series so far has to be the Falling Stars series. i read "Ice" when i was in grade 8 and i couldn't find the rest of the books fast enough. i was touched by their stories and even though my parents thought they were too old for me, i felt that i was mature enough to read them, so i did. and i'm glad i did. i'm on to my 20th book, she never dissapoints. even though she is gone, she will never be forgotten as long as there are people who are still captivated by her stories. i was ecstatic when i found out there was a new series coming out. unfortunately, i haven't had time to read it yet, my schoolwork is way to heavy for me to read anything for pleasure, so i guess it'll have to wait until the summer..oh well..i would love to hear everyone't thoughts on the Falling Stars' series and i definitely recommend it..
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