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Christopher posts on 3/9/2008 2:46:34 PM The LANDRY saga was very formulaic. I was bored by RUBY simply because her story was so identical to the other heroines, but the Second and Third books were extremely addictive. I could not put them down. Dramatically changing the setting and characters of New Orleans to the private girls school was a smart choice as it kept things fresh. I will not spoil ALL THAT GLITTERS for Katie but I felt Rubys choice towards the end was absolutely monstrous. How could she harm so many people whom loved her and helped her when she was at the lowest point in her life? Not just Paul but her friends as well. I was brought me to tears when Louis the traumatized blind piano player regained his sight and came to thank Ruby only to be denied. It was clear from the scene that with Louis heightened senses he knew he was talking with Ruby and not Gisselle. But Ruby just turned him away. This was clearly the authors intent as when Ruby is confronted by her sister Jeanne on page 321, Quote … I dont know how you could have hurt my brother like you did… But I came here to tell you that if you are Ruby and you did all this, I feel sorry for you. Unquote. I like Jeanne was stunned by Rubys actions. Ruby was really the only heroine I never forgave because she never worked to set things right. She was selfish right to the end. Quote I never meant to hurt Paul, never. Unquote. This clearly showed she was trying to justify her misdeeds not apologize for them.
erica posts on 2/28/2008 12:57:56 PM Hey I just started reading Ruby. It seems pretty good so far. Although the whole thing with Paul being her brother was really predictable. This is my twenty-sixth Andrews read.
katie posts on 2/27/2008 2:02:22 PM RUBY would be a great movie. The book had vivid descriptions of the different places. Like how New Orleans was described when Ruby arrived there on Mardi Gras.

katie posts on 2/27/2008 1:58:45 PM I watched Flowers in the Attic when I was 11 when my cousin told me how sad the story was. It was new to me seeing children mistreated that way but unfortunately I never saw how it ended. I remember there being an incestuous relationship between the older siblings. This occured due to the unusual circumstances. I only recently found that V.C.Andrews wrote that story. One book of hers that I really enjoyed was Ruby. Once I started reading it I couldn't do anything else, I just had to finish it. Then I read Pearl in the Mist and enjoyed it too. Now I'm looking forward to buying All That Glitters and the last two books in the Ruby series.
Christopher posts on 2/18/2008 11:38:23 AM I have heard SECRETS IN THE ATTIC is the best book in a while. Is there a lot of incest in it? Some of these incestuous relationships result from intense situations which cause the characters to bond. The Logan incest was interesting in that the character became so close they knew nothing else. But some of these relationships are not intense the Casteel grandchildren Luke Jr. and Annie Jr. were completely unbelievable sibling lovers and the De Beers heroine Hannah being perused by her brothers is without prelude. It would be good to have a story where a sister become infatuated and stalks her brother. Only the brothers seem like stalkers. Right now I am finishing up the lengthy De Beers series. While it is arguably the most mild of any of the series it does make for a very entertaining and engrossing soap opera. The first book WILLOW is standard and predictable but things really pick up and become fast paced with the second book. Willows daughter Hannah is by far the best daughter heroine. I liked her far better than her mother and Hannah story is compelling and not merely a rehash of Willows. The BROKEN WINGS and MIDNIGHT FLIGHT is still giving me occasional nightmares. That series really caught me off guard. It was by far the scariest since Dollanganger. I think so much of the horror of these situations is that the children are being abused by family and those supposed to care for them and those with impeccable reputations. The insanity of the situation is very frightening. Fictitious characters being tortured in prison, a wartime atrocity, or a psycho killer would be understandable. The other fright factor is the unpredictability of what new horrors await. We have all heard real life horror stories and would know what to expect.
Virginia posts on 2/8/2008 2:32:47 PM I'd like to address the comment that we're all incest freaks. I think that it is obvious that incest goes on in the novels but this goes on AGAINST incest. I don't think VC ever would condone it as the best of lifestyles. She would say that it is sad, I believe. I still haven't read Secrets in the Attic. Any thoughts on that nevel. I'm picking it up next week. Is it like the Flowers in the Attic series and is it very good.
Alba posts on 1/24/2008 2:50:30 PM Yeah I think you're right. I really loved WOD because throughout the other books Leigh is made out to be a bit of a teen temptress and slut, so I when I went to read WOD I was expecting her to act like that. I was quite shocked when I found out that she was nothing like that and was completely innocent. It was the same with Tarnished Gold.
Jenny posts on 1/20/2008 5:04:20 PM Yes I have agree with Christopher on this one. I think the inconsistences in the Heaven series are due to there being 2 authors and Andrew Neiderman not bothering to fully research the 1st 2 novels before continuing. There are so many things that are wrong, names, dates, ages and situations. It must be the worst series for it but for those reasons.
Christopher posts on 1/19/2008 8:20:15 PM Dear Alba. Tony was so psychotic his actions made little sense and at many points were contradictory. Readers have noted a lack of continuity in the Casteel saga most likely due to the transition of authors from Andrews to Neiderman. For example in DARK ANGEL Jillian is established as being 20 years older than Tony, yet in WED OF DREAMS Jillians mother comments on how she was an unwed teen mother when she had Leigh, thus Jillian and Tony would be approximately the same age. Andrews portrayed Tony as an evil man whom cared only about himself. He raped his step daughter Leigh and allowed Heaven and Troy to fall in love and become engaged without telling them the whole truth. He also faked Troys death in order to avoid a scandal. Neidermans Tony seemed insane. He completely isolated Heaven and Leigh Jr. by trying to rape them. He was so obsessed with Heaven he had literally been stalking her her entire life, yet he waited 16 to actually intervene in it. I suspect this was due to a change in authors. WEB OF DREAMS was actually my favorite Casteel book as it showed how tragic Leighs death was that it irrevocably destroyed the Casteels. If only she had lived Luke surely would have brought them out of poverty and Heaven could have had two good parents rather than a series of neglectful and abusive ones. I also like the way Leighs life changed so radically from a nightmare to a fantasy. She found abuse and despair in wealthy Boston and love and hope in impoverished West Virginia. Andrews descriptions of West Virginia were very insightful. In HEAVEN she notes how locals see animals such as wolves and black panthers which zoologists insist do not exist there. A recent History Channel show Monster Quest that investigates cryptozoology found photos and films of black panthers in West Virginia. Very convincing even though zoologists insisted they must be fake.
2kule4u posts on 1/14/2008 3:33:17 AM I think you're an incest freak...
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