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Jenny posts on 4/29/2008 4:24:29 AM Agreed. It wont let me post what I wanted to say. Dont know why! But I agree with you!
Lena posts on 4/28/2008 7:26:42 PM Definitely. It's the ghostwriter. I think Fallen Hearts totally discredited a lot of Dark Angel's story. I think she should have told Logan about Troy. Think about all the guilt Logan must have felt because of what he did with Fanny. What Heaven did was NO better. Then Heaven goes on to talk about how it wasn't the same because "I love Troy, but I bet Logan doesn't love Fanny, so what he did was worse" [along those lines]. Cheating is cheating. It's not fair to say that. And then she BUYS Drake, after condemning Luke for selling his children. No matter what the conditions or motives, it's the exchange of children and money. And then in Gates of Paradise she never told Annie the truth. Annie at least deserved to know something. Heaven just became really selfish as the ghostwriter started writing the series.
Alba posts on 4/27/2008 8:50:55 AM I re-read Fallen Hearts last week and I have to say the more I read the Casteel books, the less I like Heaven. Does anyone else find her really arrogant in the later books? I know she had a hard life and struggled against the odds to do well but the way she just assumes she should take care of Drake and some of the things she says about she isn't surprised that Fanny is jealous of her really annoyed me. I know Fanny was a mixed up, horrible person but I don't actually think Heaven was that nice either as she continually looked down on people! And why did she leave her teaching job to be a rich man's wife in Winnerow if it had meant so much to her?

Lena posts on 4/26/2008 7:58:20 PM I honestly didn't like Paul. I didn't like how Cathy ran out on him. But why did he have to send Carrie to boarding school? After she lived her whole school-aged life in an attic, he sends her away from the only people who love her to be tormented! And that was part of the reason she committed suicide later on. In my opinion, he did it to be with Cathy. You know the rest. But yes, Julian was a bit worse, the way he cheated and didn't let Cathy go to Chris's graduation.
Alba posts on 4/26/2008 7:09:27 AM Oooh good question Lena! I think Julian was worse but I agree Cathy used him. To be honest it's Paul I feel the most sorry for because he loved and supported her all along despite Cathy turning her back on him (after claiming she loved him) to marry Julian to further her dancing career. Then when she was in trouble with two small children and no money she married him! User!
Lena posts on 4/25/2008 9:16:09 PM I don't really have any time to post so I can't say much. But what I can say is, no matter what Julian did to Cathy, she USED him. He loved here and abused her. She, on the other hand, didn't love him at all, but married him because of how far he could get her in her career. She realized she loved him when it was too late. Which is worse? Cathy or Julian?
Virginia posts on 4/25/2008 8:55:56 PM Chris asked if anyone out there had read Broken Flower. I did and it is all right but not one of the best ones. It is a book about the relationship of a sister and brother. Have you ever read Web of Dreams? That is a good one.
Anonymous posts on 4/25/2008 3:57:44 PM Just read the posts below and I have to say I didn't think Julian was completely evil. He was selfish yes, jealous and controlling. But when you look at his own messed up relationship with his parents you begin to understand why when he found someone he loved (Cathy) he didn't want her out of his sight. I'm not saying it was a healthy relationship at all and I'm certainly not saying he was a nice man but his need to be loved was so strong that he couldn't bear to see Cathy with anyone else - hence him banning her from seeing Chris and Paul. Yes he was a sex fiend and cheated on her but I do think deep down he loved her but knew that he would only ever come second or third in her list of priorities after her family and dancing, causing him to lash out when he wanted ALL of her attention.
Christopher posts on 4/22/2008 9:11:41 PM Caitey we do talk about the books from time to time. I am 40 pages into CELESTE and it is agonizing. Where is Neiderman going with this series? The writing is very incoherent. I am about to give up and start the BROKEN FLOWER series. What are your thoughts on CELESTE and BROKEN FLOWER? Dear Virginia you are right. VCA is not endorsing incest. Some of the incestuous relationships are the result of intense situations, but some are clearly very wrong and unhealthy. Take for example Cary and his twin sister Laura Logan. Neither were bad people but their relationship was clearly unhealthy. Laura was too horrified by her brothers infatuation to really talk with him and explain to him that they could not be together and he should find someone else as she had. I do not blame Laura for being too frightened since that is a talk no one wants to have. Laura did try to help Cary somewhat by showing him that Robert was a good guy and she did not need to be protected from him. Ruby Landry and Paul just tortured themselves and each other. Neither of them seemed to have the determination to honestly talk about whether they should be together or not. If they had I think they could have stayed together or moved on. Jenny is right, we will never see level on some issues but do you honestly think that being with Julian or Bart made Cathy happy? Julians violence did harm her. Her pursuit of Bart was not based on love or even happiness. It was based on hate and revenge. Your statement that Bart loved Cathy because she looked like Corrine proves my point. Bart wanted a younger more attractive woman for sex. He did not want Corrine. He only wanted her money. When Bart was raping or in your opinion passionately making love to Cathy did he think about how much he loved Corrine? Julians violence is an odd way of showing how much he loved Cathy with all his heart. Julian was violent with her before they were even married or suspected her love for Chris. That was just his and his mothers excuse. Julian would have treated any woman the same way because he could only love himself. You ask how I would feel if I knew I rated far behind her brother. I would act like Paul did. I would be loving and understanding rather than violent. And I certainly would not molest my wifes 12 year old sister. Paul knew he would never be number one but he optimistically hoped his marriage to Cathy would make her happy in some ways which why his dying wish was for Cathy to be happy and marry Chris.
Jenny posts on 4/22/2008 5:15:50 PM Precisely. A Point that someone finds hard to understand.
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