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barb w posts on 4/26/2011 9:34:44 PM still trying to find the prequel....Gathering Clouds that apparently came out with the dvd RAIN...........can anyone help me find it..........thanks
Raney posts on 4/5/2011 2:30:06 AM I have started reading the VC Andrews books again recently, and I am rediscovering why I became so addicted to the Flowers in the Attic and Heaven series when I was in junior high and high school, which was years and years ago! Well, only about 20 years ago but it seems longer. My question to other readers who are catching up on the various series like I am, if the entire series is already out including the prequel, have you ever considered reading the prequel first and then continuing on with the series from there? For example, reading Tarnished Gold first and then reading Ruby followed by all the other books in order? I have finished the Ruby series, and I am now starting TG. Just like with the Heaven series, the prequel ended on such a sad note whereas the last book of the series ended with a happily-ever-after feel (for the most part). I just hate ending a series feeling sad!
barb w posts on 2/8/2011 4:29:26 PM still trying to find the prequel to Rain..........the small book titled "Gathering Clouds". apparently it came with the dvd Rain. Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy? Thanks

Cynthia Taylor posts on 1/21/2011 3:56:26 PM Vc andrews is the greatest eventho the family hired a ghostwriter he knew what she was out to do get her reader on edge as each page turn I started out 15 years ago reading flower in the attic an have waited till the next novel comes out on pins an needles wondering where he'd take us next i'm not fond of vampires. But I have to say well done looking forward to the next novel the prologue about the homeless girl at the end of daughters of darkness. Please don't be too long on getting it on the shelfs I want more.
Nancy posts on 10/6/2010 3:24:07 PM I have read every single VC Andrews book that has ever been written for over 23 years. I just saw the video clip and read what this new book will be about. I am very disappointed that the Ghost Writer is trying to go into the direction of Vampires just because it is fashionable right now. To me, the might be the first time I do not read a new VC Andrews book. Please keep the VC Andrew novels written in the way your fans are accustomed. Please don't lose your fans by filling them with fantasy blood monsters.
Kelli posts on 7/3/2010 7:35:00 PM I love all of the V.C.A. books, They are a big part of my life. Why won't anybody write the stories coming from the villianeses such as Clara Sue, Gisselle, or Fannie? Imagine how hilarious some of them would be. I have thought of taking it on myself. Please, I need to hear from these trouble makers.
barb w posts on 2/23/2010 11:20:45 PM I have all the books of vc andrews that I can find.... I also have the film Flowers in the Attic...I understand that Rain is supposed to be on dvd and that there is a small prequel with it "gathering clouds"......does anyone know how I can get are there any other titles out on dvd
Chels posts on 2/2/2010 4:29:21 PM V.C. Andrews doesn't have a daughter. She was never even married. The ghost writer is a guy by the named Andrew Neiderman (who is also an author himself). Her brothers and their families are the ones responsible for continuing her legacy.
mimi posts on 1/30/2010 12:19:12 AM can i read Diela's gift on line ?
Rochelle posts on 1/23/2010 5:41:53 PM My elderly mother was an avid V.C. Andrews fan. When she discovered her books many years ago she started buying from local used book stores to feed her addiction and then waited impatiently for the next new book to be released. Unfortunately few years ago she could no longer read much more than an occasional magazine and the daily newspaper. Mom passed away last year at age 89 and I have been sorting through things to get her home ready to sell. Last week I came across a bookshelf full of V.C. Andrews books in a spare bedroom bookcase. I put them in copyright order in a stack, but wasn't aware that they may be from different series. I just today started investigating what the books are about, so I'll re-sort into series and probably start reading "Flowers In The Attic" next month when things should be settled. So cheers from my recently departed fan mother. I guess V.C. Andrews appealed to all ages!
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