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Alba posts on 1/13/2008 10:33:21 AM I have a question about Tony Tatteron and I'm eager to hear your thoughts. In WOD the last chapter is a letter from a detective agency shortly after Leigh ran away, saying she's pregnant etc. So Tony must have known there was a strong possibility that Heaven was his daughter. When she arrived at Farthy, he warns her off Troy then when they announce they're getting married he welcomes it and says he knew all along she was slipping through the maze and that he encouraged it. But later forbids the wedding and spills the truth about Leigh and him when Troy reveals Heavens true age. But he knew all along she could have been his daughter, so why let them fall in love? My thoughts are that he he is a control freak who enjoys playing God with other people's lives - what do you think?
Christopher posts on 1/12/2008 3:23:18 PM It has only been a few days since my last post but I need to get this off my chest. I am completely blown away by the BROKEN WINGS sequel MIDNIGHT FLIGHT. If good VCA is supposed to bring you to tears, give you nightmares causing a loss of sleep, and literally do not allow you to put the book down then MIDNIGHT FLIGHT is extremely successful. I am reading it a hundred pages a sitting. I am numb to all else. I was originally going to describe is as the most horrific torture since Dawn and Heaven had to endure but a few pages later I discovered it far exceeded it. The types of torture are so horrific and imaginative I shutter to think how Andrew Neiderman came up with this. BROKEN WINGS is stereotypical VCA introduction to three girls abandoned by their parents and sent to a reform school. The introduction is important to understand who these characters are and that the main heroine Phoebe is in fact innocent of what she was accused of. The torture that awaits them is completely unexpected. It is not in the VCA fashion other than being sadistic. Without giving too much away the girls find themselves kidnapped and flown across the country to a school which is in fact a farm. They are clothed only in potato bags and diapers to use as they have no other choice. They sleep in wooden unpadded coffins, live in a barn, and must do back breaking field work such as cleaning pigpens, all the time they are assigned an older bully to harass them every single moment. Escape is impossible as they are surrounded by desert. On top of all of this they are still required to do academic work without a teacher or a classroom. It is impossible to form a friend since talking is restricted and the cruel head mistress enlists them each as spies and counterspies. If they do not reveal everything they are tortured until they do with scorpion stings and worse. What is so sickening and maddening about this is that their families sent them there supposedly to make them a better person when all it will do is make them schizophrenic and suicidal. While worse has happened in prison and during war time atrocities that is expected this is just plain psycho. I am not revealing too much as there is much more. The heroine Phoebe is my kind of hero as she is very intelligent and tries to help others but no matter how noble or logical she is she looses every time. This is truly addictive fiction.
2kule4u posts on 1/12/2008 12:38:56 AM You're all incest freaks and you're going to HELL!!!!

Christopher posts on 1/9/2008 11:01:19 PM I have not yet read the HUDSON series but I did see the film RAIN and liked it. I am afraid it will be an inevitable rehash of all the other series. I predict in England Rain will fall in love with someone whom turns out to be related to her father and/or she will hook up with her foster brother Roy. Am I correct? What is your review of BROKEN FLOWER? Is it worth reading? I just finished up the SHOOTING STARS series. It was a major waste of time. FALLING STARS is by far the worst VCA book yet. The only STAR worth reading is ROSE. Only she had truly VCA family secrets. I am on the second RUNAWAYS book…….. I agree with Virginia there is not nearly enough romance/incest in the later books. Boyfriends seem to exist solely to be boyfriends. There are no intense relationships…. The two best recent manga series both revolved around teen heroes and villains with may interest VCA fans. The characters start out as everyman teens who find themselves in extraordinary conditions. BATTLE ROYALE is in fact an adaptation of a novel, I just ordered it in English. A highschool class of 40 students become victims of a reality TV show there imprisoned on an island, given weapons. The last one left alive wins the grand prize of being the last one left alive. High school friends, lovers, heroes, villains, bullies, cowards, and just plain psychos the killing brings some together and turns on others. I wish they would have westernized the names, they are hard to follow. 3000 pages long it is very addictive. The artwork is brilliant and somewhat western borrowing from legends Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee. It is not what you expect in a manga. Although there is some xxx violence and a couple of xxxx sex scenes it is not in the manga tradition. The gore is far more realistic. Not for the faint of heart, VCA fans should love it…. The other DEATH NOTE consists almost entirely of PG dialogue, it could have been a novel. It truly makes you scratch you head trying to understand the characters complex genius. Both hero and villain are teen phenomes so intelligence they are literally able to outsmart the whole world. A Japanese grim reaper leaves his note book of those whom will die in the hands of a teenage boy whom uses the book for vigilante purposes. This brings down on him an international law enforcement agency utilizing their own teen geniuses. Like chess they must stay several moves ahead of each other.
Virginia posts on 1/6/2008 12:01:58 PM I recently read Broken Flower and I think it's sad how the recent books under VC have changed since the days of Flowers and Heaven, two of our favorites. Gone is the romance. The newer VC novels will never compare to the older ones where you just couldn't wait to get to the next. Any thoughts?
Kathryn posts on 1/3/2008 2:45:45 AM Wow i havent been here for a while... what happened? the board looked like it died for a minute. Wow Christopher you're a fast reader haha, i havent even started on another series of VCA yet.
Christopher posts on 1/2/2008 8:36:44 PM I just finished the second DeBeers book WICKED FOREST. It was far better and more exciting than the first book. Like the Landry saga the first book is merely VCA claques. Not until the sequel does the heroine truly become a heroine by overcoming immense tragedies. I do not want to spoil what challenges Willow DeBeers faces but at the beginning I still did not like Willow because she was a selfish snob obsessed with money and sex. A series of tragedies greatly changes her for the better as she sees whom her true loved ones are in the world and learns to focus on important issues like her daughter. As I have said one of the things I love about VCA is how characters change for the better or worse. While tragedies changed Willow DeBeers and Ruby Landry for the better, tragedies changed characters like Corrine Dollanganger and Luke Casteel for the worse. Good fortune also changed VCA characters good or bad. Fanny Casteel made a remarkable conversion due to Heavens financial generosity and sisterly friendship. However good fortune, love, and wealth can corrupt some characters. Complacent they cease to value all they have, especially their loved ones.
Anomynous posts on 12/30/2007 4:32:06 PM Actually almost all the books are like that. The men are moron's, and the girls are desperate and sluty.
Alba posts on 12/29/2007 10:18:35 AM Does anyone else not have much time for Heaven in the latter books? I liked her in Heaven but I thought by Fallen Hearts she was a bit snotty and up her own backside.
Kevin posts on 12/19/2007 4:17:42 PM Henti turns me on. lol thats why i now have 59 viruses. ITS BAD are you kidding?
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