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Kathryn posts on 10/23/2007 7:27:42 PM ...No, it was fictional. All of the V.C Andrews Books are.
Caroline posts on 10/23/2007 4:08:02 PM Was Flowers in the attic semi autobiographical?
Kevin posts on 10/19/2007 8:44:55 PM Thank you, Tina and Julie. haha, those are some wild stories. I appologize Julie for not replying sooner... i knew it was you on the George bush mb! thanks for the compliment by the way... heh, i try no to be too political though, because some people i guess take things too seriously and then it turns into a f'n congress room. Then again, what'd i expect... Canada though huh? i've never been there, i've been all over USA, Went to Mexico and Europe but never Canada. And i bet you hear this all the time but, Is it cold over in Canada? Virginia... i don't really have any favorites. But i did like "Pet semetary"

Tina posts on 10/19/2007 6:23:09 PM Hi Kevin, I went through a pyro phase when I was about 8. I set a plastic bag on fire inside my sister's closet. I was so embarrassed by the scolding my sister gave me I never felt the urge again. My nephew is 12 yrs old right now and he goes through pyro phases, but his step-dad yells at him for it so he'll get out of it quickly. There is no control when it comes to setting fires. Be careful because someone can get hurt and die from this fascination. Go to therapy because I had bouts of depression with suicidal thoughts and thats what saved me. I know I'm typing too much, but V.C. Andrews' books have helped me through so much turmoil in my life (along with therapy). Good luck with it all. BTW I'm a 19 yr old female.
Julie posts on 10/18/2007 5:03:23 PM lmao Kevin, i went through a pyro phase for like a few minutes... then i was grounded for a month, ha. After i accidentally exploded something in my microwave, One of my friends dared me to set my metal Slugger on fire. we used that spray thing (can't remember what it's called) and it let out an awesome flame that must have went like four feet into the air. I tried video taping it so i could put it on Youtube. Then go figure my dad pulls into the garage and sees what i'm doing. Those sharp sticks on the back of my legs taught me a lesson that day. After that, my mom and one of her friends lectured me about pyros and how dangerous it can be and blah blah blah. But you know, if it's affecting your family alot then maybe you should like find some better hobbies like music or art. Still, i can't imagining going through a pyro phase for five years like you. The only things i've read about suicide is poems... pretty weird. But seriously Kevin, don't go too far with fire. You seriously could hurt yourself or others.
Virginia posts on 10/18/2007 1:01:20 PM Kevin, why that's a strange thing to ask. Reminds me more of Stephen King than Virginia Andrews however. Ever read Firestarter? Regardless let's get back to VC Andrews Don't you wonder so much about the life she must have lived to write these books. Which one is your favorite? Thoughts?
Kevin posts on 10/16/2007 10:58:30 PM Hello there, i'm new to this board i guess, i read the first book of Dawn about a month ago and i thought it was all right. Hah, i'm glad VC didn't have a history or incest. It could be worse Victoria, i use to be addicted to reading Sucicidal books, and trust me those are a hundred times worse if you think incest is bad. Speaking of addictions... i have a mega problem with myself. Don't get all crazy, but i'm a pyromaniac. I'm not like, a total nut with fire but my parents still want to get me into therapy. I'm seventeen and i found my facination with fire when i was about twelve. The only times i got into trouble was when i was lighting up my sisters curtains and my dad's barbeque. No one got hurt or anything and i never let the flames continue. I hate writting this online, but i just need to tell someone. It's affecting my family alot. One of my smart alec friends told me i should get an addiction to water. You guys ever had a pyro need?
Virginia posts on 10/15/2007 6:37:59 PM My favorite characters in Virginia Andrews novels are still Cathy and Chris from Flowers in the Attic. I believe that Chris and Cathy are only drawn together since they are locked up for so long and that they are the only two alive who share this secret of their past.It is not because "forbidden fruit" as some might say is "the sweetest."
Tina posts on 10/5/2007 7:26:58 PM Hi everyone. I've been gone for a long time, but I'm back to encourage people to read the lastest book VC Andrews has come out with. It's called "Secrets In The Attic" and its about two friends who live in a tiny community and one of them has a terrible secret. For years the ghost rider has been on the decline, but this book has brought the magical world of VC Andrews back to life.
Christopher posts on 10/2/2007 8:46:11 PM Dear Victoria. VC Andrews said she never based her published books on real life. I think the point of the incestuous relationships is that the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, but also, these were very intense relationships originating from very intense situations struggling to survive. Heaven and her brother Tom had a very intense relationship that for once did not result in incest. Although much of the incest was admittedly gratuitous fan service in that the incest began to pop up out of nowhere. I am beginning the DEBEERS series with WILLOW. While the scenario of a young woman seeking her biological family is intriguing the character of Willow herself is not likeable. She in not a nice person and too old, we need to see her go through the teen years of high school ridicule, her first love, her first kiss, and so forth. The setting of snobby pop life Palm Beach FL is flat. We need the simple natural VCA beauty of Virginia, West Virginia, Louisiana, Cape Code, in the fantasy world of post war America.
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