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T R posts on 7/17/2007 12:11:43 AM Hi. I love S. Plum and Ranger (ok, Joe too:). But...while waiting another year, try Nancy Bush, :Candy Apple Red", and "Electric Blue". I've read Candy Apple Red, and the star of the box is funny and the story is mystery w/ a little sexy mixed in. I liked it enough to try the next in the series...Electric Blue. There is one coming out too something violet. For those of you wanting a fix while waiting for S.Plum to come back, give it a try, T
K.M. posts on 7/9/2007 1:02:23 PM I just finished LMT. It's the same old same old. I was really hoping for something new. Sorry, I don't understand the attraction to Joe. I love how Ranger takes care of Stephanie and supports her. Joe complains about her job all the time and looks the other way when she stays at Rangers. Lula and grandma are funny, as always, but again nothing new.
Anonymous posts on 7/3/2007 11:49:39 AM I also will check out the Bubbles books. Thanks for the info. James Patterson has a series which I like. They are numbered and I think they come out once a year also. The 6th one is out now. It is the Women's Murder Club series. They are not humerous, but they are a good mystery and he writes them in short chapters so they make a quick read. I have not read the 6th one yet, but I am planning on picking it up.

CA posts on 7/2/2007 6:56:49 PM Denise, There are 13 novels and 2 novellas so far. J, Thanks for the information on the Bubbles series. Im going to check it out. Looks like she comes out with a book once a year like JE, and has 6 so far. Im looking for books to get me through the next few months until Creation In Death and Eternity In death come out. I agree about the Plum series. Although I enjoyed 13, JE does need to add some character growth and come up with a new angle. I think readers are becoming bored. I look forward to 14, but do have to admit Im not as anxious as in the past about the next book. Dont get me wrong, I would still recommend reading this series because I absolutely enjoyed most of the previous books. If anyone else has any suggestions on stand alones or series books, please let us know. For those of you who have read the Marine series by Susan Andersen, she has a fourth book coming out called Coming Undone. The first 3 are Head Over Heals, Getting Lucky, and Hot and Bothered. She also has a 2 book series called The Vegas series which consists of Skin Tight and Just for kicks. Ive read most of her books and have enjoyed them all.
J posts on 7/2/2007 12:23:41 AM Hi all, don't know about everyone else but now that alittle time has past since I finished Lean Mean 13 it feels like a non-book. You know like the novellas, Plum Lovin and Visions of Sugar Plums. I don't feel like we learned anything new about Stephanie. I am disappointed and can't believe we have to wait another year for more Stephanie. Many of you mention that you fill in the time with the "in Death" series. Let me mention the Bubbles Yablonsky Series by Sarah Strohmeyer. Bubbles, a hairdresser turned reporter (after spending 8 years at a community college) is GREAT! Many similar aspects to Stephanie Plum Series. Funny, funny family, an ex-husband who is a jerk and a lawyer, lives in a small town with ethnic roots, struggles with money, falls into dangerous situations out of curiousity, a good and kind heart, a real gorgeous guy (just one, no triangle) and is smart and resourceful (despite that most of the people around her think she is a ditzy blonde). If you like Stephanie I think you will love Bubbles.
Denise posts on 7/1/2007 3:52:57 AM Hi,Just wondering how many of these books are in the series-I have managed to track down 13!
LV posts on 6/26/2007 4:24:33 PM LMT had some great scenes and there were many moments I enjoyed. I especially liked some development in the Lula/Take relationship. I am finding myself liking Lula more and more each book, maybe even more than I like Stephanie at times. The exploding animal parts were funny, but maybe a bit overdone. Grandma was hilarious. Many scenes with Joyce were great. I loved the confident, caring Morelli, although I wish JE would spend more time developing scenes with him and Stephanie together. Overall, though, I was rather disappointed with the book. There wasn't an edge to this book. There wasn't any real tension between Stephanie and the men, and the plot lacked intensity to me as well. I didn't feel like I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. JE is recycling too much material for my liking. You can almost predict much of will happen in each book before reading it. Maybe some like that, but I don't. What really shocked me in this book was the drastic change in the triangle from what we read in TS. In TS Ranger was practically doing all he could to get it on with Steph; Steph wasn't doing much to discourage it and seemed highly conflicted; and Joe felt threatened and insecure. In LMT, Ranger was hardly making any moves and seemed to sort of accept the fact that Joe and Stephanie were a couple and have some respect for that; Stephanie showed little interest in Ranger and seemed more committed to Joe; Joe seemed like he was comfortable and confident with his relationship with Stephanie, acted like her husband, and willingly allowed Ranger to assist Stephanie without feeling threatened. It just seemed to me that JE has finally put Joe and Stephanie into a fairly solid relationship. What that'll mean for future books, who knows? Probably nothing, I know. As a Cupcake, at least I am happy with where the relationships stand after LMT.
TLC posts on 6/26/2007 3:24:24 PM I started the ID series a few months ago, after everyone on this site seemed to speak so highly of it. I am enjoying it to. I have read through Ceremony in Death (which has been my favorite so far) and I bought Vengence at BJ's this past week. I have a long way to go until I get to the end, but I have a whole year before the 14th Plum book anyway. I am trying to read 1-2 ID books per month.
Plum Fun posts on 6/26/2007 9:32:29 AM Hello everyone, I like LMT and am ready for 14. Just 358 more days or something like that. HAHA. The three way is what keeps this story going. She could build a story after Stephanie settled down but then we would see interesting sidebar. JE has a knack for coming up with some WEIRD business. Is she gifted? I don't know but I love the FTA's she dreams up. They give something for Stephanie to play off of. I didn't realize the fridge and living arrangements mirroring each other in 12 and 13 until pointed out. I love Lulu's rampage in the hospital. Had she been in her right mind she wouldn't have done that to Ranger. Maybe being with Steph has blown the scary for the people around her. On to ID. This is my second favorite series. I don't really like Nora Roberts so much but love Eve, Roarke and cast. She does a great job on the characters, storyline while keeping showing us possible gadgets from the future. When I first started on this series there we on three or four books and I had NO idea this was Nora Roberts. I am just greatful she will be filling a void with new books this year with Eve. It would be nice if JE could give us two full books a year but I am greedy - I know. Have a great day.
jls posts on 6/25/2007 10:13:29 PM OK, I'm going to get everyones panties in a bunch with this but I am all about Ranger (even if I do like the chemistry with Joe) and I loved that Ranger was more human and I could see that leading to more between him and Steph. More of a balanced relationship than hero worship. Sorry, not in a brother sister kind of way either, something to build on more than the sexual tension. I just can't buy Joe just getting silent then moving on at times, he's not blind or stupid. Are we thinking he's tamed his Italian temper that much?! He threw Dickie across the room!
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