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Plum Fan posts on 3/21/2007 3:26:37 PM Hello everyone: NJH I see you points and we have had those same thoughts re cheating on this board before. Is it cheating if they are not 100% together? What about the time Grandmaw reported Terri and Joe in their underware hanging out a window? Did I miss something and that wasn't what it seamed? Were they 100% together during that time? I will have to reread but to me its not cheating when there not together or committed. Although now that I write this Ranger kisses her without her consent and they have been exclusive then. Can anyone think of times when Stephanie has fooled back and they were together? I can't but maybe this will be a good excuse to reread. Have a great day all.
NJH posts on 3/21/2007 2:07:41 PM Hmmm??? LM13 I think I've finally figured out my issue with the triangle (Joe/Steph/Ranger). Joe doesn't know. Which sort of makes it less of a triangle and more...cheating, or maybe just hanky panky or whatever on Stephanie's part. As Stephanie said herself in To the Nines, when she and Joe got back together "he never asked, and she never told. Still the suspicion was there." And it still is, but there's a big difference between suspicion and knowing what's been going on with her and Ranger - the constant kissing, touching, etc.(I know they were broken up when they "did the deed", so I don't count that in the cheating category) Of course if Joe knew, he'd blow his stack and they'd more than likely be over...end of books. But, as it goes now, personally, I think Joe's being played for a schmuck and he's just so not schmuck worthy (though I do like me some Ranger, don't get me wrong). So my question is.....At the end of 12 Sharp, JE seems to make a point of saying Joe took Scrogs computer and scrapbook. Which we know contain lots of stuff on Steph and included. Do you think he may uncover pictures Scrog took of S/R actually kissing (since they have done it in public places)? If so, then what?? Chaos? It may at least even the playing field a bit if he knew the truth. Maybe the fact that she and Ranger are so covert on their attraction makes him all the more appealing to her? If it was more open would he lose a little appeal? (probably not, but maybe...a smidge anyway). Would love to see a plot line where Terri is the one Stephanie has to bring in! That would be fun, especially if she wondered if Joe was helping her stay gone, and Ranger's imperceptible smile happens at the mention of how hot Terri is. Jealous Stephanie is always a treat! Any thoughts??
Plum Fan posts on 3/20/2007 9:29:03 AM Hello everyone, I am tired of waiting for 13. I am a fan of both Joe and Ranger and cannot pick between the two permanently - just like Step. Each one is good for her and bad for her too. She needs a keeper most of the time (I think) - Ranger lets her hang herself and then tries to pick up the pieces where as Joe wants the nonsense to just stop. Joe's idea of her future is safer but that would mean Stephanie would change and I don't want that. I get aggravated at Ranger because he comes across as arrogant when I think he pushes away in order not to get too close. As for ID I can see Captaincy in her future more than a child. But with being a Captain wouldn't that take her out of the field? Because that is where she "lives." She lives to see, smell and hear the dead so to speak. Child or Captaincy anybody else have thoughts on this? Have a great day.

GO Ranger! posts on 3/19/2007 8:26:21 PM I just read Betrayal ID LOVED IT!!!!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy because I just went and picked up a whole bunch of ID books, wanting to catch up, but that's just how I am when I like a series. I will probably read the ID to kill time for the next Stephanie Plum, I can't wait to see what is going on between her and Ranger.
LG posts on 3/19/2007 8:09:47 PM Hi to all I'm so glad to find other ID fans! I read Innocent, then went back and reread others. Even when you know the outcome the characters and suspense are compelling enough to read again. can't wait to see what else befalls them - children? Her Captaincy?
#1JoeFan posts on 3/19/2007 2:23:01 PM Hello all! I just had to post and tell you all of my Eve Dallas moment with the vending machine in my office. I put in 70 cents for a Reece cup and it beeped at me and flashed on the screen "item 159 = 653.50; your credit 0.70". Well I laughed and thought I punched the wrong code so I tried again and it beeped louder. So I just said "I dont think so" and laughed again. But it made me think of Eve and all the trouble she has with vending machines and how they hate her. Some guy was in the break room warming his lunch and I had to tell him the machine was crazy so he wouldnt think that I was crazy talking to the machine and all. Anyhoo, a couple more weeks and we can find out what happens in Dickie's office in the second part of chapt 1, hopefully.
skippyapple posts on 3/16/2007 2:56:04 PM Hello, All the books mentioned here are good ones to keep you busy. i am waiting for lean Mean Thirteen to get here. I've been reading this site but not writing. Hello CA and TLC and hi to all the new readers out here. It's snowing right now so I had a few to say hello for a change. jt
Plum Fan posts on 3/15/2007 12:05:12 PM Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have been on. I just finished Innocent ID and LOVED it. Not that I haven't always liked them. Thank God we don't have to wait a year in between. As for Creation being EVE creating I could only imagine what the would mean. That sort of changes EVERYTHING. It would be hillarious for her to describe her feelings when the baby moves. On March 1 I read chapter one and of course loved it. Can't wait for the book. Diesel is likeable but I think Stephanie has her hands full with two. It is fun to have Joe ask if he (Diesel) is a problem - I about died in Vision when he asked that. JE is such a mess - how does she come up with this stuff? In 13 when EVERYONE goes to Dickies office it just made crazy because that is all we got. Lulu and Connie are as messed up as Stephanie. Disfunctional is good in some cases.
mytmyers posts on 3/8/2007 2:58:12 PM Is anyone planning of reading the co-authored book Janet is doing? TLC - Yes, Roarke is wonderful along with Eve. It's a great series. Nora does go into more detail and you learn a lot more about Roarke and Eve with each book. I flew through Naked ID and went right out and got Glory In Death and read that in 2 days. Now I have to wait for the next two this year. One's a novella, Eternity ID, and the other is a regular novel, Creation. Can't wait.
TLC posts on 3/8/2007 2:03:45 PM Thank you, thank you all for the In death series info. I found Naked in Death at my local library. I am on Chapter 13 and I am hooked! I LOVE Roarke. What great sexual chemistry between the two right from the start. I am wondering does Nora delve into Eve's past at all? There was a hint about her name originally not being Eve Dallas, but the one that was given to her and her being involved in some sexual abuse.
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