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#1JoeFan posts on 4/3/2007 2:28:50 PM Part two really making me anxious for the whole book. Too funny about the scene in Dickies office! I love Lula! She is the best friend ever! Dickie really deserved what he got after he said he thought he'd be done, but Steph came home early. The slime! Has anyone ever read any of Karen Rose's books? Her new one Count to Ten is really good. She is scary.
PlumTriangle posts on 4/2/2007 1:42:45 PM Part 2 of Chapter 1 of Lean Mean Thirteen is up on JE's site. Oh, it is so funny!!! Iam thinking it may have been worth the wait.
TLC posts on 3/30/2007 2:58:02 PM Thanks for the info. I just read the part where Mira and Eve were in Roarke's swimming pool and Mira was naked. It is a good series and I am glad that I started reading it. I think that Joe needs to take some advice from Roarke about how to get his woman to commit! Enough of this pussy-footing around with Steph/Joe/Ranger. I like how Roarke takes charge.

#1JoeFan posts on 3/29/2007 9:55:17 AM Summerset doesnt like Eve because he hates cops. The reason for his hatred will come out but I dont remember which book, I think its within the first 3 or 4 in the series. They havent become friends but they do end up with a sort of mutual respect, after all they both love Roarke (Summerset in a fatherly way), but still neithers day is complete without a verbal sparring match. I am reading Memory ID for the second time right now. Cant seem to go for too long with out my Eve/Roarke fix. The side characters are just priceless. Just like the Plum side character are. I love them all.
TLC posts on 3/29/2007 9:30:12 AM I am reading Glory in Death. I got it from the library. One quick question ... Do we find out why Summerset dislikes Eve? I find it kind of funny that he is snobby to her and she just lets it roll off of her back. It would be funny if they actually became friends and she took him out and got him drunk or something to loosen him up a bit. Maybe he has a secret crush on Roarke.
TLC posts on 3/27/2007 6:11:44 PM I clicked on the front of Lean Mean Thirteen and there is something interesting there. The last bit of "info" says about Steph driving a maroon Crown Victoria. Didn't Joe used to drive a maroon Crown Vic as his cop car in books in the past. Do you think that she has car problems again and instead of Joe letting her use his own car, she borrows his cop car?
Plum Fan posts on 3/27/2007 3:36:01 PM Hello everyone, #1Joe, I saw it. I guess I have never clicked on the books themselves before. It sounds great so far and it semms like Stephanie will be in trouble - but what is new? If she wasn't being chased, thrown in the trash or sneaking around we wouldn't be happy. My question is - does she care that Dickie and Joyce are at it again? I guess she does just for old times sake. I wonder how JE will get this around to kidnapping and murder? Killing either of them would be high on my list. Hopefully, they don't botch the kidnapping like with the slayer guy. Remember that? How everyone was so tough especially Lula and they turned into cupcakes? I love that about them. Waiting for another excerpt.
#1JoeFan posts on 3/27/2007 8:21:04 AM hello everyone! Has anyone clicked on the picture of LM 13 book on JE's website? If you do there are some very interesting questions there that are related to what the book is about. One question: is your ex back to doing the reason you divorced him? The next question: Are you wanted for his disappearance and possible murder? Oh boy! I cant wait for the next excerpt to be posted! This is going to be good.
Plum Fan posts on 3/22/2007 8:39:27 AM Hello everyone, NJH I know what you mean about Joe. Sometimes I think JE wants us to think he thinks its committed and sometimes she is so involved in the story she can't tie it all up. I think if my boyfriend/husband was in a room with someone in their fancy lingerie or granny panties there would be some serious explaining to do. Where as Stephanie sort of blew it off. Maybe JE did that so people with too many morales would be ok with Stephanie's behavior. I like the three of them and the story is not something I allow myself to become involved in that's why I enjoy this group so much. The Dickie/Joyce storyline is going to be good. Maybe JE wants Stephanie to remember cheating and how it felt. This might give her some balance but if we get too much balance there would be no story. Have you read the in-between stories with Diesel? I liked him too maybe I am easy to please. HAHA. Have you read any of the JD Robb In Death series? That is something we have discussed here while we WAIT for 13. Have a great day all.
NJH posts on 3/21/2007 4:52:03 PM Hey Plum Fan, thanks for the reply! If I recall correctly (which I've been known to not do!), Terri was the only one in her underwear. Joe was dressed, shoes and all, when he came flying out the window. By his smirk at Grandma's telling of the story, he wasn't exactly disappointed by the view! If he's not touching though, not sure that's so awful. But we don't have the story on what transpired inside, so who knows. But...I see your point, it is hard to tell with them, I guess, if and when they're 100% together. I've sort of assumed they were together - exclusively- since book 9, but maybe that's a huge assumption on my part. It sort of seems Joe's been in it for sure since then, not so sure about Steph. Which I suppose means they're not. Not sure he thinks that though. I'm so confused!! And unless I actually hear Stephanie tell Ranger to cut it out, I'm thinking she's consenting to it all. I'd say in 12, right before Joe showed up to move in, and she and Ranger were in the bed, I don't think there was too much non-consenual on her part. She was definitely not saying I don't know what her participation level with Ranger is. All in - most of the time - from what I gather. I can see her difficulty in choosing. They both have good and bad qualities. If she's not going to choose, I just want Joe to be as aware of the other man as Ranger is. Anyway, can't wait to see what happens in 13. Joyce/Dickie together again. Oh boy!
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