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CA posts on 6/25/2007 9:57:36 PM Looks like everyone feels about the same regarding LMT. Some good scenes and moments, but not one of Janets best. Ive checked out some of the other reviews, and they basically say the same thing. #1Joe – How crazy! You were 603. Good Grief. Im glad to hear you had fun. I missed one in my area last year for Twelve Sharp. And I agree with you on the In Death series. Im looking more forward to that than I was LMT. I can hardly stand the wait. And we got three this year, even if one is just a novella. I recently just re-read Naked & Glory In death and loved it as much as the first time I read it. To bad about your boss. Cant have any fun these days. Claire – were there as many people at the MI signing? I agree with you Go Ranger about the ID series. Nora has what it takes to make a series really work. Her character development is amazing and you dont have to guess from book to book what the heck is going on with the relationships. TLC, it would be nice if Janet would move forward and I loved the scene where Joe pulled Steph to him and wrapped his arms around her and said he couldnt manage having her taken away from him. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.
TLC posts on 6/25/2007 11:57:23 AM I finished the book over the weekend. I liked LMT a lot, however, I did notice a few things... First off, In 12 Steph and Joe went to a bar and in 13 Steph and Ranger went to a bar. In 12 Ranger filled her refrig with food and in 13 Joe did. She also lived with Ranger again, but this time, no poaching on Ranger's part. I think JE got a lot of mail regarding the sleeping arrangments in the 12th book and decided to make Ranger play nice this time around. However, I loved the chapter when Ranger pushed her in the shower with her t-shirt still on and she called him a pain in the @#$ and he called her a pain in the $#@ twice in the same chapter. I also agree that we found a more human Ranger with the strip club and Lula freaking out on him. He thinks he losing his scariness (That is sooo funny). I love Ranger and think that he is a much needed character to the story, but after Joe rests his head on her shoulder and tells her that he couldn't live if something bad happened to her, how could you choose to be with anybody else. I feel as if the story is entertaining, however, it is the same old same old. Nothing is going to go forward in either of her relationships because JE feels that if she resolves the triangle the storyline would not be able to continue. I, on the other hand, feel differently. I think it would be refreshing for Steph and Joe to settle down and get married and have Steph still work with Ranger. I think Ranger loves her as a sister/best friend and I think Steph loves him in the same way. Joe and Steph are practically married anyway. He is buying her food and said what is mine is yours. They don't even stay mad at each other.
Go Ranger! posts on 6/24/2007 4:33:40 PM I agree that this book was a little blah, but that still didn't stop me from reading it cover to cover in the same afternoon! I sooooooooo wish that for just one book, Steph would get w/ Ranger as a couple, even if it didn't last I would at least like to see them try. I would like to see (read) some more action in the book next time. That is something I love about the In Death series, but JDRobb doesn't tease in that book about a possible other relationships for Eve, so that is nice! I am looking forward to the next Stephanie Plum book and I hope series continues (and when it does end I want an answer as to who stephanie chooses!) but the series is getting a little blah. I liked 12 Noon and wish they would swing that way a little more, Stephanie just didn't seem all that involved this time around, everything just fell (or burned) around her.

Claire posts on 6/23/2007 3:03:35 PM The signing in MI was crazy. I got there at 6 and at 9 they said it would be an hour or more. They handed out bracelets starting at 9 in the morning; I didn't know they would do that so I'm a little ticked. I loved the book but sometimes wish Steph would choose and it had better be Joe. J E is running out o scenarios but I hope the series goes on at least to 20.
#1JoeFan posts on 6/23/2007 11:17:35 AM Hello all! First the book signing was crazy! It was scheduled to start at 7:00 and I got there about 5:30 and was number 603 in line! They told me to come back around 9:00 and they should be getting close to me by then, so I did and they were on number 200! I finally got up to the table at 11:15 and there were probably 100-125 people left to go thru the line. I cant imagine the hand cramp she has when she is done signing over 700 books! And some people had more than one book. But it was worth it, Alex was there passing out stickers so I got one that says Plum Crazy, which we all are, and the ohter says Im a cupcake. Anyway, it wasnt anything like the event at Foxwoods last year but it was still fun. Now, I thought the book was one of the funniest since Nine. I mean come on, squirrel and beaver bombs! It was too funny when her car breaks down and Ranger comes and gets in the car, and asks what the fur on the dash is, then busts out laughing when she calmly says Squirrel Bomb. And leaving one for Joyce! Too too funny!! And who would of thought Pierre of all names! No wonder he has a nickname! I love Lula too, she is the perfect Ethel to Stephanies Lucy. The only sad part is now its a whole year before we get another! Thank goodness there is the In Death series that has another book coming later this year. Helps hold me over. Well, I have to check on this site at home since my crazy bosses has blocked the site from work since its Entertainment. God forbid we use our lunch or take a 5 min break and have fun! See you all later!
Anonymous posts on 6/21/2007 9:06:35 PM Hi! This is wierd. How are you all?
CA posts on 6/21/2007 8:42:41 PM Plum Fan – That scarf would look like dirty laundry on me too, LOL #1JoeFan – I cant wait to hear how the book signing went. NJH – Joe had me from the beginning too. I just finished and where do I start. This may have a few SPOILERS, just to let ya know. I was glad Lean Mean was a much lighter read than TS and although the beginning seemed to get off to a slow start, it did pick up with some great scenes. I always wish that Janet would include more hot scenes, but she doesnt with any of her books and she leaves a lot to the imagination. But thats OK, when it comes to JOE – I can imagine lots of stuff! I laughed at the dinner scene with Carl Coglin, when he gave Grandma Blackie. I love when Frank makes his comments - it just says it all. AND the idea of Morelli bursting out with laughter and then trying to contain himself, well what can you say about a happy Morelli. There was the usual banter between all three and like I said before, I have resigned myself to Ranger being the poacher and the bad boy and I think he said it all when he told Steph, referring to Morelli and her, Youre a couple. You ARE his business. See, even Ranger knows Joe and Steph are a couple. Ranger explains his moral code to Steph, which he has explained before only this time by saying - My Moral Code Stops Short of Do Not Covet Someone Elses Woman. I guess in my mind it doesnt bother me as much anymore because I can clearly see the COUPLE relationship between Joe and Steph. Ranger, of course gets in his usual kiss or two, but thats OK, thats who he is and even though we all know Stephs attracted to Ranger, she didnt return the kisses although she had some playful, teasing words from time to time with him. I thought it was interesting that Rangers character was a little less mysterious and intimidating this time, and some of the scenes where actually somewhat fun. I laughed at his dialogue with Steph when he said – I used to be such a badass, everyone was afraid of me, and look at me now! And when Steph hit him in the arm and Lula blew up at him in the hospital. Rangers character seemed more human in this book. Both Joe and Steph felt comfortable saying the Love word this time around and you could clearly see they care and need each other, especially in the end when Steph said she would rather stay with Joe and wait for him so - We can go home together - which they did, to Morellis house. I wasnt expecting anything too deep, although I would have liked a little more humor, and I didnt expect any commitment issues between Joe and Steph would be resolved. I think the triangle that Janet has created between them will always be part of the story in one form or another, and I think when she gets ready to end the series, she will leave us hanging and let her readers determine how the story continues. I enjoyed reading the story, even if it was the same old.
NJH posts on 6/20/2007 1:47:04 PM Finished LMT this morning. Couldn’t agree with LV more! It was just…okay. My expectations with these books aren’t really that high, I thoroughly enjoy them for what they are, but I feel like we’ve been in recycle mode for a while now. This definitely is not one of the better ones. Even the typical Plum book oddballs were somewhat blah for me, though I still love Lula, Grandma, and the Plum’s as much as ever. The triangle is still there, and I think Plum Fan may be right; JE may never fully deal with it. Either way she goes, half her readership will be pissed off. No progress on either side. It almost seems one of the men is going to have to do something truly awful to force Stephanie to make a choice, and I’m not sure JE’s willing to go there. I guess I really can’t blame her. These are happy books, and she wants to keep everyone happy. Though, to me, Ranger gets the bulk of the book, I don’t really see how anyone can say this has a Ranger slant (and that’s coming from someone with a Joe bias! Guess I kind of fell for Joe page one, book one, and I’m unwilling to let him go! Sorry.) because nothing much happens between them. And when she’s with Joe…not much going on there either. For me, there’s not enough Joe to make this a Joe slant. Unless her sleeping with him makes it that. But she has for some time now. But this was more….they got in bed in the beginning; they were headed there in the end. She kissed Ranger in between. Same old same old. Yawn. I need more. That doesn’t make it Joe for me. Oh well. Sorry, the whole thing, story and romance, was bland for me this time. Though Dickie…gawd!, what a first class ASS! And Pierre?? Seriously, who guessed that one?? Hahaha! As for Joe’s little…secret…anhh, didn’t bother me so much. Considering the Ranger secrets Steph’s been keeping from Joe all this time…- let’s admit, none of the three of them are the most honest individuals. Insert Joe and Teri into the same Steph/Ranger activities, and I think we’d all want Joe barbequed! I do love Steph, but she’s probably the least honest of the three. Admittedly, I love Joe so there you go, but the secret added some humor in the long run. Trying not to spoil here but…breakfast with the three (one was not Ranger by the way) was funny. And I think we got a hint of insight into what Ranger does for non-Stephanie female Activities? Companionship or the like? Kind of funny as well. I read some of the reviews (on B&N and elsewhere) and I have to laugh. I sometimes wonder if we read the same book! As some of you may be wondering after reading this! Heh! The reactions and conclusions are so wide it’s kind of comical. No wonder eye witnesses are the worst kind of witness. Everybody sees it, but no one sees the same thing. Funny! So sorry, this has gotten way too long! Everybody use those book discounts or get it at the library (like I did!). It’s fine, but not worth full price. Here’s to hoping 14 is better!
Plum Fun posts on 6/20/2007 12:59:06 PM Did anyone go to the signing or is planning to? #1Joe - How did the signing go? This jacket cover has a really flattering picture of her. She looks GREAT!! Of course, she probably had a hair dresser, makeup assistant. I could use those people daily. That scarf if great but if I flung it over my shoulder it would look like dirty laundry. Happy reading.
J posts on 6/20/2007 12:40:29 PM Hi all, just finished 13. Not the best, not the worst, not the funniest just another chapter in the life of Stephanie Plum. Book 12 was heavy, this one is NOT. I didn't like that the ending of Book 12 wasn't discussed. We are just left hanging once again. At the end of Book 12 I thought JE was swinging toward a Stephanie/Ranger relationship and at the end of this one she seems to have swung back to Joe/Stephanie. Not sure it was worth the wait for Book 13.
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