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pamela hahs posts on 4/27/2012 9:24:57 PM this may sound crazy but, what is the name of the cakes that steph and lula eat? its driving me crazy (er) thank you
Pamela Mortimer posts on 1/1/2012 Pamela Mortimer has just written a review of Plum Spooky which you can see here
Ann Lovell posts on 1/1/2012 Ann Lovell has just written a review of Takedown Twenty which you can see here

wickaboag posts on 12/27/2011 11:54:24 AM Please Please Please marry Morelli,
phonerec posts on 1/29/2010 5:05:15 PM I love J.D. Robb's series of In Death books, as well as John Sandfords Prey series. But Janet and the Plum series is the best!
Dori Berman posts on 1/29/2010 4:48:10 PM Do others like myself become engrossed in mystery novels. With autors such as with the late Ed Mcbain, John Grisham, and Janet Evanovich, Highly recommend as a good read Janet's Stephanie Plum series of books based in New Jersey about a bounty hunter. Interesting subject would you not think. Well check out one of her many books and find out for yourselves. Happy reading.
Sandy posts on 1/24/2010 12:21:21 AM My sisters told me about Janet's books. We've all been reading them. I wanted to start with #1 to see how her characters developed and how her relationships progressed. So far I've read thru 5 and Visions of Sugar Plums. I love how she left us hanging at the end of 5...Nice dress....Take it off. You let OUR imagination run with it.
phonerec posts on 9/22/2009 4:25:10 PM Karrie, I think it was in Hard Eight that Steph slept with Ranger. Not nearly enough detail though, lol.
Karrie Parkhill posts on 9/22/2009 3:59:00 PM In what book did Steph have a one night stand with Ranger? How did I forget that? It is mentioned in 15 but I don't remember it happening. Which # did it happen in?
allread posts on 7/31/2009 5:20:36 PM i think Edgar Ramirez or Amaury Nolasco would be a good ranger. Someone said antonio banderas.. uh no.
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