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Wendy posts on 9/14/2008 8:15:10 AM I sent an email to Andrew Croft and he has sent me a reply to advise that Nadia and her family are safely back in the UK. Also Marcus came looking for his mum when he was 18. I was so pleased for them all. I wish the family well, but cannot say the same for their Father, who had a cushy life here compared to the life he imposed on his children who he took to the Yemen and left there. There is no justice sometimes in this world. He is an evil man without compassion.
Whiskyagogo posts on 9/13/2008 4:31:38 AM Thank god she's home - I read both books yesterday & was so upset that I couldn't read another book afterwards bcoz I couldn't concentrate/stop thinking about them all. I suspected that after Mohammmeds dad Gowad died - he would no longer be under control & I hoped he would let Nadia return with him & the children. Nadia would now travel between the 2 country's due to her children knowing no other life originally & being brought up to Yemen's religion way of life, the whole point of her not returning to England was that she wouldn't leave her children so for a few children who may not be happy in England she would as a loving mother travel to see them? This is all conjecture but I would imagine it to be the case. I am not a violent person & always help anyone in life I possibly can YET I found myself thinking last night of a simple solution to Nadia's some "Heavies" in England to put a gun to Gowad + her dads head & threaten them/monitor them with fear until they gave permission to enable them to come home!!! This is ME!!! a mild-mannered, anti-violent person?!? I'm just so glad she's home & I can sleep tonight! Whisky xx
Wendy posts on 9/11/2008 9:53:50 AM I have lit a candle on Zana's other site. Having just read both Zana's 1st and 2nd books, I was anxious to know if Nadia had finally been able to come to the UK with her family. I hope Zana or Miriam can let us know what has happened to her. I wish the family well and cannot understand why their father was allowed to get away with such a crime. He has no love or compassion for his own children.

Talia posts on 9/1/2008 12:55:00 PM Great to know Nadia is back. If she is safely home then theres really no reason to continue this fight about publicity.
Cal posts on 9/1/2008 12:42:24 PM Hi, this is a very difficult subject to resolve. If Nadia/Zana or family comment on their current situation(s) it would become a worldwide issue. The books went out to many countries and no-one, I presume, other than those involved or close friends, really knows Nadia's or Zana's true feelings on what has happened over the years. I don't have children but I can imagine that Nadia @ the time would feel that she could never leave her children there without her. However, on the other hand, I would imagine that Zana would have felt the same way about leaving her son, however, it would have been 'easier' knowing that Nadia was in the Yemen, leaving Zana to come back to the UK to try to get help to get them back. Zana took on an enormous battle to get her sister/family back but @ the same time Nadia would have had to get used to the situation to simply survive and bring up her children. Maybe she has adapted to the Yemen way, maybe not. But @ the end of the day only Nadia can say. We should wish them all the very best as each one of them has had to fight their own private battles.
angel posts on 8/25/2008 4:32:06 AM Thank's for giving us this information.
Nas posts on 8/24/2008 7:28:11 PM Can I just say something to all of you lot who are interested in Nadia’s story and who are keen to know what has happened to her. Well Nadia is currently living in the UK with her husband and her children; she has been living in the UK for couple of years now. Nadia has visited Yemen several times for holiday and she wants to go back Yemen to carry on living there. Nadia’s mum and her sister Zana has wrote books and they have been involved with the other media. They have done this for one reason which is MONEY because now Nadia live in the UK and they don’t even call her to say how she’s doing??... They have denigrated Nadia world wide because she said it before and she said it again that she always loved her husband and she always loved living in Yemen. Now you going to start asking questions how do I know all of this?? Well I know Nadia Muhsen very well and she is ashamed with what her mum and sister done to her because they have exaggerated with lies so much to make people feel sympathy for them.
Kelly posts on 8/22/2008 4:54:20 PM yeah this story is sad! an yeah i have a heart, dont comment on me when u dont even know me! y am i strange? because i dont think like u? Not everything in life is happy! God didnt make us 2 lead "Happy" lives 24/7! things happen 4 a reason! maybe its happened to make ppl aware of what does go on in the world! but u no wha its happened. ppl were told 2 stay away as publicity was making it worse, and what do they do????? they make even more publicity!!!!! do u honestly think if Nadia could turn back time she wudnt go??? It sounds to me that her kids r her life an she wudnt change them 4 the world! maybe her kids make her happy? maybe she has friends? maybe she actually loves her husband now? maybe she thinks of yemen as her home? maybe jus maybe she is actually happy!!!and this is my point! ppl always c the glass half empty!if her life is really as bad as u all make out, y is she still alive??? y didnt she kill herself???y cant u ppl hope that her version of events r happier better ones? because i find that really "Strnge"! And by the way she wasnt kidnapped, she went of her own accord when offered 2 go, and as she states in 1 of her interviews she knew y she was going and so did her mum! and as she also states in alot of her interviews, she is a Muslim, so maybe, just maybe she wud like to lead a life practising Islam in a country were she can properly!
Anonymous posts on 8/22/2008 5:07:34 AM "Giving your view" "making the best of a bad situation" "why can no one else see it" - you are a strange person!!! No-one should have to make the best of a bad situation. This girl was kidnapped by her father and left with strangers/abusers - 5, 10, 20 years should not make a difference - a crime has been committed. If Nazi war criminals can be prosecuted many years after the event and murders with advances in DNA can be (and rightly so) then these men who committed this act of merciless should be tried and sentenced and maybe then they could make the best of their bad situation!!! see how they like it!!!! you must have no heart as I know in my heart I would never be willing to live that way and be happy about it!!! I know many people will see my point of view.
Kelly posts on 8/21/2008 6:04:37 PM i think u ppl got me wrong! what zana wrote could well be true, but have we not all been taught 2 listen 2 both sides of the story? there is always 2 sides!as for her mother, i know 4 fact that if that was my mother there would be no way she wud let me go if she had already lost 2 kids! she must of known!Nadia says that her mother knew, and nadia says that she loves yemen and that she is happy in yemen and with her family, so y does evey1 always believe the saddest version? (zana version) its seems 2 me that ppl only believe what they want to believe,they hear what they want 2 hear.Zana herself was told by Nadia to stop with all the press because it was causing her trouble at home, but did she? NO! she done what she wanted to do!of cause it would cause trouble at home if u and ur family were in the press every day world wide, if that was my husband i dont think he wud be to happy,for my family to be acting this way, disgracing his family name! Yes it is wrong to marry children, yes it is wrong to take ur child away from her home and leave her thier, and yes it is wrong for alot of the things that goes on, but have u ever thought that maybe Nadia is making the best of a bad situation? and to answer both questions, yes i read all books, i read yemen times, observer and local yemen and british papers and seen photo's from the late 90's wer i think she looks great 4 a woman who had lived in a village 4 around 20 years!with not very goood amenities. plz think about what i am saying before u right back to me,i am not critisizing i am giving my view and wondering y no 1 else can c it
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